Linus Pauling postage stamp, Max Headroom, Al Gore?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Linus Pauling postage stamp On Thursday, March 6, Oregon State University celebrated its most internationally recognized alumnus, Linus Pauling, as one of four American Scientists being honored on U.S. postage stamps this year. At noon in the Memorial Union Ballroom there was a First Day of Sale celebration. A special commemorative postmark was designed for the occasion as well. I couldn’t resist stopping by. More information: American Scientists Postage Stamps First Day of Sale.

Today I was browsing movie ratings at and found this: The MPAA rating for The Ten Commandments is PG for “some mild peril.” This cracked me up for some reason. Also, a Chicago Reader critic had this to say about this apparently awful movie: “The panoramic backgrounds have a silky beauty, but the characters are cheaply rendered with doll faces, enlarged musculature, tiny joints, and clunky movement. It’s like watching Max Headroom lead his people out of Egypt.” A Max Headroom reference! Haven’t read one of those in a decade or two.

Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV Could Al Gore end up being the Democrats’ candidate for president again? Maybe, if the Obama-Clinton race goes on forever. It’s a whole mess of delegates and superdelegates. This Newsweek article explains: “What If There is No Back Room?

If you didn’t know, there’s a new 36-track Nine Inch Nails instrumental album available for download, called Ghosts I-IV.

March 3 was a really funny episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Watch this Hillary Clinton clip. By the way, new episodes of South Park start airing again next week.

A new favorite lolcat: I am indifferent to your suffering.

Oh yes, remember to “spring forward” tonight. Daylight saving time is upon us again.

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