Blackboard 9.1 y u no run faster?

Friday, October 14, 2011

It’s Friday. (Yesterday was Thursday. And tomorrow is Saturday. And Sunday comes afterwards.) (You’re welcome.)

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll start using this blog more regularly again since I have become thoroughly disenchanted with the social networking landscape. I used to really enjoy Twitter and Flickr (and tolerate Facebook, etc.), but joining Google+ in June overwhelmed me with social fragmentation. People I care about have splintered into too many social networks. And so now I generally ignore them all, to maintain sanity/memory. Just about the only online activity I don’t neglect is Mascot Mashup, my daily 8-bit art project. Well, I guess I maintain my film ratings and reviews at pretty well too.

Here is the prevailing sentiment on campus about the latest version of Blackboard course management software:

Blackboard 9.1 y u no run faster?

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