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Freeware media/MP3 players, laughing baby, movies

As of this month I’ve lived in Oregon for six years. Now here are some random multimedia links for you.
Freeware media/MP3 players
Just in case any of you are sick of bloatware media players like Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and QuickTime/iTunes that hog system resources and are always trying to update themselves against your will, [...]

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Imagination, How It All Ends, Google wireless, Muse

I have six things to mention today:

1. I will soon be reviewing the independent film Imagination by Eric and Jeffrey Leiser for They’ve let me know that a DVD screener of their three-year effort is in the mail. After invitations to a number of film festivals in 2007, additional theatrical openings of Imagination are [...]

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Lazy man’s Thanksgiving dinner for two

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, now is an excellent time to share my official lazy (read: efficient) man’s Thanksgiving dinner for two (on a budget). It works for Christmas dinner too!
Aren’t able to get home to see the family this year? Don’t really want to leave the house? Too busy to spend all day [...]

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Smokey the $1000 housecat: A Hemobart story

This 1500-word post is all about our pet cats, Smokey and Eli. Yes, that’s right. 1500 words. About our cats. Welcome to a rare break from posts about popular culture and random Internet nonsense. This story is mostly about Smokey’s near-death experience and, more generally, about the housekitties.
I had been waiting to write about this [...]

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