Gregor Fucka to sport an NBA jersey?

Thursday, July 11, 2002

NBA Doesn’t Gregor Fucka know that playing in the NBA would result in a killer merchandising deal, on top of whatever contract he could negotiate?

Here are some excerpts from an Associated Press article:

Gregor Fucka, considered one of the top European players, is ready to say “Ciao” to the Italian League and wants to sign a deal with the Indiana Pacers.

Luciano Capicchioni, Fucka’s agent, said he’s looking for a three-year deal that would bring the 31-year-old naturalized Italian citizen to the NBA and, perhaps, the Pacers.

“Fucka has more European experience and is much more of a well-known player in Europe.”

“They were ready to sign him, but Fucka didn’t sign the deal,” he said.

The last line made me laugh. Dance Fucka dance!

I’m sure this guy’s NBA jersey would sell in mass quantities. Can you imagine? What juvenile delinquent or fratboy wouldn’t want a jersey that said FUCKA on the back?

Fucka should try to get on with the Knicks or Lakers though, instead of Indiana, to maximize his market.

ESPN: Fucka plays for Skipper Bologna in Italy

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