YouTube, Transformers 2, Ctrl-Alt-BOOM, Iran

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This blog has become an embarrassment when compared to the real-time engagement with pop culture and world news that happens daily on Twitter. Not sure why I continue to (barely) maintain it.

YouTube DTV logo First, I really liked the YouTube DTV logo from June 12, 2009. Goodbye, analog television.

Second, below is some old crap that might still be funny or interesting.

Music and movies

This is intriguing: “David Lynch Writes a Rock Album.” Also, the “Kids” music video by MGMT is pretty cool. A friend sent this to me via email: “Everyone is monsters. Except your mom. And MGMT. MGMT’s dog is OK too.”

Here’s a political mashup: JFK Auto-Tuned. And a funny Jurassic Park mashup: Hey!

Also found this older stuff: The Lonely Island Episode 1: White Power! and every clip of Zach Galifianakis from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! on Adult Swim.

Michael Bay's keyboard Transformers 2 and Michael Bay

The photo at right is the only keyboard Michael Bay knows how to use: “MICHAEL BAY: THE BOOM GOES ON.”

Press Ctrl-Alt-BOOM to restart. Click BOOBS to continue.

I’ve made several Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen posts on Twitter in the past couple of days, such as these two about screenwriters Kurtzman and Orci and the soundtrack.

I love this review (includes spoilers): “Michael Bay Finally Made An Art Movie.” And how! I’m sure the new Transformers movie will explode many heads this weekend.

Food (sort of)

Eat Me Daily has a lot of disturbing food-related features, as does the This is why you’re fat. blog.

Here’s an Eat Me Daily example: Cheez-It Flavored Lip Balm. What? There’s so much fast-food wrongness here: Burger King’s Super Seven Incher Ad, The McDonald’s Mac Snack Wrap and The McGangBang. Ugh.

Cute Overload: Disapproving frog Animals

Cute Overload calls this guy the blorpiest: disapproving frog. Also see: Super Keyboard Cat Bros. (the 8-bit version).

Cats be getting stoned: How catnip gets cats high.

Office jargon, Ground Zero and Twitter

I feel like it’s time to revisit some entertaining office jargon/annoying buzzword sites: The Ridiculous Business Jargon Dictionary and Generation X Office Lingo.

The Ground Zero app is an interesting. Here’s a quote: “Have you ever wondered what would happen if a nuclear bomb goes off in your city? With Google’s Maps framework and a bit of JavaScript, you can see the outcome. And it does not look good.”

If you like texts from last night, you should also like the Twitter-based Favrd.

Iran election crisis

Here are two interesting articles from last week about the Iran election crisis/protests: “U.S. Government Asks Twitter to Stay Up for #IranElection Crisis” and “Cyberwar guide for Iran elections.”

Go, Twitter! Though, weird, right?

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