Blackboard 9.1 y u no run faster?

It’s Friday. (Yesterday was Thursday. And tomorrow is Saturday. And Sunday comes afterwards.) (You’re welcome.)
Maybe, just maybe, I’ll start using this blog more regularly again since I have become thoroughly disenchanted with the social networking landscape. I used to really enjoy Twitter and Flickr (and tolerate Facebook, etc.), but joining Google+ in June overwhelmed me [...]

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Someone must stop Pay-Per-Click Caveman Jesus

Why are advertisers using this guy’s photo? Caveman Jesus (as I like to call him) is apparently becoming the ShamWow! Guy of pay-per-click ads.

Yesterday I disabled Greasemonkey to unblock Facebook ads for a few minutes because I wanted to test something. Guess whose face I saw in the Sponsored area? You got it. This guy’s, [...]

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Conan O’Brien and City Lights Records: A eulogy?

I’ve been tweeting about these things for a few days now, but I haven’t posted anything here for a month, so let me collect and plagiarize some of my recent thoughts.
I’m feeling sadness for Haiti (text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross relief for Haiti) . . . and also [...]

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Chiquita bananas, Star Wars on Facebook, graphic design

I must admit that my normal weekend grocery shopping routine was particularly influenced by a marketing campaign recently.
Chiquita bananas
Every weekend I buy a bunch of bananas. I usually choose organic, and normally select them based on ripeness level and the presence of bruises. But sometimes these criteria can (apparently) be expanded to include marketing stickers. [...]

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Cullman Liquidation, video games and design

Let’s start with this hilarious, awesome local commercial:

Cullman Liquidation is the 5th local commercial of the I Love Local Commercials series. And it is epic.

Music torture
In music torture news: “Musicians blast using tunes to torment.” Here’s a quote from the article: “a spokeswoman with the National Security Archives says acts whose music is known [...]

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Nemesis vs. archenemy, music videos, iPhone, Corvallis

A friend told me about this article (from April 1, 2004) the other day. I like it: “The Importance of Being Hated” by Chuck Klosterman. “In this golden age of enmity, friends are for suckers. What you need are a pair of well-chosen foes.”
Now I can tell my nemesis from my archenemy. Excellent. Also: [...]

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Secret Sauce, Tarantino and disappointed animals

Well, it’s almost been another three weeks since I posted anything, so here’s some stuff. In Internet time, a few of these items might be decades old now. Follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates of random, useless information.
Bumbershoot was really fun this year, except for the rain.
You might want to check out [...]

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Dogs and cats, movies, photography, Comixed

Time to continue my giant post from two days ago with more slightly sorted randomness.
Dogs and cats
This video is kind of awesome: Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog. Poor dog.
At last. My life is now complete: When poodles turn into peacocks (12 pictures). Sigh.
Oh no: How to properly massage a cat.
This is a cute kitten [...]

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Worms and insects, science, music, technology

Looks like I forgot to publish a post for a few weeks again. Oh well. It’s not like I haven’t been wasting time reading random crap online since my last post. Below are some things I’ve enjoyed.
Worms, insects and gardening
Here are three cool articles on worms and insects:

“Journalist hunts for acid-spitting Mongolian death worm“
“Zombie [...]

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Web development, technology and the End Times

Web development
Here are some useful articles and handy resources for web developers:

“Create your own private Twitter site using WordPress“
“Automate Your Home Using ioBridge and Twitter“
jQuery Week Calendar, inspired by Google Calendar
“List of Really Useful Tools for CSS Developers“
“HTML 4 Considered Harmful“
URI/URL escaping chart

Social media
This is interesting: “Social Media’s Effect on Learning.”
Maybe we shouldn’t quite [...]

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