Pink dolphin, asteroid flyby and Watchmen

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pink dolphin (Caters News) See the world’s only pink bottlenose dolphin, found in Lake Calcasieu in Louisiana: “Pink dolphin appears in US lake.” They’ve dubbed this rare albino dolphin Pinky.

A large asteroid just missed hitting the Earth last week. Watch video: Huge Meteor “Just Misses” Earth. We almost had another Tunguska.

Littlewood’s law is fascinating. It states that “one can be expected to observe one miraculous occurrence within the passing of every 35 consecutive days.” Hmm.

Try watching this YouTube video and then see the world bulge and ripple for a few moments: Natural Hallucinogen. Far out, man.


Here is an interesting cartoon segment: Saturday Morning Watchmen. I also recently watched The Mindscape of Alan Moore to kind of prepare for the Watchmen experience. I had high expectations going in and Watchmen turned out to be an excellent film. I think congratulations to Zack Snyder are in order.

Read all about the original 1978 story conference between Steven Spielberg and George Lucas in which Indiana Jones was created: The “Raiders” Story Conference. I liked this post because of the “10 Screenwriting Lessons” the author took away from the experience.


Are you ready for video game sounds from the 1980s? Well, all right: Classic Arcade Sounds.

Remember when we used to use paper? My friend Warren sent this design article, which is like a love letter to paper and print techniques: “Choosing and Using Paper: Pushing the Boundaries.”

Happy Friday the 13th tomorrow!

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