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  1. Movie Details200 Cigarettes (1999) 5  Comedy
    Gaby Hoffmann's Brooklyn accent was great. But then you have the Affleck brothers.
  2. Movie Details2012 (2009) 5  Sci-Fi
    So soulless and insulting that we don't care about billions dying in the global cataclysm.
  3. Movie DetailsÆon Flux (2005) 5  Sci-FiWith Sex/NudityComic Book/Superhero
    Charlize Theron is a stunning, athletic heroine. But they've destroyed the meaning of the series.
  4. Movie DetailsAfter.Life (2010) 5  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Christina Ricci is constantly naked in this pretentious horror film featuring a creepy funeral director.
  5. Movie DetailsAlice in Wonderland (2010) 5  Fantasy
    Tim Burton took a story I love, stripped out the allegories and added CGI. Sigh.
  6. Movie DetailsAll I Wanna Do (1998) 5  ComedyObscure/Rare
    It's 1963 and Kirsten Dunst, Gaby Hoffmann, and Rachael Leigh Cook are pissed-off schoolgirls.
  7. Movie DetailsAmityville Horror, The (2005) 5  HorrorDocumentary/True
    While overproduced and derivative, this horror remake starring Ryan Reynolds exceeded my expectations.
  8. Movie DetailsAmerican Pie 2 (2001) 5  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    The sequel to the famous prom night of sexual misadventure. Eugene Levy is still brilliant.
  9. Movie DetailsAnimal Factory (2000) 5  
    How to become a hardened criminal in prison. Willem Dafoe mentors young Edward Furlong.
  10. Movie DetailsApt Pupil (1998) 5  
    A boy blackmails neighbor Ian McKellen after suspecting him to be a Nazi war criminal.
  11. Movie DetailsAt First Sight (1999) 5  With Sex/Nudity
    Girlfriend Mira Sorvino encourages blind Val Kilmer to have an operation to regain his sight.
  12. Movie DetailsAugust Rush (2007) 5  Musical/Music
    An orphaned musical prodigy uses his gift to help find his birth parents. Overtly sentimental.
  13. Movie DetailsBad Company (2002) 5  Comedy
    Cliché-ridden but mildly amusing Chris Rock action movie, courtesy of Jerry Bruckheimer.
  14. Movie DetailsBASEketball (1998) 5  ComedySport
    Trey Parker and Matt Stone combine basketball-shooting skills with baseball rules and become pro athletes.
  15. Movie DetailsBe Cool (2005) 5  ComedyMusical/Music
    The entire premise involves having John Travolta and Uma Thurman reprise their Pulp Fiction dance.
  16. Movie DetailsBedazzled (2000) 5  ComedyFantasy
    Brendan Fraser sells his soul to the Devil (Elizabeth Hurley) for seven wishes. Mindless remake.
  17. Movie DetailsBeyond, The (2018) 5  Sci-Fi
    Faux-documentary of astronauts, wormholes, cybernetics, alien life. Far-fetched pseudoscience. Solid visual effects.
  18. Movie DetailsBirthday Girl (2002) 5  Comedy
    Nicole Kidman arrives in a small town as a bank clerk's Russian mail-order bride.
  19. Movie DetailsBone Collector, The (1999) 5  
    Detective Denzel Washington and street cop Angelina Jolie track down a serial killer in Manhattan.
  20. Movie DetailsBorn of Hope (2009) 5  FantasyObscure/Rare
    Kate Madison's Lord of the Rings prequel, based on Tolkien's appendix paragraphs. Decent low-budget effort.
  21. Movie DetailsBounce (2000) 5  
    Ben Affleck switches plane tickets with a man. The plane crashes. He meets Gwyneth Paltrow.
  22. Movie DetailsBrokedown Palace (1999) 5  
    Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale are arrested for smuggling drugs while vacationing in Thailand.
  23. Movie DetailsBruce Almighty (2003) 5  ComedyFantasy
    Reporter Jim Carrey is given almighty powers to teach him how difficult God's job is.
  24. Movie DetailsChronicles of Riddick, The (2004) 5  Sci-Fi
    Five years after Pitch Black, wanted criminal Riddick arrives on a new planet. Weak script.
  25. Movie DetailsCity of Angels (1998) 5  Fantasy
    Celestial duty or earthly love? Will angel Nicolas Cage become human for Meg Ryan? Sappy!
  26. Movie DetailsCloverfield Paradox, The (2018) 5  HorrorSci-Fi
    Absurd, unstable jumble of sci-fi space horror that connects to the previous two Cloverfield movies.
  27. Movie DetailsCrank 2: High Voltage (2009) 5  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Chev Chelios is back in an even more random and intentionally absurd movie. Insane action.
  28. Movie DetailsCrow: City of Angels, The (1996) 5  FantasyWith Sex/NudityComic Book/Superhero
    The spirit of the Crow resurrects another man seeking revenge for his son's murder.
  29. Movie DetailsCube 2: Hypercube (2002) 5  HorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    Bizarre, nonsensical sequel packed with bad dialogue/acting. Devoid of Cube's existentialism and simplicity.
  30. Movie DetailsDaredevil (2003) 5  FantasyComic Book/Superhero
    Ben Affleck, who can't act, zipped into a maroon bodysuit. Enough said.
  31. Movie DetailsDeep Blue Sea (1999) 5  Horror
    To cure Alzheimer's disease, scientists genetically engineer sharks with deadly intelligence. What could go wrong?
  32. Movie DetailsDelirium (2018) 5  HorrorObscure/Rare
    Topher Grace, recently released from a mental institute, inherits his father's mansion. Haunted? Or psychosis?
  33. Movie DetailsDisturbing Behavior (1998) 5  Horror
    Why are these teenagers such perfect upstanding citizens? Katie Holmes has a sinister explanation.
  34. Movie DetailsDoctor Dolittle (1998) 5  Comedy
    Veterinarian Eddie Murphy talks to the animals and can hear them talk back. Mental institution?
  35. Movie DetailsDouble Jeopardy (1999) 5  With Sex/Nudity
    Paroled Ashley Judd was framed for her husband's murder, but suspects he is still alive.
  36. Movie DetailsDown to Earth (2001) 5  ComedyFantasy
    After dying before his time, aspiring comic Chris Rock is reincarnated as a wealthy businessman.
  37. Movie DetailsDue Date (2010) 5  Comedy
    Downey Jr. is forced to hitch a ride with Zach Galifianakis to make it home.
  38. Movie DetailsDuets (2000) 5  ComedyMusical/MusicWith Sex/Nudity
    Inside the lives of professional karaoke hustlers. Everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Huey Lewis sings.
  39. Movie DetailsEdTV (1999) 5  Comedy
    Video store clerk Matthew McConaughey agrees to have his life televised 24 hours a day.
  40. Movie DetailsEnd of Days (1999) 5  FantasyHorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Satan visits New York in search of a bride. It's Arnold Schwarzenegger, pyrotechnics, and CGI.
  41. Movie DetailsEntrapment (1999) 5  Comedy
    Agent Catherine Zeta-Jones tries to track down and help capture master art thief Sean Connery.
  42. Movie DetailsEvolution (2001) 5  ComedySci-Fi
    I kept wishing for the alien life forms to kill David Duchovny and Orlando Jones.
  43. Movie DetailsExcess Baggage (1997) 5  Comedy
    Alicia Silverstone fakes her own car-trunk kidnapping in order to attract her wealthy father's attention.
  44. Movie DetailsExtinction (2018) 5  Sci-Fi
    A father is plagued by nightmares of a deadly alien invasion. But there's a twist.
  45. Movie DetailsFantastic Four (2005) 5  FantasySci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    Exposure to cosmic radiation creates superhero scientists: Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Thing, and Jessica Alba.
  46. Movie DetailsFDR: American Badass! (2012) 5  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    As expected, the two-minute trailer was funnier than the movie. Crude/dumb humor, with Nazi werewolves.
  47. Movie DetailsFeed (2006) 5  HorrorObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    An Internet sex crimes expert investigates feeder-gainer relationships (sexual fetish of the grotesquely obese).
  48. Movie DetailsFinal Destination (2000) 5  FantasyHorror
    It begins with a plane crash and demonstrates that you can't cheat predestined death. Much.
  49. Movie DetailsFinal Destination 2 (2003) 5  FantasyHorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Ali Larter is back on Death's path of destruction. Features gruesome accidents galore.
  50. Movie DetailsFinal Destination 3 (2006) 5  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Better than the first two. I watched the Rube-Goldberg deaths with amusement. The nudity helped.
  51. Movie DetailsFrequency (2000) 5  Sci-Fi
    A firefighter receives future-sent communications via a ham radio and some silly fluke involving sunspots.
  52. Movie DetailsGuardian Brothers, The (2017) 5  AnimationObscure/Rare
    The spirit world is authoritarian and small-minded. The godless human world has tasty-looking Chinese soup.
  53. Movie DetailsGirl from Monday, The (2005) 5  ComedyObscure/RareSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    Citizens have become property traded on the stock exchange, but aliens are supporting the resistance.
  54. Movie DetailsGlitch in the Grid (2011) 5  AnimationObscure/RareDocumentary/True
    Three artists find spiritual renewal in this imaginative but self-indulgent film by the Leiser Brothers.
  55. Movie DetailsGnome Alone (2017) 5  AnimationComedyFantasyObscure/Rare
    Help garden gnomes battle the Troggs and save the world? Or befriend wicked teenage girls?
  56. Movie DetailsGone in Sixty Seconds (2000) 5  
    Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie have steal to 50 exotic cars in one night.
  57. Movie DetailsGun Shy (2000) 5  ComedyObscure/Rare
    Undercover DEA agent Liam Neeson almost gets killed. He begins attending group therapy for support.
  58. Movie DetailsHalo Legends (2010) 5  AnimationObscure/RareSci-Fi
    Collection of seven Halo stories. Starts out heavy-handedly and badly animated, but eventually gets better.
  59. Movie DetailsHappy Gilmore (1996) 5  ComedySport
    Rejected hockey player Adam Sandler becomes an unlikely golf star to save his grandmother's house.
  60. Movie DetailsHarvard Man (2001) 5  ComedyObscure/RareSport
    Mixes basketball and crime with sexual and chemical experimentation. And cheerleader Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  61. Movie DetailsHellevator: The Bottled Fools (2005) 5  HorrorObscure/RareSci-Fi
    Had me with the underground dystopia and telepaths, lost me with the overdone elevator bloodbath.
  62. Movie DetailsHome (2015) 5  AnimationComedyFantasySci-Fi
    Adorable cuttlefish-like aliens attack Earth, then learn to love Rihanna's music. I guess? Zany, underdeveloped.
  63. Movie DetailsHome Fries (1998) 5  Comedy
    Brothers Luke Wilson and Jake Busey want pregnant Drew Barrymore for very different reasons. Dumb.
  64. Movie DetailsHope Floats (1998) 5  Comedy
    Former beauty queen Sandra Bullock falls on hard times and returns to her small hometown.
  65. Movie DetailsHost, The (2013) 5  Sci-Fi
    From the writer of Twilight comes a poorly structured alien-human romance, presumably for adolescent girls.
  66. Movie DetailsHostel (2005) 5  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Hedonism and bare breasts mixed with horrific gore, grisly torture, and the slandering of Slovakia.
  67. Movie DetailsHow It Ends (2018) 5  Sci-Fi
    After an apocalyptic event, a man travels west toward Seattle. How it ends is stupidly.
  68. Movie DetailsHow the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 5  ComedyFantasy
    A live-action remake of the Dr. Seuss book, starring Jim Carrey and cheerfully crass consumerism.
  69. Movie DetailsHow to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) 5  Comedy
    Kate Hudson is completely insane. Our love fern! You let it die!
  70. Movie DetailsHunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, The (2015) 5  ConspiracySci-Fi
    The downhill slide concludes. Was almost wishing Katniss would shoot every character with an arrow.
  71. Movie DetailsiBoy (2017) 5  Sci-Fi
    A teen gains superpowers after smartphone fragments enter his brain. Bruv, mind-hacking everything is easy!
  72. Movie DetailsInstinct (1999) 5  
    Set in a maximum-security prison, psychiatrist Cuba Gooding Jr. examines madman anthropologist Anthony Hopkins.
  73. Movie DetailsInterview, The (2014) 5  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Sophomoric Seth Rogen comedy about North Korea/dick jokes. Gained notoriety due to Sony Pictures hack.
  74. Movie DetailsJoe's Apartment (1996) 5  ComedyFantasyMusical/Music
    Joe discovers he shares his run-down New York apartment with thousands of singing, dancing cockroaches.
  75. Movie DetailsJohn Q (2002) 5  
    Denzel Washington takes the emergency room hostage until doctors agree to perform his son's transplant.
  76. Movie DetailsJourney to the Center of the Earth (2008) 5  FantasySci-Fi
    Brendan Fraser travels to Iceland looking for Verne's lost subterranean world. Turn off your brain.
  77. Movie DetailsJust Married (2003) 5  Comedy
    Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy are on their honeymoon in Europe. Things go really badly.
  78. Movie DetailsK-19: The Widowmaker (2002) 5  Documentary/True
    Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson star in this dull tale of a malfunctioning nuclear submarine.
  79. Movie DetailsKiss the Girls (1997) 5  
    The first of many mediocre Ashley Judd crime thrillers. This one also stars Morgan Freeman.
  80. Movie DetailsKnowing (2009) 5  Sci-Fi
    A disappointment from Alex Proyas. I was ready for the apocalypse after two long hours.
  81. Movie DetailsKung Pow! Enter the Fist (2002) 5  Comedy
    It is an honor having you beat up random people in our city.
  82. Movie DetailsLast Days of the World, The (2011) 5  ComedyFantasyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    A bored Japanese teenager learns that Earth will be destroyed. Surreal, kinky and borderline exploitative.
  83. Movie DetailsLast Survivors, The (2015) 5  Obscure/RareSci-Fi
    A teen girl tries to evade masked marauders in drought-stricken, post-apocalyptic Oregon. High body count.
  84. Movie DetailsLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The (2003) 5  FantasySci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    In an alternate Victorian Age world, Captain Nemo, Tom Sawyer, and Dr. Jekyll join forces.
  85. Movie DetailsLethal Weapon 4 (1998) 5  Comedy
    Chris Rock joins the Mel Gibson-led LAPD quartet. The crimes involve immigrant smuggling and counterfeiting.
  86. Movie DetailsLittle Nicky (2000) 5  ComedyFantasy
    Adam Sandler is one of Satan's sons. Patricia Arquette's elastic underwear-band saves her from Hell.
  87. Movie DetailsMalibu's Most Wanted (2003) 5  Comedy
    A white Senator's son wants to live the hip-hop lifestyle. Don't be hatin'.
  88. Movie DetailsMan with the Iron Fists 2, The (2015) 5  Obscure/Rare
    RZA, the kung-fu blacksmith, arrives unceremoniously in an oppressed silver-mining village in feudal China. Fight!
  89. Movie DetailsMartian Child (2007) 5  Sci-FiDocumentary/True
    It's emotional manipulation from Mars. This is K-PAX with a six-year-old instead of Kevin Spacey.
  90. Movie DetailsMen in Black II (2002) 5  ComedySci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    A semi-amusing replica of the original popcorn flick. The train-station locker creatures steal the show.
  91. Movie DetailsMetro (1997) 5  Comedy
    Hostage negotiator Eddie Murphy is targeted by an escaped bank robber he once helped imprison.
  92. Movie DetailsMickey Blue Eyes (1999) 5  Comedy
    English auctioneer Hugh Grant proposes to the daughter of a mafia kingpin, who requires favors.
  93. Movie DetailsMist, The (2007) 5  HorrorSci-Fi
    A fairly derivative, depressing creature-horror film with too much religious ranting. Final scene is staggering.
  94. Movie DetailsMod Squad, The (1999) 5  With Sex/Nudity
    An undercover cop recruits three minor delinquents to bust a drug ring. Stars Claire Danes.
  95. Movie DetailsMurder at 1600 (1997) 5  Conspiracy
    Washington homicide cop Wesley Snipes and agent Diane Lane investigate murder inside the White House.
  96. Movie DetailsNational Treasure (2004) 5  ComedyConspiracy
    Diane Heidkrueger has been able to capture my attention since her mid-1990s modeling days.
  97. Movie DetailsNumber 23, The (2007) 5  With Sex/Nudity
    Far-fetched but sometimes clever thriller starring Jim Carrey. 23 equals bad numerology and worse directing.
  98. Movie DetailsOne and Two (2015) 5  FantasyObscure/Rare
    Siblings with teleportation powers live with their abusive father on an isolated Mennonite-like farmstead. WTF.
  99. Movie DetailsOrbiter 9 (2018) 5  Sci-Fi
    An engineer boards a young woman's spaceship, upends her sense of reality. Promising but unfocused.
  100. Movie DetailsOutside Ozona (1998) 5  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Oklahoma motorists listening to the same radio station DJ are connected by a serial killer.
  101. Movie DetailsPalmetto (1998) 5  Obscure/Rare
    Recently released ex-con Woody Harrelson gets involved in a fake kidnapping scheme that turns real.
  102. Movie DetailsPandorum (2009) 5  HorrorSci-Fi
    Derivative sci-fi thriller on a spaceship. Crewmembers wake up with no knowledge of their mission.
  103. Movie DetailsPayback (1999) 5  Comedy
    Thief Mel Gibson plots revenge when he is betrayed by his wife and best friend.
  104. Movie DetailsPerfect Murder, A (1998) 5  
    Remake of Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder, starring millionaire industrialist Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  105. Movie DetailsPicture Perfect (1997) 5  Comedy
    Successful career woman Jennifer Aniston has an incomplete personal life. What makes the perfect mate?
  106. Movie DetailsPirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) 5  ComedyFantasy
    This Disney pirate saga is worse than its predecessor (again). Yo-ho-horribly incoherent. Franchise over yet?
  107. Movie DetailsPlanet of the Apes (2001) 5  Sci-Fi
    Tim Burton reimagines the original film, poorly. Absurd plot, bad satire, pirouetting apes, no significance.
  108. Movie DetailsPlaying God (1997) 5  Obscure/Rare
    Famed surgeon David Duchovny is stripped of his medical license and becomes a criminal doctor.
  109. Movie DetailsPractical Magic (1998) 5  ComedyFantasy
    Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are cursed sisters with a hereditary gift for practical magic.
  110. Movie DetailsPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) 5  Fantasy
    A live-action video game featuring a special dagger that can reverse time. Disposable Bruckheimer cinema.
  111. Movie DetailsRace to Witch Mountain (2009) 5  FantasySci-Fi
    Good, family-friendly Disney fun that damages your will to live. Spectacularly bland and poorly written.
  112. Movie DetailsReconstruction of William Zero, The (2015) 5  Obscure/RareSci-Fi
    A geneticist with amnesia awakes under the care of his identical twin. Clever, but clumsy.
  113. Movie DetailsRed State (2011) 5  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Ugly, preachy Kevin Smith film. The teen horror genre plus fundamentalist religious fervor and violence.
  114. Movie DetailsRemember the Titans (2000) 5  SportDocumentary/True
    A story of high school racial integration in the early 1970s, starring Denzel Washington.
  115. Movie DetailsResident Evil (2002) 5  ConspiracyHorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    That scene where Milla Jovovich kicks the crap out of undead Dobermans is pretty cool.
  116. Movie DetailsResident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) 5  ConspiracyHorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    Skinny white chicks with guns brazenly kick zombie ass while trying to escape Raccoon City.
  117. Movie DetailsRoad Trip (2000) 5  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Four college friends take a road trip to retrieve a mistakenly mailed sex tape. Crass.
  118. Movie DetailsRuins, The (2008) 5  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Bone-crunching gore as American tourists learn the horrors of sightseeing in the forbidding Mexican jungle.
  119. Movie DetailsRush Hour 2 (2001) 5  Comedy
    Jackie Chan and comedian Chris Tucker get involved in a Hong Kong counterfeit money scam.
  120. Movie DetailsSaiyûki Vol. 1: The Journey Begins (2003) 5  AnimationFantasyObscure/RareTV Shows
    A Dragonball Z-like anime adventure of four heroes traveling West to confront a powerful demon.
  121. Movie DetailsSaving Private Perez (2011) 5  ComedyObscure/Rare
    A Mexican crime lord plans to invade Iraq to rescue his brother. Ridiculous, wacky violence.
  122. Movie DetailsSaw II (2005) 5  Horror
    Jigsaw forces another round of kidnapped people to play survival games in medieval torture chambers.
  123. Movie DetailsScary Movie (2000) 5  ComedyHorror
    A spoof of dozens of movies, from Scream to American Beauty to the Sixth Sense.
  124. Movie DetailsScream 2 (1997) 5  Horror
    A copycat killer begins acting out a real-life sequel. Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox scream!
  125. Movie DetailsShe's All That (1999) 5  Comedy
    A Pygmalion remake. Freddie Prinze Jr. bets he can make Rachael Leigh Cook prom queen.
  126. Movie DetailsSleeping Dogs Lie (2005) 5  Obscure/Rare
    A short, low-budget film. Maynard James Keenan was charming, but Audioslave's Brad Wilk can't act.
  127. Movie DetailsSpeed Racer (2008) 5  AnimationConspiracySport
    A hyperfrenetic explosion of sound and color in the form of Car-Fu. It's marginally watchable.
  128. Movie DetailsSpider-Man 3 (2007) 5  FantasySci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    Boring/incoherent/awkward for 90 minutes, then three minutes of cool, then Venom and the climactic battle.
  129. Movie DetailsSpirit, The (2008) 5  ComedyFantasyWith Sex/NudityComic Book/Superhero
    Frank Miller's self-aware film noir is gorgeous, vapid, overacted and emotionless. Based on Eisner's comics.
  130. Movie DetailsStar Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) 5  FantasySci-Fi
    Terribly written dialogue combined with expensive special effects. Jar Jar Binks is unbelievably annoying.
  131. Movie DetailsStarship Troopers (1997) 5  Sci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    Future humans battle giant alien bugs in a fight for survival, with nude co-ed showers.
  132. Movie DetailsStay Alive (2006) 5  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    A videogame kills players in the real world. It's gory CGI fun featuring Samaire Armstrong.
  133. Movie DetailsStepmom (1998) 5  Comedy
    Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon star in a film of cheap sentiment and fatal illness.
  134. Movie DetailsStep Brothers (2008) 5  Comedy
    Mildly amusing but so stupid. Juvenile bickering and pouting from 40-year-old adolescents Ferrell and Reilly.
  135. Movie DetailsStuck (2008) 5  HorrorObscure/RareWith Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    The callous aftermath of a hit-and-run. I winced at the bad acting and grisly suffering.
  136. Movie DetailsSucker Punch (2011) 5  Fantasy
    Surreal, masturbatory fantasy. Cabaret dancers with guns battle samurai, steampunk Nazis, orcs, dragons and robots.
  137. Movie DetailsSuperstorm (2007) 5  Obscure/RareSci-FiTV Shows
    Scientists attempt to divert or weaken a Miami-bound hurricane using cloud seeding. A miniseries docudrama.
  138. Movie DetailsSurrogates (2009) 5  Sci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    Soulless industrial entertainment. Most humans live in isolation and interact entirely via glamorous surrogate robots.
  139. Movie DetailsSurveillance (2009) 5  Conspiracy
    A crude, unsettling thriller by Jennifer Lynch. It's a disappointment, but Bill Pullman is great.
  140. Movie DetailsTitan A.E. (2000) 5  AnimationSci-Fi
    In 3028, cartoon Earth prepares for an attack by the Drej, a vicious alien race.
  141. Movie DetailsTransformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) 5  ConspiracySci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    Unrelenting sound and fury. I appreciated the alternate Apollo and Chernobyl histories. But it's vapid.
  142. Movie DetailsTrauma (2004) 5  HorrorObscure/Rare
    Colin Firth's fragmented reality is haunted by death, apparitions, blood, ants, and Mena Suvari's vacuity.
  143. Movie DetailsUnderworld (2003) 5  FantasyHorror
    Aristocratic vampire warrior Kate Beckinsale battles werewolf street-thugs in some gothic city. Silly as hell.
  144. Movie DetailsU.S. Marshals (1998) 5  
    This time Chief Deputy Marshal Tommy Lee Jones isn't chasing fugitive Harrison Ford.
  145. Movie DetailsUrban Legend (1998) 5  Horror
    A decent slasher movie. Pluses: Alicia Witt and Rebecca Gayheart. Big minus: Tara Reid.
  146. Movie DetailsVarsity Blues (1999) 5  ComedyWith Sex/NuditySport
    James Van Der Beek stars as a high-school quarterback. Amy Smart wears a whipped-cream bikini.
  147. Movie DetailsWhat Dreams May Come (1998) 5  Fantasy
    Fantastic visuals and lots of death. Robin Williams tries to track down his wife's soul.
  148. Movie DetailsWhat Just Happened (2008) 5  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Two weeks in the life of big-time Hollywood producer Robert De Niro. Anxious, high-stakes triviality.
  149. Movie DetailsWild Things (1998) 5  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Neve Campbell and Denise Richards make out in a swimming pool. And other stuff happens.
  150. Movie DetailsxXx (2002) 5  Sport
    Extreme-sports athlete Vin Diesel blows a lot of shit up. Stunts and gadgets replace plot.
  151. Movie DetailsYou've Got Mail (1998) 5  Comedy
    I liked this Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan movie better when it was called Sleepless in Seattle.
  152. Movie DetailsZoolander (2001) 5  ComedyConspiracy
    Ben Stiller wonders if there's more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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