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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Below are some links I found interesting over the past 10 days.

I’ve spent a lot of my free time gardening lately. I guess it’s mostly garden preparation (read: shovel rage and weeder fury) at this point. Maybe next weekend I will plant some everbearing strawberries, probably Hecker (read about strawberry varieties). (I also plan to reference Oregon State’s Landscape Plants: Images, Identification, and Information to finish figuring out what’s growing in my backyard.) You can follow me on Twitter for more details about my gardening progress and other random thoughts.

Animation and entertainment
A Wolf Loves Pork by Taijin
First, here’s an Easter leftover: “Swedish parishioners unveil Lego statue of Jesus.” The colored Lego blocks were placed on the inside so people could only see the white form of Jesus. Hmm.

“A Wolf Loves Pork” is an awesome stop-motion animation short by Takeuchi Taijin: “Wolf Chasing A Pig Stop-Motion Animation Using A Series Photographs.”

Hadn’t really thought about this before: Watch This: Disney Re-Uses Their Animation. Makes sense.

I like this parody of the Where the Wild Things Are trailer: Spike Jonze’s Everyone Poops.

Ah yes, Michael Bay, Joel Schumacher and Roland Emmerich all get mentioned: “Michael Bay Signs $50M Deal To Fuck Up ‘ThunderCats’.” The Onion wins again!

Science, business and economics

Whoa: “Weird Science takes on economics and the sex trade.” Learn about “the downsides of career advancement, the dynamics of shopping carts, a product that will feature in your future spam, and trading sex using meat as a currency.”

Here are two Gizmodo features: “This Is How the Sky Would Look if Both Your Eyes Functioned as Telescopes” and “London Bar Pumps Gin and Tonic Into The Air: Please Breathe Responsibly.”

That’s quite the collection of brands on this list: “The world’s 10 most powerful brands.” Here’s another interesting list of brands: “Twelve Major Brands That Will Disappear.” Recession depression!

Technology, legal and politics

Fuck You, Penguin Network neutrality? It’s Comcastic! Here’s a comparison to the UK: “Pick your poison: bandwidth caps or throttling?

The court decided to make an example of The Pirate Bay founders: “Pirate Bay founders jailed, ordered to pay $3.6m in fines.” I mean, they didn’t call it The Pirate Bay for nothing.

Vaguely animal-related

Have you heard the Animal Collective’s “Zero” remix? Interesting what they’ve done to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song.

This is amusing: Fuck You, Penguin. It’s a blog about cute animals, kind of.

I liked this article on the evolution of visual perception: “Color Vision: How Our Eyes Reflect Primate Evolution.”

In April of 2009, Boaz is setting out on an Un-Road Trip. He’s criss-crossing the United States using every mode of transportation except for car. This may include a horse or dog sled, thus this link totally fits within my animal theme. So there.

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