New cartoon: Animator vs. Animation II

Friday, March 23, 2007

Animator vs. Animation II At least once a week I check all of my favorite Flash cartoon websites for new episodes. One of those sites is Weebl’s Stuff, where I enjoy watching On the Moon and other inane and funny creations. However, while the Toast King and Insanity Prawn Boy have not yet appeared in episode 12, I did happily find that a sequel to Animator vs. Animation had been posted. The malevolent animated stick figure is back . . . only this time he’s “The Chosen One.”

If you don’t know what Alan Becker’s Animator vs. Animation is, then watch the original cartoon first. And tip your hat to Alan for the huge amount of time it takes to create cartoons like this.

If you’ve seen the original, then bask in the greatness that is Animator vs. Animation II. This time the stick figure busts out of the Flash application and wreaks havoc on the Windows desktop. I won’t spoil it for you by mentioning all of the Windows icons that come alive to battle him, but it’s great! Go. Watch. Now.

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