Funny or Die! (and psychotropic strawberries)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I have three random things to mention:

Grindhouse 1. Will Ferrell has a new video-based website called Funny or Die! You should really check out his comedy skit called “The Landlord.” There’s quite a bit of good stuff on the site and it isn’t even a week old. For example, YouTube celebrity LisaNova is already posting videos, including a parody of 300 and some other funny clips. (By the way, did you see South Park’s parody of 300 last week?)

2. I think I’ll try to see Grindhouse in the theater this weekend in Salem before it’s gone. And it will be gone, very soon, with poor box office numbers like that. Too bad. It has been well received by critics. (You can also check out my Filmometer site for movie reviews.)

3. Our cat is obsessed with strawberries. I realized this before, but I think I forgot. Tonight I was polishing off a bowl of strawberries, leaving just the leafy tops in a little pile at the bottom of the bowl when the cat became extremely interested. This was catnip-level interest. So, I placed a few of the tops onto a paper towel on the floor and he started biting them and throwing them around with his mouth, taking little nibbles. And then he started rubbing his face against them. And soon enough he was rolling in them, completely out of his mind, pressing any remaining fruit juice into his fur like some kind of feline mental patient. And I, uh, had to take the berry remnants away from him.

Also, I just realized that this is my third straight post with death in the title. I guess it’s been that kind of month.

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