RIAA, MPAA and the Orphan Works legislation

Monday, December 22, 2008

I am going to refrain from ranting about the RIAA, MPAA and Orphan Works legislation at the moment, but I would like to share a collection of recent articles about digital media sharing, piracy, copyrights, etc. A bunch of the articles are from Wired.

RIAA: When You Pirate MP3s, You're Downloading Communism RIAA and Internet Service Provider (ISP) filtering

MPAA, lawsuits and internet filtering

Copyright laws, intellectual property and file-sharing legal battles

The Orphan Works legislation

So, everything on the internet is free, until the first time you get sued? Do I smell a loophole providing unlimited power for corporations? All your art belongs to Disney now? Wait, what just happened? Are things getting better or worse?

If you care about copyright protection, online file-sharing (especially in the form of torrents), digital thievery and internet filtering as a consumer and/or as a producer, I suggest looking into some of the above articles and catching up on the latest.

Has your ISP signed an agreement with the RIAA to monitor your downloading activities? Will the MPAA convince the U.S. government to filter internet content? Are you ready for this new Chinese democracy?

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