BCS National Championship in 3D (and the future)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

BCS National Championship in Live 3D Guess what? For the first time in the history of ever, the BCS National Championship is available to watch in Live 3D at a Cinedigm Digital Cinema theater near you. Apparently the closest Cinedigm theater to me is in Gig Harbor, WA (just northwest of Tacoma). There are no Cinedigm theaters in Oregon. I think I’d pay $18 to see the BCS National Championship game in 3D, if it didn’t involve driving to another state to do it, on a Thursday. Though, chances are, the Florida Gators will beat the Oklahoma Sooners handily. Regardless, I am excited for our 3D entertainment future.

The undefeated Penn State’s women’s volleyball team completed a historic run today: “Back-to-Back National Champions! Nittany Lions Down Stanford, 3-0, to Take the Title.” Penn State (38-0) finished the season with a 114-2 individual game record and pushed its current NCAA-record match winning streak to 64.

In other sports-related news (from June): “The funny people who run the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow site are so frightened of gays that they’ve set up a filter to change every instance of the word ‘gay’ to ‘homosexual.’” Read the complete article: “Homophobic news site changes athlete Tyson Gay to Tyson Homosexual.” I was amused by this user’s comment about so-called “family” organizations in the United States: “If you put the word ‘Family’ in your group’s name, I think your collective IQ drops to near lethal levels of stupidity.”

Look out, Mr. Johnson! See lucky video clips involving sports events, vehicles and real life: La Chance Compilation.

Speaking of chance, this story from China is incredible: “Weather rocket kills man and blows up his body at cremation.” Yes, apparently firing shells into the atmosphere to break up hail does work: “China to use missiles to control Olympic weather.” But sometimes there are human costs to weather control, like . . . exploding men. Hooray for missile rain! Weather control is the future! Also, whoops: “Massive New Chinese Missile Base Uncovered.” Are we afraid yet?

While we think about our sci-fi future, let’s see what Keanu Reeves has to say about aliens, superpowers and why typewriters are better than computers. Wait, what? Read the interview: “Keanu Reeves’ Low-Tech Life.”

Look out, Mr. Johnson! is a fun Flash game with unique method of controlling the main character. Basically you have to protect Mr. Johnson by scaring him using another character, the Pink Ghost. It’s challenging to get the hang of it. Watch out for the zombies! They’re the future!

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