TV thoughts: Imaginationland, Heroes, Discovery Channel

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I have a few quick thoughts to share about television shows.

South Park: Imaginationland Last Wednesday’s South Park episode, “Imaginationland,” was one of the best I’ve seen in ages. I loved the parts with M. Night Shyamalan, Michael Bay, and Mel Gibson. They were perfect. The episode was the beginning of what I’m sure will be an epic three-part story arc. On the flip side, Heroes does not seem to be maintaining its great momentum from last season. I don’t really care about the new characters; I just tolerate them as I wait to learn about the plot threads from last season. Those are the only two shows I watch (download) with any regularity.

Though sometimes I catch MythBusters or Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on the Discovery Channel. I would definitely watch a number of Comedy Central and Cartoon Network shows if Comcast offered channels à la carte. But I’m not wasting money on expanded basic cable or any premium packages when more than 90% of it is commercial-ridden stuff I would never watch. At least I have Adult Swim and MotherLoad.

Here are a couple of my favorite Discovery Channel show quotes (there are lots more at quotedump):

“I’m here to slow you down, cost you money, and, in general, retard the process.”
—Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs, Season 2, “Well Digger”

“I reject your reality and substitute my own.”
—Adam Savage, MythBusters (as borrowed from Paul Bradford in The Dungeonmaster)

Flying Spaghetti Monster In unrelated news, I guess I am a Round Earther. Do you know any Flat Earthers?

How about Pastafarians (AKA Flying Spaghetti Monster believers)?

It’s cool that the Flying Spaghetti Monster originated at Oregon State University. I never knew that until looking it up on Wikipedia recently. I had always assumed this most nourishing deity had come from someplace like

Oregon State University is pretty cool for being able to call itself the home of Linus Pauling, open source software like Firefox, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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