Marc Ecko and Barry Bonds’ ball, O.J. Simpson setup?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vote 756: asterisk-branded ball Marc Ecko is at it again! The AP reports that on Saturday, fashion designer and philanthropist Marc Ecko purchased Barry Bonds’ record-breaking home-run ball for $752,467. And he immediately launched a voting website “to democratize the debate over what to do with” the 756 ball. Should the ball be given directly to Cooperstown, should it be branded with an asterisk before it’s given to the Hall of Fame, or should we just launch the damn thing into outer space on a rocket? The choice is yours. Voting ends on September 25.

You may remember Marc from his expensive and infamous pop-culture prank in April 2006, called Still Free: The Tagging of Air Force One, in which he appears to infiltrate an airport tarmac and spray-paint graffiti on Air Force One.

Still Free: The Tagging of Air Force One But let’s not limit this post to Barry Bonds-related headlines. In other news about notorious athletes, the O.J. Simpson memorabilia robbery might have been a setup. Really? Could it all have been an elaborate fabrication by the money-grubbing Goldmans to finally put him behind bars? The AP reports that “the memorabilia dealer who tipped him off also recorded everything on tape.” The idea is kind of awesome: Fabricate a story to get O.J. to commit armed robbery (to retrieve what he believed was his own property) and then make sure he’s arrested . . . all through some kind of passive-aggressive vigilante justice.

You’d think O.J. would have called the police if it was really his property . . . except that maybe the police always refuse to help him and thus he had to resort to his own form of vigilante justice . . . but, wait, maybe it was a double-cross by the memorabilia dealer! And now O.J.’s in jail and the Goldman family will soon own the property he stole (if it was actually his) because O.J. still owes them millions from the 1997 wrongful-death civil lawsuit judgment. What a good heist movie plot!

By the way: “Jack Hanna, flamingo trapped in airport turnstile.” Thought you should know.

Also, I really like Barnaby Ward’s illustration/comic style. See his drawings at

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