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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Let’s see . . . what useless stuff have I watched, read, or thought of in the past 10 days?

Zach Galifianakis Music Videos: How about some Zach Galifianakis videos? I’ve watched Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” music video featuring Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham about 20 times now. I’ve even started liking the song because now when I hear it, I visualize Zach goofily lip-syncing. He lip-synchs even better than the musicians themselves. I really liked him in Fiona Apple’s “Not About Love” from a couple of years ago as well. Funny stuff. There are a lot of great Galifianakis stand-up comedy routines on YouTube. I’ve been thinking of watching his Live at the Purple Onion DVD after seeing a bunch of clips from it.

Movies: Apparently Harmony Korine’s new movie, Mister Lonely, is now playing festivals and should be out reasonably soon. That ought to be interesting. He’s always good for some intensely disturbing scenes. And this time we have a young Michael Jackson look-alike meeting Marilyn Monroe in Paris? Should be weird as hell.

Pier Paolo Pasolini's Salo On a related thought, was Pier Paolo Pasolini the most controversial/disturbing film director of all time? He’s got to be in the running. He was murdered, after all, before his legendarily obscene film Salò (1975) was even released. You can read what The Criterion Collection has to say about Pasolini and Salò. You might also want to check out The Most Controversial Films of All-Time by Tim Dirks. I think I’ve seen more of these movies than might be necessary. For my film ratings, visit Filmometer.

Music News: Here’s an interesting wrap-up of the new Radiohead album sales: “So, One Week Later, Is The Album Dead Yet?” Yep, Radiohead made millions on an album they offered to give away online. Very cool news. Apparently people will actually donate a fair amount of money in appreciation of good music and goodwill.

Here is some Nine Inch Nails humor that I will balance with this YouTube video of mainstream (Christian) rockers Flyleaf covering NIN’s “Something I Can Never Have” surprisingly well on the 2006 Family Values Tour. The last minute of the performance is the best. She’s a good screamer.

Flash Cartoons: After playing as Insanity Prawn Boy through the fourth week of Prawn To Be Wild, I can assure you that these short Weebl’s Stuff games are pretty awesome.

plain M&M's Sporting News: The Colorado Rockies are on an amazing end-of-season run. They’ve won 21 of their last 22 games, including seven straight playoff games. As the #25 payroll in baseball, I eagerly await their possible meeting with the #23 payroll Cleveland Indians, who appear to be on track to meet the Rockies in the 2007 World Series. That is, if Cleveland can finish off the Boston Red Sox tonight or on Sunday . . . in Fenway Park. I don’t know. Boston certainly showed their resilience in 2004 against the Yankees. I think if Boston takes Game 6 easily, they will have enough momentum to send their #2 payroll into the World Series against Colorado.

A few weeks ago my dad sent me this cool site, Massey Ratings, which compiles NCAA football and basketball rankings. This has been a really weird season in college football. Seems like five of the top 10 teams lose every week.

In Closing: What makes “fit” M&M’s? Find out in this hilarious craigslist post, “Survival Of The Fittest.”

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