WordPress 2.8.1 (and Flickr, fonts, AJAX, Eudora)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

WordPress logo Today I updated spiral::notepad to WordPress 2.8.1, which is the first maintenance release for 2.8.

Flickr and Creative Commons images

Earlier today on Twitter I also noted that I am trying to deal with social media overload. I should probably evaluate how I use Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, FriendFeed, etc. What I really want is to manage them all more easily with my OpenID.

I add new photos to my Flickr profile on a daily basis now, as part of my “365 Days” photo project.

In related news, I found this cool photo set on Flickr: New York 1940’s.

Here’s a handy new Google Image Search feature: “Find Creative Commons images with Image Search.”

Web fonts and typography

It would be great if better typography was available for the Web, but IE doesn’t support @font-face. Cufón and FontJazz seem nice. I’m not a big fan of sIFR or FLIR, though I understand why they were developed originally. I’m not sure about the licensing and distribution model of Typekit. Only foundries that agree to a web-only font linking license will have hosted fonts supplied via the Typekit CDN.

This is a nice overview of four methods: “Font-ificating: Delivering Web-Native Fonts.” For more information on Cufón see this article: “Use Whatever Font You Please On WordPress.” For many fonts you can download, see broble.com Font Sharing.

AJAX web development

These sites and articles have come in handy for me during the past few months, for a few different AJAX-enabled sites I’ve built:

Here are some pages I found useful during some Internet Explorer-related AJAX fury last month:

Eudora and Thunderbird logos Eudora, Penelope extension and Thunderbird

April 8, 2009 is still the most recent release date of Eudora 8 (8.0.0b6) and Penelope (0.5a3). The Penelope extension works with Thunderbird 3.0b1 or higher. To sum things up: Three years later, Eudora 8 is still in beta. It is currently based on the Thunderbird 3.0b2 source code and comes packaged with an alpha version of the Penelope extension (which gives it that “Eudora” feel). Compelling. At this rate we may never have a final version of Eudora 8.

Oregon Country Fair

I will be attending the Oregon Country Fair near Veneta on Sunday. One highlight should be The Nowhere Band performing The Beatles’ White Album in its entirety for the 40th anniversary celebration. The Oregon Country Fair got its start in July 1969, a month before a little event called Woodstock happened in New York.

I’ll post some amusing and random pop culture links tomorrow.

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