Google Wave, Microsoft Bing and Big Brother

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It seems like the more I use Twitter, the less I feel like actually bothering to write blog posts. Is this blog dying? I don’t know, but this post is about a few new web services and technologies. Many articles are about a week old at this point, because I didn’t get around to posting them until now. Real-time tweeting is sucking the life out of this blog.

Earlier today I realized that I launched my first website 12 years ago today. I started this blog seven years ago. Time flies.

Bing vs. Google vs. Yahoo Google Wave, Microsoft Bing and HTML 5

In late May, I read whole bunch of articles about Google Wave. Here’s one: “Could Google Wave Redefine Email and Web Communication?” You can see Google Wave in this video: Google Wave: Live collaborative editing. Here’s another resource: Google Wave: A Complete Guide.

So what about the new search engine Microsoft Bing? Here are two articles: “Bing vs. Google vs. Yahoo: Feature Smackdown” and “Bing Off to a Good Start: Takes #2 Spot Ahead of Yahoo.”

Will Google Wave consume everything? Well, it can eat Twitter: “Twave: Google Wave + Twitter.”

The Google I/O Keynote Day 1 video was interesting. Yes, the new features of HTML 5 and drawing with tags are cool. See the Canvas tutorial. Turns out that IE is still the bane of web developers’ existences. Go figure. I am very curious about the in-browser 3D graphics and JavaScript demonstrated in the keynote. And won’t the <video> tag to match the <img> tag be nice? Time to get video out of “plugin prison.” The W3C Geolocation API will be great when it’s widely supported as well. Can we actually get standardization across all browsers?

In addition to using the canvas tag in production websites someday (once IE is dead?), I am looking forward to playing with Typekit this summer. Learn more: “Web Fonts Get Real with Typekit.”

Other technology/paranoia

Conan O'Brien's Super Mario Bros. set design Here are two interesting articles, for Big Brother and hacker enthusiasts: “Britain’s CCTV Network to Track, Log All Car Journeys” and “The Ultimate Lock Picker Hacks Pentagon, Beats Corporate Security for Fun and Profit.”


Funny or Die tweeted about the new “Tonight Show” set design on June 4: “Conan’s new set backdrop looks just like Super Mario Bros!” Nice! I love it.

I know the point of science isn’t for amusement, but here we have glowing monkeys in the name of science: “Japanese Scientists Create Green Glowing Monkeys.”

I’ll end this post with another goofy blog I found (there are many like this): Happiest People Ever!

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