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Super Bowl Sunday, Super Tuesday, YahooSoft?

Somehow the New England Patriots were upset by the New York Giants 17-14 today in Super Bowl XLII. Turns out that Plaxico Burress wasn’t too far off with his 23-17 score prediction. I guess a 19-0 season was impossible.

I knew it was over for New England when, on the final Giants drive, on third down, [...]

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Fatal Farm, cats and dogs, Lost Highway

Below are some funny videos and interesting tidbits I’ve collected recently.
Ever visited Fatal Farm’s YouTube channel? You will find lots of classic television intros and theme songs corrupted with bizarre and twisted imagery. It’s worth checking out a few. Try DuckTales and Knight Rider.
Cats and dogs
Garfield has been one of the lamest and [...]

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The World Within a Sock, rickrolling, doomsday in 2012

Back from San Diego, there was a lot to catch up on from the past two weeks.
To aid in my procrastination, a bunch of my favorite Flash cartoon sites released new stuff this month. This includes David Firth posting four short episodes of The World Within a Sock.
The selection of cool desktop images [...]

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Happy Leap Year, Pop Minds, Will Ferrell

Happy Leap Year, everyone! Or perhaps that should be: Happy Birthday to all leaplings!
We observe the modern leap year because Earth orbits the sun every 365.242 days, which evidently isn’t an easy number to work out on calendars. Seems to me that the way we count time is a rather sloppy system that’s been grandfathered [...]

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