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  1. Movie DetailsCelebration, The (1998) 10  
    This Dogme 95 film, set on a grandfather's 60th birthday, spirals into forbidden family territory.
  2. Movie DetailsDark City (1998) 10  ConspiracyFantasyMind-blowingSci-FiWith Sex/NudityI own on DVD
    Rufus Sewell struggles to recover his memories in a nightmarish world run by telekinetic beings.
  3. Movie DetailsFear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) 10  ComedySportDocumentary/TrueI own on DVD
    As your attorney, I advise you watch Johnny Depp as gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.
  4. Movie DetailsPi (1998) 10  ConspiracyMind-blowingSci-FiI own on DVDFilmometer Best Film of the Year
    A paranoid mathematician searches for a number to unlock the universal patterns found in nature.

  6. Movie DetailsCube (1998) 9  HorrorMind-blowingSci-Fi
    Seven complete strangers awaken one day in a cubical Kafkaesque maze filled with deadly traps.
  7. Movie DetailsDreamlife of Angels, The (1998) 9  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    In France, two penniless young women with few prospects become friends and share a flat.
  8. Movie DetailsFallen Angels (1998) 9  
    Kar-Wai Wong directs the story of a professional killer in a surreal Hong Kong nightscape.
  9. Movie DetailsFollowing (1998) 9  I own on DVD
    A dark thriller by Christopher Nolan about a young writer who follows strangers around London.
  10. Movie DetailsLast Night (1998) 9  Obscure/RareSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    There are six hours until the end of the world. What would you do?
  11. Movie DetailsRed Violin, The (1998) 9  Musical/MusicWith Sex/Nudity
    A red violin makes its way through three centuries over several owners and countries.
  12. Movie DetailsRun Lola Run (1998) 9  AnimationI own on DVD
    A kinetic race against the clock in which small decisions domino into riches, or death.
  13. Movie DetailsRushmore (1998) 9  Comedy
    Wes Anderson's hilarious follow-up to Bottle Rocket, starring prep-schooler Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray.
  14. Movie DetailsTruman Show, The (1998) 9  Mind-blowingSci-Fi
    Insurance salesman Jim Carrey discovers his entire life is actually a TV show.

  16. Movie DetailsAmerican History X (1998) 8  
    There's nothing like neo-Nazi skinhead Edward Norton shattering your teeth against a concrete curb.
  17. Movie DetailsBig Lebowski, The (1998) 8  Comedy
    Comedy about a pothead bowler who is mistaken for a deadbeat philanthropist. Stars John Goodman.
  18. Movie DetailsBug's Life, A (1998) 8  AnimationComedy
    A misfit ant, looking to save his colony from grasshoppers, recruits some inept circus bugs.
  19. Movie DetailsCentral Station (1998) 8  
    A woman who writes letters for illiterate people meets a boy whose mother has died.
  20. Movie DetailsFireworks (1998) 8  
    Takeshi Kitano presents a movie based on consequences and states of mind rather than action.
  21. Movie DetailsHilary and Jackie (1998) 8  Musical/MusicDocumentary/True
    About the brilliant concert cellist Jacqueline du Pre, from the perspective of her sister Hilary.
  22. Movie DetailsLife is Beautiful (1998) 8  Comedy
    Jewish man Roberto Benigni uses humor to protect his son in a Nazi death camp.
  23. Movie DetailsLock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) 8  ComedyWith Sex/NuditySport
    Four Cockney men pool their money for an illegal high-stakes card game, with unpleasant results.
  24. Movie DetailsLovers of the Arctic Circle, The (1998) 8  With Sex/Nudity
    A story of circular lives, with circular names, in a circular place. Life is happenstance.
  25. Movie DetailsMy Son the Fanatic (1998) 8  ComedyObscure/Rare
    Set in Britain, a Pakistani taxi-driver is attracted to a prostitute. Enter the Islamic fundamentalists.
  26. Movie DetailsOut of Sight (1998) 8  Comedy
    Career bank robber George Clooney breaks out of jail and kidnaps Jennifer Lopez. Sparks fly.
  27. Movie DetailsPleasantville (1998) 8  ComedyFantasy
    Two teenagers find themselves in a 1950s sitcom. Their behavior accidentally transforms their black-and-white suburb.
  28. Movie DetailsRegret to Inform (1998) 8  Obscure/RareDocumentary/True
    The filmmaker goes on a pilgrimage to the Vietnamese countryside where her husband was killed.
  29. Movie DetailsRonin (1998) 8  
    This mission is to recover a mysterious briefcase. Robert De Niro and Natascha McElhone star.
  30. Movie DetailsSeinfeld - The Complete Series (1998) 8  ComedyTV Shows
    A sitcom about nothing. Starring New York stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his neurotic friends.
  31. Movie DetailsShakespeare in Love (1998) 8  ComedyWith Sex/NudityAcademy Awards Winner for Best Picture
    A young Shakespeare meets Gwyneth Paltrow and is inspired to write Romeo and Juliet.
  32. Movie DetailsSimple Plan, A (1998) 8  
    Three people find $4 million in the cockpit of a crashed plane. Keep it secret?
  33. Movie DetailsSix-String Samurai (1998) 8  Musical/MusicObscure/RareSci-FiI own on DVD
    In a post-apocalyptic America, samurai guitarist Buddy Holly journeys to Lost Vegas to become king.
  34. Movie DetailsSmoke Signals (1998) 8  Comedy
    Two young Indian men from an Idaho reservation take a life-changing road trip together. Soulful.
  35. Movie DetailsThin Red Line, The (1998) 8  Documentary/True
    Terrence Malick presents a remake of the novel about the 1943 Guadalcanal conflict during WWII.
  36. Movie DetailsYour Friends & Neighbors (1998) 8  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Six people play musical beds. Stars Amy Brenneman, Catherine Keener, Nastassja Kinski, and Ben Stiller.
  37. Movie DetailsXiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl (1998) 8  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Explores the Cultural Revolution in China. A young teenage girl is sent to remote lands.

  38. GOOD
  39. Movie DetailsAntz (1998) 7  AnimationComedyFantasy
    Woody Allen is a neurotic ant who has become disenfranchised from his totalitarian colony.
  40. Movie DetailsBuffalo '66 (1998) 7  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Social misfit Vincent Gallo is rescued from emotional peril by Christina Ricci, who he kidnaps.
  41. Movie DetailsDesert Blue (1998) 7  ComedyObscure/Rare
    A struggling roadside town. The world's largest ice cream cone. Christina Ricci blows stuff up.
  42. Movie DetailsEnemy of the State (1998) 7  Conspiracy
    Will Smith becomes a target after learning of a politically motivated murder. Surveillance and paranoia!
  43. Movie DetailsGia (1998) 7  With Sex/NudityDocumentary/TrueTV Shows
    Frequently naked Angelina Jolie is Gia Carangi, a top fashion model from the late 1970s.
  44. Movie DetailsGods and Monsters (1998) 7  Documentary/True
    Explores the last days of Frankenstein director James Whale, starring Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser.
  45. Movie DetailsHigh Art (1998) 7  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Explores the romance between photo editor Radha Mitchell and heroin-addicted photographer Ally Sheedy.
  46. Movie DetailsHorse Whisperer, The (1998) 7  
    After a tragic accident, Kristin Scott Thomas enlists the help of mystical horse-healer Robert Redford.
  47. Movie DetailsIdiots, The (1998) 7  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Lars von Trier's provocative Dogme 95 film about Danish adults pretending to be mentally challenged.
  48. Movie DetailsLawn Dogs (1998) 7  FantasyWith Sex/Nudity
    Ten-year-old Mischa Barton befriends the lawn cutter, a fellow outsider, in an upscale gated community.
  49. Movie DetailsLife is to Whistle (1998) 7  Obscure/Rare
    Three characters in present-day Havana must choose between their self-restricting beliefs or living more freely.
  50. Movie DetailsMulan (1998) 7  AnimationComedyMusical/Music
    A girl secretly joins the Chinese army disguised as a man and becomes a hero.
  51. Movie DetailsNegotiator, The (1998) 7  Conspiracy
    Police negotiator Samuel L. Jackson has been framed. Can negotiator Kevin Spacey save his life?
  52. Movie DetailsPlaying by Heart (1998) 7  Comedy
    Parallel stories of eleven Los Angeles characters converge, with an all-star cast including Angelina Jolie.
  53. Movie DetailsReturn to Paradise (1998) 7  
    Two friends decide whether to help a third friend arrested in Malaysia for drug possession.
  54. Movie DetailsRounders (1998) 7  With Sex/NuditySport
    Reformed gambler Matt Damon must return to playing big stakes poker to save Edward Norton.
  55. Movie DetailsSaving Private Ryan (1998) 7  Documentary/True
    During WWII, three brothers are killed. The Army tries to save the sole surviving brother.
  56. Movie DetailsSliding Doors (1998) 7  
    Parallel story lines explore fate and how simple moments change our lives. Stars Gwyneth Paltrow.
  57. Movie DetailsThere's Something About Mary (1998) 7  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    The Farrelly Brothers present a gross-out romantic comedy starring good-natured Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller.
  58. Movie DetailsTwilight of the Ice Nymphs (1998) 7  FantasyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Jewel-toned, deadpan absurdity from the inimitable Guy Maddin. A kitschy, disorienting fantasy of frustrated desires.
  59. Movie DetailsWaking Ned Devine (1998) 7  Comedy
    When a lottery winner dies of shock, his fellow townsfolk attempt to claim the money.
  60. Movie DetailsX-Files: Fight the Future, The (1998) 7  ConspiracyHorrorSci-FiTV Shows
    David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson must fight the government in a conspiracy about alien colonization.
  61. Movie DetailsZero Effect (1998) 7  Comedy
    Bill Pullman is private investigator Daryl Zero, a paranoid genius investigating blackmail. One-liners abound.

  62. FAIR
  63. Movie DetailsBesieged (1998) 6  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Housekeeper Thandie Newton goes into exile in Italy after her African husband is jailed.
  64. Movie DetailsCivil Action, A (1998) 6  Documentary/True
    Lawyer John Travolta stars in this courtroom drama about a company's responsibility for toxic waste.
  65. Movie DetailsDeep Impact (1998) 6  Sci-Fi
    Who will survive when a comet collides with Earth? It sucks much less than Armageddon.
  66. Movie DetailsFaculty, The (1998) 6  HorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    High school students Jordana Brewster and Clea DuVall suspect that their teachers are becoming aliens.
  67. Movie DetailsGreat Expectations (1998) 6  
    Modernization of classic Charles Dickens story, starring New York painter Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  68. Movie DetailsHideous Kinky (1998) 6  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    A hippie British woman travels to Morocco with her two young daughters. Stars Kate Winslet.
  69. Movie DetailsHomegrown (1998) 6  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Small-time marijuana-grower Billy Bob Thornton and Kelly Lynch try to get rich following a murder.
  70. Movie DetailsMeet Joe Black (1998) 6  Fantasy
    We have Brad Pitt as Death, media tycoon Anthony Hopkins, and intriguing daughter Claire Forlani.
  71. Movie DetailsPermanent Midnight (1998) 6  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    Ben Stiller plays desperate comedy writer and heroin addict Jerry Stahl. Maria Bello also stars.
  72. Movie DetailsReplacement Killers, The (1998) 6  
    Professional killer Chow Yun-Fat betrays a crime boss. Document forger Mira Sorvino offers her help.
  73. Movie DetailsRush Hour (1998) 6  Comedy
    Jackie Chan and comedian Chris Tucker partner to rescue a kidnapped daughter. A paint-by-numbers formula.
  74. Movie DetailsSiege, The (1998) 6  
    Martial law is declared in New York City after an Islamic religious leader is abducted.
  75. Movie DetailsSix Days Seven Nights (1998) 6  Comedy
    Cargo pilot Harrison Ford and New Yorker Anne Heche become stranded on a tropical island.
  76. Movie DetailsSmall Soldiers (1998) 6  AnimationComedyFantasySci-Fi
    When missile technology is used to enhance toy action figures, the toys go to war.
  77. Movie DetailsWedding Singer, The (1998) 6  ComedyMusical/Music
    Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore star. Now get out of my Van Halen t-shirt.

  79. Movie DetailsAll I Wanna Do (1998) 5  ComedyObscure/Rare
    It's 1963 and Kirsten Dunst, Gaby Hoffmann, and Rachael Leigh Cook are pissed-off schoolgirls.
  80. Movie DetailsApt Pupil (1998) 5  
    A boy blackmails neighbor Ian McKellen after suspecting him to be a Nazi war criminal.
  81. Movie DetailsBASEketball (1998) 5  ComedySport
    Trey Parker and Matt Stone combine basketball-shooting skills with baseball rules and become pro athletes.
  82. Movie DetailsCity of Angels (1998) 5  Fantasy
    Celestial duty or earthly love? Will angel Nicolas Cage become human for Meg Ryan? Sappy!
  83. Movie DetailsDisturbing Behavior (1998) 5  Horror
    Why are these teenagers such perfect upstanding citizens? Katie Holmes has a sinister explanation.
  84. Movie DetailsDoctor Dolittle (1998) 5  Comedy
    Veterinarian Eddie Murphy talks to the animals and can hear them talk back. Mental institution?
  85. Movie DetailsHome Fries (1998) 5  Comedy
    Brothers Luke Wilson and Jake Busey want pregnant Drew Barrymore for very different reasons. Dumb.
  86. Movie DetailsHope Floats (1998) 5  Comedy
    Former beauty queen Sandra Bullock falls on hard times and returns to her small hometown.
  87. Movie DetailsLethal Weapon 4 (1998) 5  Comedy
    Chris Rock joins the Mel Gibson-led LAPD quartet. The crimes involve immigrant smuggling and counterfeiting.
  88. Movie DetailsOutside Ozona (1998) 5  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Oklahoma motorists listening to the same radio station DJ are connected by a serial killer.
  89. Movie DetailsPalmetto (1998) 5  Obscure/Rare
    Recently released ex-con Woody Harrelson gets involved in a fake kidnapping scheme that turns real.
  90. Movie DetailsPerfect Murder, A (1998) 5  
    Remake of Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder, starring millionaire industrialist Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  91. Movie DetailsPractical Magic (1998) 5  ComedyFantasy
    Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are cursed sisters with a hereditary gift for practical magic.
  92. Movie DetailsStepmom (1998) 5  Comedy
    Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon star in a film of cheap sentiment and fatal illness.
  93. Movie DetailsU.S. Marshals (1998) 5  
    This time Chief Deputy Marshal Tommy Lee Jones isn't chasing fugitive Harrison Ford.
  94. Movie DetailsUrban Legend (1998) 5  Horror
    A decent slasher movie. Pluses: Alicia Witt and Rebecca Gayheart. Big minus: Tara Reid.
  95. Movie DetailsWhat Dreams May Come (1998) 5  Fantasy
    Fantastic visuals and lots of death. Robin Williams tries to track down his wife's soul.
  96. Movie DetailsWild Things (1998) 5  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Neve Campbell and Denise Richards make out in a swimming pool. And other stuff happens.
  97. Movie DetailsYou've Got Mail (1998) 5  Comedy
    I liked this Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan movie better when it was called Sleepless in Seattle.

  99. Movie Details54 (1998) CRAP  With Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    A story about famous 1970s disco nightclub Studio 54, starring Ryan Phillippe and Salma Hayek.
  100. Movie DetailsArmageddon (1998) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    A deep-core drilling team pretends to be astronauts in this Jerry Bruckheimer popcorn flick.
  101. Movie DetailsAvengers, The (1998) CRAP  Comic Book/Superhero
    There was nothing Uma Thurman could do to save this ill-fated remake.
  102. Movie DetailsCurve, The (1998) CRAP  ComedyObscure/Rare
    Matthew Lillard and a friend kill their roommate and make it look like a suicide.
  103. Movie DetailsDead Man on Campus (1998) CRAP  Comedy
    Flunking college students Tom Everett Scott and Mark-Paul Gosselaar try to find a suicidal roommate.
  104. Movie DetailsDeep Rising (1998) CRAP  HorrorSci-Fi
    A giant squid attacks a luxurious cruise ship. At least jewel-thief Famke Janssen doesn't suck.
  105. Movie DetailsDirty Work (1998) CRAP  Comedy
    In desperate need of money, Norm MacDonald opens a revenge-for-hire service. Worthless unfunny slapstick.
  106. Movie DetailsFalling Sky (1998) CRAP  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Depressing movie set in Las Vegas about alcoholic mother Karen Allen and daughter Brittany Murphy.
  107. Movie DetailsGodzilla (1998) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    A giant Japanese-inspired, American-ruined CGI spectacle of capitalistic entertainment.
  108. Movie DetailsHalf Baked (1998) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Get me an avocado, an ice pick, and my snorkel. I've made bongs with less.
  109. Movie DetailsHard Rain (1998) CRAP  
    I could not suspend my disbelief. This flood-ravaged trainwreck of a thriller stars Morgan Freeman.
  110. Movie DetailsHush (1998) CRAP  Obscure/Rare
    Mother-in-law Jessica Lange is batshit crazy. Pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow should be afraid, very afraid.
  111. Movie DetailsI Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) CRAP  Horror
    Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts and Freddie Prinze Jr. are back in this gory slasher sequel.
  112. Movie DetailsLost in Space (1998) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    Danger Will Robinson! You are Earth's only hope. But your space movie sucks, a lot.
  113. Movie DetailsMercury Rising (1998) CRAP  
    FBI agent Bruce Willis protects an autistic boy who has deciphered a sophisticated cryptographic system.
  114. Movie DetailsPatch Adams (1998) CRAP  ComedyDocumentary/True
    Robin Williams stars in this emotionally manipulative story about the power of laughter as medicine.
  115. Movie DetailsSpecies II (1998) CRAP  HorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    American astronauts land on Mars. Even Natasha Henstridge's nudity can't redeem this lame sci-fi bloodbath.
  116. Movie DetailsSphere (1998) CRAP  HorrorSci-Fi
    An underwater sci-fi thriller with Dustin Hoffman and Samuel L. Jackson that somehow really sucks.
  117. Movie DetailsVery Bad Things (1998) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    A dark comedy about the consequences of a prostitute's death during a Vegas bachelor party.
  118. Movie DetailsWaterboy, The (1998) CRAP  ComedySport
    Frustrated waterboy Adam Sandler shows a talent for tackling football players in this dumb movie.

  119. Statistical ratings distribution of these 112 films (7% of total rated films):
    With enough films included, it usually approximates a bell curve with a mean near 6.5...
    (especially when considering that CRAP is 0-4 combined).
    Average rating for these 112 films: 6.2.








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