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Pharm animals, The Prisoner and Caduceus Cellars

Today we’ve got science, art and technology . . . to the seventh degree.
1. Pharm animals
Would you like some therapeutic drug milk? Here’s an interesting story about another controversial FDA approval: “F.D.A. Approves Drug From Gene-Altered Goats.” They are producing drugs in the milk of genetically engineered goats, rabbits, hamsters and more. The world [...]

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Back from Arizona, with links

Here is some stuff I have read and watched recently, mostly while in Arizona last week.
Google PowerMeter
Google recently released prototype software that allows users to receive real-time home energy usage data from compatible “smart meters” and use that information to optimize their energy use. Read the article: “Google PowerMeter: For A Planet In Peril.” [...]

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WordPress 2.7.1 upgrade (and cool art)

Today I got around to upgrading spiral::notepad to WordPress 2.7.1, which is the first maintenance release for 2.7. It’s a bug-fix version that was two months in the making. Keeps getting better.
Now, to help fill out this post, I will share some cool art and technology, with assistance from Gizmodo.
With the Academy Awards happening [...]

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Satellites and space debris (plus Achievement Unlocked)

Before I get into music and entertainment links, I will start with a depressing space-related science article chain.

Uh-oh (Feb. 11): “Debris Spews Into Space After Satellites Collide.” Did this collision between a U.S. communications satellite and a defunct Russian satellite just create a new atmospheric minefield for future space launches?
Very cool (Feb. 23): “Satellite [...]

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