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Chiquita bananas, Star Wars on Facebook, graphic design

I must admit that my normal weekend grocery shopping routine was particularly influenced by a marketing campaign recently.
Chiquita bananas
Every weekend I buy a bunch of bananas. I usually choose organic, and normally select them based on ripeness level and the presence of bruises. But sometimes these criteria can (apparently) be expanded to include marketing stickers. [...]

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Graphic design, photography and Krampus

There are some good ideas here (whether you’re into “resolutions” or not): “51 New Year resolutions for graphic and web designers.”
More ideas and inspiration to be creative: “Design Something Every Day!”
Interesting: “Eight cool social media infographics.”
These sites are fascinating: FFFFOUND! (image bookmarking), grain edit (modern graphic design inspiration blog) and Black and WTF (seriously, [...]

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