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Web development, technology and the End Times

Web development
Here are some useful articles and handy resources for web developers:

“Create your own private Twitter site using WordPress“
“Automate Your Home Using ioBridge and Twitter“
jQuery Week Calendar, inspired by Google Calendar
“List of Really Useful Tools for CSS Developers“
“HTML 4 Considered Harmful“
URI/URL escaping chart

Social media
This is interesting: “Social Media’s Effect on Learning.”
Maybe we shouldn’t quite [...]

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Photography, fruits and vegetables, technology

I’ve browsed through a number of non-Flickr sites lately that have provided excellent inspiration for my own photography projects. Here are some:

Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art Gallery
“Rubik’s Cube Sandwich,” which I plan to make someday (but with different, more colorful fruit and vegetable ingredients)
James D. Griffioen’s photo sets, including Feral Houses
“Gallery: Inside Alaska’s [...]

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Worms and insects, science, music, technology

Looks like I forgot to publish a post for a few weeks again. Oh well. It’s not like I haven’t been wasting time reading random crap online since my last post. Below are some things I’ve enjoyed.
Worms, insects and gardening
Here are three cool articles on worms and insects:

“Journalist hunts for acid-spitting Mongolian death worm“
“Zombie [...]

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Dogs and cats, movies, photography, Comixed

Time to continue my giant post from two days ago with more slightly sorted randomness.
Dogs and cats
This video is kind of awesome: Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog. Poor dog.
At last. My life is now complete: When poodles turn into peacocks (12 pictures). Sigh.
Oh no: How to properly massage a cat.
This is a cute kitten [...]

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