Bryan Fuller, Heroes and recut movie trailers

Friday, December 19, 2008

A few weeks ago, my friend Warren was wondering why Heroes suddenly got back on track near the end of season three. Why was it starting to become good again? The apparent answer is that writer/producer Bryan Fuller has returned to the show. Here’s a quote from Ain’t It Cool News from December 4:

It looks like “Pushing Daisies” mastermind Bryan Fuller is about to sign a two-year deal with NBC Universal, and his first job will be working on the final three episodes of “Heroes” current season.

Fuller wrote the best episodes of “Heroes” first, best season, including the Noah Bennet-centric “Company Man.” Fuller left “Heroes” late in its first season to create “Daisies” — and “Heroes” has been a confusing mess ever since, confounding fans and critics and currently garnering about half as many viewers as it did during Fuller’s tenure on the show.

Heroes/Villains logo So, what had gone wrong with Heroes? Let Bryan Fuller tell you in the “Bryan Fuller’s Rx for ‘Heroes’” interview, and then you can get excited for season four as well. You have until February 2, 2009 to catch up on the episodes from season three.

What convinced me that Bryan Fuller is in fact the answer? I looked at his IMDb filmography and was quite impressed by his involvement in some of my favorite TV projects from years past.

For instance, he was a writer and executive producer for The Amazing Screw-On Head TV pilot and the Wonderfalls series. These are two of the best television shows ever, despite never attaining wide commercial success. Not counting South Park and some Adult Swim cartoons, those two TV series are pretty much the only shows I’ve liked enough to purchase. I enjoyed The Amazing Screw-On Head and Wonderfalls that much.

Wonderfalls and The Amazing Screw-On Head This also means that I clearly need to watch all of the Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies episodes, which are two of Fuller’s other projects. I also wonder if Bryan Fuller is the reason I actually liked watching an occasional Star Trek: Voyager episode during my college years (1997-2001). Fuller is apparently a godsend to anyone who likes quirky sci-fi/fantasy shows full of dark humor.

Lest we forget, it is now time to revisit some classic recut movie trailers on YouTube: Mary Poppins Recut (as a horror/thriller), The Shining Recut (as a romantic comedy), Brokeback to the Future and Star Wars: The Empire Brokeback.

And since I mentioned Star Wars, how about revisiting the Star Wars Gangsta Rap? And speaking of movie raps, check out the Amazing Predator Rap and the Amazing RoboCop Rap by the The Anomalies!

I still think some of the 300 parodies are the best, such as the Caketown/Black20 PG Version and LisaNova does 300.

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