On hiatus, with parting links

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Haitus On this first day of July, I am officially putting this blog on hiatus until 2011.

But you can still follow @iancavalier on Twitter or Flickr or 8tracks or Yelp or blah blah social media blah whatever.

(The hiatus monkey is courtesy of Squidsicle.)

Below is a large dump of random, interesting and useful links I had been storing for future posts or for future personal reference. Most of them were collected this spring. I may or may not have tweeted some of these in the past. Just flushing them out of my system now.

Web development & graphic design

WordPress themes



Games & cartoons

Random interest

I like this quote (read more at quotedump.com):

“What I try to do to maintain my sanity is alternate between artist and whore. If I was just an artist I’d be broke, and if I was just a whore I’d be sad.”
—Jonathan Lemkin, More Tales From the Script (2010)

See you back here in 2011, sometime. Maybe.

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