beta launch

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today I am pleased to announce the beta launch of Players From, a database project I have been working on in my spare time for the past few weeks.

Ever wanted to know what players from your favorite college, home state or country are currently active on professional sports teams in the United States?

Players From At Players From, you can keep track of professional athletes from your favorite college team, home state and home country.

Examples: Oregon State University, the state of Iowa and the country of Brazil.

You can also browse categorized mascots for all colleges, such as occupations, cats, bears, invertebrates and many more.

Other features include current MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL rosters, which have been linked back to ESPN and CBS Sports profile pages. Be sure to check out the growing Interesting Lists & Reports for random, useless and bizarre stats.

All Players From data tables are completely sortable, so can view your favorite pro players, teams and mascots however you prefer. If you think this site is useful, please share it with your friends and fellow sports fans! More features are coming soon.

Players From is one of several new software development efforts that will be placed under the umbrella of Agile Android in the coming months.

A related educational research project, also launched recently, is This site aims to serve as a comprehensive, encyclopedic reference about online labs in a variety of subjects, particularly virtual laboratory simulations for science education. We categorize useful listings for online lab simulations, virtual science experiments and free educational software. currently features resources in Chemistry, Physics and Biology to help learners identify free and commercial virtual science labs. We also offer online educational resources and information about simulations and free software in Anatomy, Geology, Astronomy, Design and Math.

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