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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Below are some funny videos and interesting tidbits I’ve collected recently.

Knight Rider by Fatal Farm Ever visited Fatal Farm’s YouTube channel? You will find lots of classic television intros and theme songs corrupted with bizarre and twisted imagery. It’s worth checking out a few. Try DuckTales and Knight Rider.

Cats and dogs

Garfield has been one of the lamest and longest lasting cartoon strips ever, right? I hate that cat. Lasagna Cat demonstrates how, uh, awesome the writing of Jim Davis really is. Watch these music video tributes to the Garfield comic strip from 08/18/1978, 06/01/1982 and 10/26/2007. If you enjoy them, there are many more.

This Dog’s Diary vs. Cat’s Diary is pretty funny. “Day 983 of my captivity.”

I still make sure to visit I Can Has Cheezburger? and I Has a Hotdog! a few times a week for my lolcat and loldog (and lolrus) fixes.

Think you have a lot of snow right now? Watch Bailey the dog (AKA Bailey the Unknown Reindeer) bound through his yard after a Colorado blizzard. It looks a lot like a gopher tunneling.

The silver screen

Lost Highway DVD David Lynch’s Twin Peaks – The Definitive Gold Box Edition was released a few months ago. This interests me, but something else interests me more. We are finally less than two months away from a widescreen domestic release of Lost Highway (1997) on DVD. March 25 is the day. It only took 10 years for it to happen! That’s just my entire adult life. Which has been perfect because Lost Highway is my favorite film. I didn’t write a 20-something page analysis of it during college (eight or nine years ago now) because I had a passing fascination with it. Soon I can stop watching the crappy R0 Hong Kong DVD version I bought many years ago on eBay.

Here’s a movie news factoid: Darren Aronofsky’s next two movies are called The Wrestler and The Fighter. One film is about a professional wrestler and the other is about a professional boxer. Interesting choices for him. Aronofsky’s last film was The Fountain (2006).

Here’s something else: Isabella Rossellini Does Bug Porn. Wait . . . what?

But wait, there’s more

The longer you put off retirement, the sooner you will die? At least if you work for Boeing Aerospace. There are obviously a lot of factors involved here, but this Life Span vs. Retirement Age idea provides food for thought/discussion/argument. Smash t-shirt The study indicates “that for people retired at the age of 50, their average life span is 86; whereas for people retired at the age of 65, their average life span is only 66.8.” Here’s another link: Actuarial study of life span and retirement age.

Straight outta Des Moines, Iowa, there are some funny t-shirts at Smash. As an Iowa resident during my formative years, there are several shirts I can definitely relate to.

The Weebl’s Stuff cartoon series On the Moon has finally returned for episode 13!

I see your Dramatic Chipmunk and raise you a Dramatic Lemur.

Only a few more days until I’m in San Diego for a week.

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