Thanksgiving with football, Coraline, World of Goo

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coraline This month, my “Lazy man’s Thanksgiving dinner for two” post from last November has, rather appropriately, become one of this blog’s most popular.

With wins this weekend, both the Oregon State Beavers (8-3) and the Penn State Nittany Lions (11-1) stayed on track for a rematch in the Rose Bowl.

OK, now I have some random entertainment for the week, most of it sent to me by friends and family:

The trailer for the forthcoming stop-motion animation film Coraline, by director Henry Selick (of The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach fame) and fantasy author Neil Gaiman, is now available. Looks awesome.

You may be interested in the addictive World of Goo game by 2D Boy. It’s an excellent physics-based puzzle/construction game. There’s a free game demo available for multiple platforms.

Here’s some classic stand-up from comedian Joe Rogan: Devolution Of Stupid People and Noah’s Ark.

Ronald McDonald Insanity These Orange TV advertisements are pretty funny: Darth Vader and Steven Seagal.

Oh yes, we have Japanese Ronald McDonald Insanity.

A&E’s Biography featured Val Kilmer awhile back. He’s an eccentric guy with an interesting career story. Watch part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 and part 6.

Lilia Stepanova seems to be a one-trick performer, but it’s an alluring trick. Lilia showed off her contortionist archery skills on America’s Got Talent (during which Hasselhoff nearly wet himself) and also starred in a commercial for a Danish financial company.

Robot Chicken’s recent “Star Wars Episode II” was pretty good. South Park’s twelfth season ended three days ago with “The Ungroundable.”

Check out the Atlanta Zoo’s Panda Cam to see a panda mom with cub. Also: “Sci-Fi Ray Gun Debuts in Iraq.”

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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