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No MPAA Internet Movie Database

There are many great movie resources out there. Here are a few that I find useful, insightful, and/or entertaining.

  • Internet Movie Database
  • IMDb Top 250 Films
  • IMDb Bottom 250 Films
  • IMDb Advanced Search

  • Independent Film at IMDb
  • IMDb Movie Festivals and Events Worldwide
  • IMDb Now Playing in the U.S.
  • Apple - Movie Trailers
  • Fandango Movie Theater Showtimes (97301, 97330, 97321)
  • Top Documentary Films - Watch Free Online

  • Metacritic.com Movie Reviews
  • The Greatest Films by Tim Dirks
  • American Film Institute (AFI)
  • Apollo Movie Guide
  • RaveCentral
  • Wikipedia: Lists of films by genre
  • Wikipedia: MPAA film rating system

  • They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? - The 1,000 Greatest Films
  • Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader critic
  • Jonathan Rosenbaum's Alternative 100 Top Movies
  • James Berardinelli, ReelViews
  • Peter Travers, Rolling Stone critic
  • Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times critic
  • Leonard Maltin

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