Super 8 filmmaking

Sunday, June 30, 2002

I just started a filmmaking class at the Northwest Film Center in Portland, which means I’ll be commuting to and from Salem quite a bit this summer. So far all I’ve shot is a test roll of super 8 film, but it came out really well. It mainly consisted of creepy light bulb and flying moth shots.

By the way, super 8 film is 8mm wide acetate motion picture film. The rolls are packed in molded plastic cartridges. Each super 8 cartridge holds 50 feet of film, which amounts to about three minutes of footage. Shots must be chosen wisely!

I think super 8 filmmaking is great; it’s just like those home movies your grandpa used to make! I like the cartridge, which makes it easy to load and essentially idiot-proof for accidental exposure. I also love the grainy texture; much better than digital. Filmmaking is my new hobby of the moment, at least for this summer. Maybe at some point I’ll make a really good short film and try to get it submitted to a festival. You know, shoot it in super 8, convert it to MiniDV, edit it in Final Cut Pro, then transfer it back to celluloid, blown-up at either 16mm or 35mm, with audio, since super 8 film is silent. Umm, sure, yes! I totally know what I’m talking about.

In other news, a friend of mine is moving from Corvallis to Portland and leaving her sofa with me in Salem on her way up. It will be nice to have a bit more furniture, regardless of its threadbareness. The sofa is soft and well worn. It will be much appreciated. I also just found out that Salem has an all-city tennis tournament coming up, so I guess I’ll try to enter that.

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