Swine flu apocalypse, WTF and sparkly unicorns

Monday, April 27, 2009

As we all ponder the swine flu apocalypse, here are two Google Maps of international swine flu cases that I found helpful: NPR’s Confirmed Cases Of Swine Flu Across The Globe and H1N1 Swine Flu. There hasn’t been a case confirmed in Oregon, yet.

Now, to counter the influenza epidemic/pandemic panic, below are eight days worth of mostly fun links.

Animation and awesomeness

Noteboek by Evelien Lohbeck These four short experimental films are great: “Noteboek” by Evelien Lohbeck.

If you were a Japanese salaryman, how would you put out a fire? Like this: The Weirdest Japanese Commercial Ever.

Also, WTF: “Mr Ando of the Woods” by Takashi TaniGuchi.

Remember those old Meow Mix commercials? How about Meow Mix Mario Paint? There are so many more uses/abuses of Mario Paint.

I might have posted this last year, but I found it again and it’s still good: Font Conference. It’s so fun to hate Comic Sans.

This is rad: Awesome Trials Bikers. It features my favorite Band of Horses song as well.

Music and David Lynch

I’m excited about this: “Pixies Announce Plans for Minotaur Box Set.” Even more so because they’re calling it Minotaur. I’ve yet to encounter a minotaur I didn’t like.

A mysterious photo of David Lynch, Danger Mouse and Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse appeared at dnots.com a few days ago. I guess this project wasn’t an April Fools’ joke after all. The page source says Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse Present Dark Night of the Soul. Hmm.

Magical ESPN Unicorns, rainbows and ponies

Speaking of “sparklehorses” . . . earlier today, sparkly unicorns and rainbows invaded ESPN.com for a couple of hours, thanks to a naughty (fired?) web developer and JavaScript from Cornify.com. All you had to do was use the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, enter) to activate the script and make glittery unicorn graphics cover your sporting news. Magical ESPN was fun.

On a related note, here are 50 glorious seconds of “Robot Chicken” love: Apocalypse Pony.

Animals, drugs and gardening

This is the Benjamin Button of marine life: “‘Immortal’ Jellyfish Swarm World’s Oceans.”

There are drugs in the water supply, yeah: “AP IMPACT: Tons of released drugs taint US water.”

I might go to this on Saturday, May 2: “OSU Extension Master Gardener 7th Annual Plant Sale and Clinic.” Perhaps we’ll find some plants (or advice) for the backyard.

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