Oregon primary election and random links

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vote button Oregon’s vote in the primary elections almost mattered this year! Barack Obama won easily, as expected. The Oregon primary election, held yesterday, was apparently the “most exciting Oregon primary in 40 years.” With the party nominations usually wrapped up well in advance of May, it’s not often that Oregon gets to be marginally relevant in this process.

In related news, I enjoyed Saturday Night Live’s Barack/Hillary spoof of the split-screen NBA commercials.

(Must give credit for the amusing vote button image.)

Check out this amazing short film by Blu. It’s “an ambiguous animation painted on public walls.” It’s MUTO! Just awesome graffiti-animation.

MUTO by Blu My dad sent this to me: “I came across this 1994 video on YouTube of a high school football game. With 2:42 to go in the game, a team is behind 41-17 and needs four touchdowns to win the game. Check out this comeback and be sure to watch it all the way through. The last play of the game is a killer.” Watch the video.

Apparently people have pet anteaters and dress them up in toddler clothes. Also, this particular image of a young giraffe with a duck cracked me up (though I think it requires familiarity with Charlie the Unicorn, an interweb classic): shun!!1! shun the non believer!

I’ve been looking into real estate opportunities lately and I believe I’ve found one that can’t miss. According to this site called MoonShop, you can buy a one-acre lot on the moon for $19.99. This is perfect, because I’ve been looking for a nice acre of land to settle down on. Sold! My dad, who also sent this link to me, said: “I imagine it has a nice view, but shopping might be a bitch.”

I bet you all can’t wait to get your official declaration of lunar ownership documents, “printed on 11 inch x 14 inch simulated parchment paper, suitable for framing.”

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