WebVisions 2011 in review: Part one

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On Wednesday through Friday, May 25-27, I am attending the WebVisions 2011 conference at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Below is a quick overview of the workshop I attended on Wednesday, with links.

(Also see my reviews from WebVisions 2010, WebVisions 2009, WebVisions 2008 and WebVisions 2007.)

WebVisions 2011

HTML5 & CSS3 in Practice Workshop – Daniel Davis, Opera Software
(9:00 am to 12:00 pm)

Twitter hashtags: #wv11, #d135

  • Canvas tag not accessible
  • HTML 5 markup
    More semantic, not just <div>s
    Put JavaScript as the last lines in the <body>
  • HTML 5 forms
    New input types
  • HTML5 multimedia
  • CSS3
  • Media Queries
  • Ambilight for the HTML5 <video> tag

Follow on Twitter: @ourmaninjapan. Presentation and hands-on downloads: people.opera.com/danield/wv2011.zip and bit.ly/tagawaweb.

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