Worst Earth Day weather ever?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day What is the deal with the weather in Oregon? Still 45 degrees and rainy? Cold thunderstorms on Earth Day? C’mon, the rainy season is supposed to be all but over.

That recent 80-degree weekend was just a tease. It is getting absurdly late in April for consistently crappy days like this. We had record lows and even snow in the past week (though no snow in the valley, thankfully, but we did get small hail last weekend). Usually I’m out every weekend playing tennis in the sun by now.

But hey, at least we didn’t get an earthquake last week like the Midwest: “5.2-Magnitude Quake Jolts Midwest, Shaking Buildings but Injuring Few.”

Regarding California’s earthquake status: “More than 99% chance of major quake in state within 30 years.” Plus, geologists “are trying to discover why more than 600 earthquakes have occurred during the past 10 days off the Oregon coast.” Earthquake, earthquake, earthquake.

By the way, I stole Google’s Earth Day graphic for this post out of laziness . . . and because Mother Nature clearly didn’t get the memo about the rainy season ending.

Perhaps this year we are having different seasons: winter, spring, winter, and so on.

I think I had more fun on Earth Day last year. Though it happened to rain a little that day too, which was my excuse to go see a movie. But it was a light spring rain with partial clouds, not like the dreary downpour today. This is still winter weather in the Willamette Valley. And it’s May next week.

Everyone panic about climate change’s feedback loops creating more severe and crazy weather!

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