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Friday, August 28, 2009

Time to continue my giant post from two days ago with more slightly sorted randomness.

Poodle photo by Ren Netherland Dogs and cats

This video is kind of awesome: Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog. Poor dog.

At last. My life is now complete: When poodles turn into peacocks (12 pictures). Sigh.

Oh no: How to properly massage a cat.

This is a cute kitten (on a weird Japanese TV show): Kitten eyebrows.


The new and upcoming movies below are all on my “To See” list.

  • Check out the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Inception.
  • I guess I’ll need to watch “Alice” out of morbid curiosity. (This is the Syfy miniseries, not the Tim Burton movie.) Weird.
  • This might be good: Leap. At least it caught my eye.
  • The latest Miyazaki film Ponyo should be amazing, once I get around to seeing it, right? Wait. Why do they play the dubbed version of Ponyo in U.S. theaters? Dammit, Disney. Apparently this song (in Japanese) mutated into this awful English version. Horrifying. Also, the boy singer is named Noah Cyrus . . . is that Miley’s brother?! Oh no, there are more of them! Why doesn’t he sound like he’s been drinking whiskey his entire life as well? And the girl is the sister of the Jonas Brothers. What?! No! Sorry, guys, but I have to go die now. If you hear an Auto-Tuned scream in the distance, that was me. Miyazaki!

Check out this cool movie blog: Three Frames.

Photography and randomness

I enjoyed this tomato-themed photo journal: “This Town Is Red All Over.”

Doritos spill Personal photography note: I currently have a backlog of photos to upload to my Flickr account. But no, I haven’t abandoned my “365 Days” photo project. I’m still taking at least one photo every day. I’ve just gotten lazy about taking them off of my camera. Plus, there was a whole glut of praying mantis photos from August 19 that I wanted to sort though. That’s the bottleneck that started my apathy about uploading. Someday I’ll catch Flickr up.

Speaking of Flickr, these are some nice photos: X-Ray Funnies (mainly X-ray shots of gaming consoles).

I was amused by this crazy, over-the-top video game trailer: “New Serious Sam HD trailer is the best trailer ever.” I think it works for the jaded, demented consumers demographic.

This site is kind of awesome: Truck Spills. I like the Doritos spill on the beach.

Here is some YouTube video evidence that Zach Galifianakis may be the best young comedian alive: appearing as a 1700s comedian on the Comedians of Comedy stand-up comedy tour, as himself on The Michael Showalter Showalter (for, and as Seth Galifianakis on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Also, here’s another 8-bit cover album! Kind of Bloop is an 8-bit tribute to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue.

I love the last panels of these Comixed entries: Good at his job, It was an “accident” and Khan hates spoilers. I can’t wait to not watch “Heroes” when it starts up again. No, I probably will. No! It’s terrible . . . and yet.

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