Alanis Morissette’s “My Humps” parody video

Monday, April 2, 2007

You should definitely watch the YouTube video of Alanis Morissette covering “My Humps.” But be sure to watch the Black Eyed Peas video for “My Humps” first, if you haven’t seen it, so that you can fully appreciate the greatness of the parody.

My Humps The lyrics to “My Humps” have to be among the stupidest and shallowest ever written, but I have to admit that there is a certain idiotic brilliance in creating something so mind-numbingly catchy. The original “My Humps” video is purely a vehicle for Fergie to flaunt her body, which of course is (use your Borat voice) very nice . . . so long as you don’t have to listen to the song, I suppose. Is “My Humps” the most annoying song in the world? Not sure, but it’s bound to rank high.

Anyway, Alanis basically skewers everything Fergie stands for . . . and I found it awesome and refreshing, even though I don’t care for Alanis a whole lot. It’s an excellent video. Even better is that she can deflect any potential criticism by saying, “April Fools, everybody!”

“They treat me really nicely / They buy me all these icies.”

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