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Queen wasp in a bottle = new cat toy

Today we found a wasp on the kitchen ceiling. Seems odd for Oregon in January. I captured it with an empty juice bottle easily.
I originally thought it might be a paper wasp, because we recently had an open-comb wasp nest on the far side of the building. But this wasp was not slender and [...]

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Barack Obama, Bill Gates retires, habanero salsa

On the heels of Hillary Clinton’s huge comeback win in the New Hampshire primary over Barack Obama, ESPN columnist Bill Simmons reports that he is “leaning toward voting for the Clintons (and really, they’re a package deal)” for the following three reasons:

They’ve been in the office before and made all their mistakes the first [...]

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Funny videos, monster fish, technology

Today I have a bunch of links to funny videos (mostly from YouTube), some useful/interesting technology and software links, and a few other random things to mention.
Funny Videos
Ninja Parade Slips Through Town Unnoticed Once Again. Modesto, CA residents turned out for the city’s annual Ninja Parade, where no ninjas were seen for the [...]

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