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Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Be Au Sm by Lawrence Villanueva This GEEK t-shirt by Lawrence Villanueva at Threadless is nice: “This T-Shirt Basically Sums Up Gizmodo.” Its actual title is “I Be Au Sm.” Seems like the art must have taken a long time to draw. It reminds me of a couple of my own projects, though definitely exceeds them.

Of the few dozen technology objects found in the letterforms of Villanueva’s GEEK shirt, I have drawn my own versions in Adobe Illustrator of at least two: an iPod-styled raygun and a laptop with keyboard.

Since I’m thinking about it, I guess I’ll share the raygun-themed Escape Pod t-shirt I designed for Escape Artists, Inc. a couple of months ago.

SciPod t-shirt for Escape Pod

The three-color (black, white, fluorescent yellow) print on royal blue fabric is on sale now. Support the science fiction podcast magazine!

SciPod t-shirt for Escape Pod

Since I never update my design portfolio at Oxygenesis Design anymore, below are a handful of Oregon-related illustrations and CD/DVD designs I’ve created over the past couple of years.

OSUware 2009 CD

This design was completed for OSU Technology Support Services in August 2008. It looked particularly nice when printed because the hand appears to be holding a clear plastic CD. Turns out that 2009 was the final edition of a physical OSUware CD. Current software distribution is now web-based only.

OSUware 2009 CD

88.7 FM KBVR sticker

This was one of several design concepts created for OSU’s KBVR radio station in November 2007. This round sticker was drawn to look like a CD.

88.7 FM KBVR sticker

Clearcut DVD sleeve and disc

These designs were completed for the distribution of Peter Richardson’s film about Philomath, Oregon in February 2008.

Clearcut DVD sleeve

Clearcut DVD disc

That’s enough for now.

I have been an Oregon resident for almost exactly eight years now and have worked at Oregon State University for five years tomorrow.

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