So you want to win an NBA championship?

Friday, August 8, 2003

NBA Sign one or both of these guys:

Robert Horry
Steve Kerr

Behold, either Robert Horry or Steve Kerr has acquired a championship ring in each of the last 10 NBA seasons (ever since Michael Jordan retired, the first time, to play baseball):

Season Player Champion
1993-94 Robert Horry Houston Rockets
1994-95 Robert Horry Houston Rockets
1995-96 Steve Kerr Chicago Bulls
1996-97 Steve Kerr Chicago Bulls
1997-98 Steve Kerr Chicago Bulls
1998-99 Steve Kerr San Antonio Spurs
1999-00 Robert Horry Los Angeles Lakers
2000-01 Robert Horry Los Angeles Lakers
2001-02 Robert Horry Los Angeles Lakers
2002-03 Steve Kerr San Antonio Spurs

Even more interesting: For two weeks this summer, it looked as if the San Antonio Spurs were a lock for the 2003-04 NBA championship. Why? Because they had both Steve Kerr and Robert Horry on their roster. No team in the past 10 seasons has won a championship without one of those guys. Horry, a free agent, signed with the Spurs on July 23. Unfortunately, Steve Kerr retired from the Spurs yesterday, August 7, to become a TV analyst. But hey, at least the Spurs still have Horry. For he is the last man standing.

Will this acquisition pay dividends for the Spurs in 2003-2004?

2003-04 Robert Horry San Antonio Spurs

We shall see.

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