Microsoft-Yahoo wedding called off (plus ceiling cats)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Microsoft Bob Today Microsoft said that it was abandoning its blockbuster bid to acquire Yahoo after the two companies could not agree on a price: “Microsoft Withdraws Its Bid for Yahoo.” Probably for the best.

The news reminded me of this video: Microsoft designs the iPod package. Awesome.

Every company has its own strengths, right? Remember the epic failure of Microsoft Bob from the mid-1990s? It was supposed to be a user-friendly alternate interface for Microsoft Windows, full of charming animated characters. In fact, these characters were the evil precursors to the Microsoft Office Assistant Clippit (AKA Clippy and friends). See screenshots and box art of the nerdy smiley face that was Bob.

Here are two random things I’ve found since my last post:

  • Clark Sorensen’s “Calla Lily Urinal” (2003), which is a functioning porcelain urinal. A wonderful Mother’s Day gift.
  • Biography’s Final 24: First 3 Minutes – Hunter S. Thompson video. This is a teaser video for a show about the drug-fuelled life and final day (February 20, 2005) of author Hunter S. Thompson. “The Final 24 charts the life of this troubled genius and uncovers why a bullet to the head was the only way out.” Might be interesting.

ceiling cat papercraft And here are a few cat-related items of interest:

Perhaps I shall end on a classic mathematical joke: “There are only 10 types of people in the world — those who understand binary, and those who don’t.”

I’m sure Microsoft Bob understands this joke. Just look at those thick-rimmed glasses.

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