Someone must stop Pay-Per-Click Caveman Jesus

Friday, January 29, 2010

Why are advertisers using this guy’s photo? Caveman Jesus (as I like to call him) is apparently becoming the ShamWow! Guy of pay-per-click ads.

Ah, we meet again, Pay-Per-Click Caveman Jesus!

Yesterday I disabled Greasemonkey to unblock Facebook ads for a few minutes because I wanted to test something. Guess whose face I saw in the Sponsored area? You got it. This guy’s, all the time. I guess Caveman Jesus is cycling through Flickr’s homepage too. Bizarre.

Dear and ClassesUSA, what are you doing? Are your target markets enthusiasts of GEICO caveman commercials?

I’m not going to click on your crazy crap, even if Caveman Jesus might be having a hard time paying his bills. Seriously. WTF.

I wonder how many banner ads there are of this guy. I found another one, with extra hairy chest pixels: Calculate New House Payment Caveman Ad. Also, a friend tells me that he’s seen a terrifying animated ad where the caveman’s hair grows.

I’ve seen enough. I hereby decree this an Internet meme. Long live Caveman Jesus!

(Screenshot of the Flickr ad via @chrismessina.)

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