March Madness 2008 and webcomics

Sunday, March 16, 2008

xkcd March Madness 2008 is now upon us. Today was Selection Sunday and the 65-team field has been set. There are so many NCAA Tournament bracket contests, so little time. Here are three: ESPN Men’s Tournament Challenge, Bracket Challenge, Yahoo! College Basketball Tournament Pick’em.

There are a lot of great webcomics out there. Let me remind you of four today: A Softer World, xkcd, Get Your War On and Penny Arcade. There are apparently about 11,000 other webcomics online, though I suspect that few are as good. Wikipedia has a brief history of webcomics.

A Softer World I still might like the first A Softer World strip the best: Are my parents ever coming home?

Here are few individual xkcd comic strips I especially enjoyed: Join Myspace, Reverse Euphemisms, America and Cat Proximity.

Here are a couple of amusing Penny Arcade t-shirts to share: “Some people play tennis, I erode the human soul” and “I wish I could hate you to death.”

I have been enjoying the new episodes of South Park and Frisky Dingo. Also, Simon’s Cat is now on YouTube.

Three bits of music-related news for you: (1) Want to enter the Nine Inch Nails’ Ghosts Film Festival? You could become famous on the Interweb! (2) Could Radiohead and NIN top the Lollapalooza 2008 bill in August? (3) Want to be a whore and wear Kurt Cobain Converse high-tops? This summer you can! Several models of Converse shoes are due to be released featuring design elements taken from Cobain’s own drawings and writings published in the 2002 book Journals. Thanks, Courtney!

Go fill out those NCAA brackets! And remember, choosing teams based on mascot ferocity, favorite colors, uniform design and geographic location works just as well as actual college basketball knowledge.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow!

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