“Your parents will all be called…”

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ms. Bitters I’ve been quoting or paraphrasing the following goofy sentence for a long time, but I could not remember where I first heard it: “Your parents will all be called and instructed to love you less.” I was sure I didn’t make it up myself, but Google was of no help in finding the author.

Well, the mystery was solved today. The quote is from the cartoon TV show “Invader Zim,” which, actually, I can’t ever remember watching. Maybe the soundbite was sampled in a song I’ve heard?

According to IMDb, Ms. Bitters, the schoolteacher, says the following to her class: “Children, your performance was miserable. Your parents will all receive phone calls instructing them to love you less now.”

So awesome.

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