Ice on Mars, Boston center of sports world

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Phoenix lander trench on Mars (NASA via Associated Press) NASA’s trench-digging Phoenix lander revealed white ice beneath the surface soil of Mars a couple of days ago. Scientists say they are sure it is frozen water and not salt. Photos have been sent back from the Phoenix lander, which is situated atop Mars’s northern polar plain. Read more: “Lander Finds Ice on Mars, Scientists Say.” Discovery of life on Mars next?

Last week Boston confirmed its status as the current center of the sports world when the Boston Celtics won the NBA championship over the Los Angeles Lakers in dramatic fashion, 131-92. This means that Boston was one David Tyree helmet catch away from owning all three major sports championships at the same time: NBA (Celtics), NFL (Patriots) and MLB (Red Sox). That’s pretty amazing. According to ESPN columnist Jim Caple, however, this isn’t the best sports year for a city. He ranks “Boston, 2007-08″ as the third best year ever. Read more: “More magic for Boston: Best year ever for one city?

Anyone want to wager on whether Rafael Nadal will finally beat Roger Federer in this year’s Wimbledon (if Federer can get past Novak Djokovic in the semifinals, that is)? Signs point to yes.

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