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  1. Movie DetailsA.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) 10  Mind-blowingSci-FiI own on DVD
    A futuristic adaptation of the tale of Pinocchio, using intelligent robots with real feelings.
  2. Movie DetailsAmélie (2001) 10  ComedyWith Sex/NudityI own on DVD
    Shy French waitress Amélie decides to be a regular do-gooder and accidentally falls in love.
  3. Movie DetailsBeing John Malkovich (1999) 10  ComedyFantasyMind-blowingFilmometer Best Film of the Year
    Spike Jonze directs puppeteer John Cusack who discovers a portal into John Malkovich's mind.
  4. Movie DetailsCelebration, The (1998) 10  
    This Dogme 95 film, set on a grandfather's 60th birthday, spirals into forbidden family territory.
  5. Movie DetailsDark City (1998) 10  ConspiracyFantasyMind-blowingSci-FiWith Sex/NudityI own on DVD
    Rufus Sewell struggles to recover his memories in a nightmarish world run by telekinetic beings.
  6. Movie DetailsEraserhead 2000 (2001) 10  FantasyHorrorMind-blowingI own on DVD
    David Lynch's restored first feature film. A nightmarish 1977 masterpiece of grotesque, eerie postindustrial life.
  7. Movie DetailsFast, Cheap & Out of Control (1997) 10  Obscure/RareDocumentary/True
    A documentary about an elderly topiary gardener, a retired lion tamer and a robotics designer.
  8. Movie DetailsFear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) 10  ComedySportDocumentary/TrueI own on DVD
    As your attorney, I advise you watch Johnny Depp as gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.
  9. Movie DetailsFight Club (1999) 10  Mind-blowingWith Sex/NudityI own on DVD
    This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. Edward Norton stars.
  10. Movie DetailsGhost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999) 10  I own on DVD
    Forest Whitaker lives on a New York rooftop, with pigeons, and follows the Samurai code.
  11. Movie DetailsGhost World (2001) 10  ComedyComic Book/SuperheroI own on DVD
    A witty appraisal of America during the summer following Thora Birch's high school graduation.
  12. Movie DetailsHappy Accidents (2000) 10  ComedyMind-blowingObscure/RareSci-FiI own on DVD
    Marisa Tomei wonders if her boyfriend Vincent D'Onofrio is really a time-traveler, or just delusional.
  13. Movie DetailsIn the Mood for Love (2001) 10  
    Kar-Wai Wong's masterpiece of romantic longing and restraint that dissolves like cigarette smoke against silk.
  14. Movie DetailsLost Highway (1997) 10  HorrorMind-blowingWith Sex/NudityI own on DVDFilmometer Best Film of the Year
    David Lynch's brilliant cinematic Möbius strip of paranoia, adultery, murder, and Freudian psychology.
  15. Movie DetailsMemento (2000) 10  Mind-blowingI own on DVD
    A man with no short-term memory uses tattooed notes to hunt down his wife's killer.
  16. Movie DetailsMulholland Drive (2001) 10  ConspiracyMind-blowingWith Sex/NudityI own on DVD
    David Lynch directs a dark Hollywood conspiracy about the psychosis of becoming someone else.
  17. Movie DetailsPi (1998) 10  ConspiracyMind-blowingSci-FiI own on DVDFilmometer Best Film of the Year
    A paranoid mathematician searches for a number to unlock the universal patterns found in nature.
  18. Movie DetailsRosetta (2000) 10  Obscure/RareI own on DVD
    The Dardenne Brothers' Dogme 95 film. Young Rosetta will do anything to maintain a job.
  19. Movie DetailsSpirited Away (2001) 10  AnimationFantasyI own on DVDFilmometer Best Film of the Year
    Miyazaki animates an alternate nighttime universe of Japanese gods and spirits.
  20. Movie DetailsSweet Hereafter, The (1997) 10  
    Poignant tale about the redemption of a small town after a tragic school bus accident.
  21. Movie DetailsYou Can Count on Me (2000) 10  I own on DVDFilmometer Best Film of the Year
    Drifter Mark Ruffalo reunites with sister Laura Linney in their childhood hometown.

  23. Movie DetailsAmerican Beauty (1999) 9  With Sex/NudityAcademy Awards Winner for Best Picture
    A dark drama of suburban picket-fence depression and frustration. Stars Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening.
  24. Movie DetailsAmerican Movie (1999) 9  ComedyDocumentary/True
    A hilarious documentary about an amateur filmmaker struggling to produce his latest horror film.
  25. Movie DetailsAmores perros (2000) 9  With Sex/Nudity
    Three interconnected stories about life in Mexico City are resolved with a fatal car accident.
  26. Movie DetailsApostle, The (1997) 9  
    Robert Duvall stars as a Texas preacher who changes his name and flees to Louisiana.
  27. Movie DetailsAs Good as It Gets (1997) 9  Comedy
    Come on in, and try not to ruin everything by being you. Jack Nicholson stars.
  28. Movie DetailsBringing Out the Dead (1999) 9  
    Nicolas Cage is a burned-out paramedic haunted by visions of people he's tried to save.
  29. Movie DetailsChicken Run (2000) 9  AnimationComedy
    Aardman Animations presents a comedy escape drama on a sinister chicken farm in 1950s England.
  30. Movie DetailsChildren of Heaven (1999) 9  
    When Ali loses his sister's shoes, the two share to avoid getting in trouble. Heartwarming.
  31. Movie DetailsContact (1997) 9  Sci-FiI own on DVD
    Jodie Foster stars in this Carl Sagan story about the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life.
  32. Movie DetailsCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) 9  Fantasy
    The disappearance of a magical jade sword spurs a breathtaking quest for the missing treasure.
  33. Movie DetailsCube (1998) 9  HorrorMind-blowingSci-Fi
    Seven complete strangers awaken one day in a cubical Kafkaesque maze filled with deadly traps.
  34. Movie DetailsDark Days (2000) 9  Obscure/RareDocumentary/True
    A cinematic portrait of the homeless population living permanently in New York City's underground tunnels.
  35. Movie DetailsDonnie Darko (2001) 9  Mind-blowingSci-Fi
    A complex chain of events determine the fate of a teenager and a giant bunny-rabbit.
  36. Movie DetailsDreamlife of Angels, The (1998) 9  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    In France, two penniless young women with few prospects become friends and share a flat.
  37. Movie DetailseXistenZ (1999) 9  ConspiracyMind-blowingSci-FiI own on DVD
    Game designer Jennifer Jason Leigh creates a virtual-reality experience indistinguishable from real life.
  38. Movie DetailsEyes Wide Shut (1999) 9  With Sex/Nudity
    A dangerous odyssey of sexual and moral discovery starring Kidman and Cruise. Kubrick's last film.
  39. Movie DetailsFallen Angels (1998) 9  
    Kar-Wai Wong directs the story of a professional killer in a surreal Hong Kong nightscape.
  40. Movie DetailsFollowing (1998) 9  I own on DVD
    A dark thriller by Christopher Nolan about a young writer who follows strangers around London.
  41. Movie DetailsGattaca (1997) 9  Sci-Fi
    In a sterile, genetically-enhanced world, Ethan Hawke was born naturally, with dreams of space travel.
  42. Movie DetailsGo (1999) 9  ComedyWith Sex/NudityI own on DVD
    Three different comedic perspectives on a botched drug deal. Set in L.A. and Las Vegas.
  43. Movie DetailsGosford Park (2001) 9  Comedy
    In 1932 England, this Robert Altman drama explores multiple storylines of party guests and servants.
  44. Movie DetailsHappy Together (1999) 9  
    Gay lovers from Hong Kong visit Argentina and their relationship shatters. Stylish Kar-Wai Wong poem.
  45. Movie DetailsHigh Fidelity (2000) 9  ComedyMusical/MusicWith Sex/Nudity
    John Cusack, a record store owner and compulsive list-maker, recounts his top five relationship breakups.
  46. Movie DetailsIce Storm, The (1997) 9  
    An ice storm hits 1973 suburban Connecticut as middle-class families shatter social taboos through experimentation.
  47. Movie DetailsIn the Company of Men (1997) 9  
    Two businessmen decide to find, romance, and dump a vulnerable woman in this black comedy.
  48. Movie DetailsIncredible Adventures of Wallace & Gromit, The (2001) 9  AnimationComedy
    Aardman Animations presents the first three Wallace & Gromit short films. Cracking toast, Gromit!
  49. Movie DetailsL.A. Confidential (1997) 9  ConspiracyWith Sex/Nudity
    A film of police corruption, tabloid journalism and Hollywood sleaze, set in 1950s Los Angeles.
  50. Movie DetailsLast Night (1998) 9  Obscure/RareSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    There are six hours until the end of the world. What would you do?
  51. Movie DetailsLimbo (1999) 9  Obscure/Rare
    A film set in Alaska's wilderness about people living in limbo. There is no ending.
  52. Movie DetailsLittle Otik (2001) 9  AnimationComedyFantasyHorrorObscure/Rare
    A fantastically disturbing Czech fairytale about parenthood. It's conventionally structured for a Svankmajer film.
  53. Movie DetailsLive Flesh (1997) 9  With Sex/NudityI own on DVD
    Javier Bardem seeks revenge against the people he feels were responsible for his imprisonment.
  54. Movie DetailsMagnolia (1999) 9  With Sex/Nudity
    A study of nine interconnected lives and random events one day in San Fernando Valley.
  55. Movie DetailsMatrix, The (1999) 9  Mind-blowingSci-Fi
    Déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.
  56. Movie DetailsMeeting People Is Easy (1999) 9  Musical/MusicObscure/RareDocumentary/TrueI own on DVD
    A documentary about the band Radiohead. An OK Computer travelogue of the disorientation of touring.
  57. Movie DetailsMifune (1999) 9  Comedy
    A newlywed businessman returns home to care for his brother in this Dogme 95 film.
  58. Movie DetailsMillennium Actress (2001) 9  AnimationComedyFantasyObscure/Rare
    This animated epic blurs the distinction between film, history and memory. There are many truths.
  59. Movie DetailsNo Man's Land (2001) 9  Documentary/True
    During the war between Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993, two opposing soldiers become stranded together.
  60. Movie DetailsO Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) 9  ComedyMusical/Music
    The Coen Brothers present Homer's Odyssey, set in the 1930s Deep South, starring George Clooney.
  61. Movie DetailsOffice Space (1999) 9  ComedyI own on DVD
    I'm going to have to go ahead and ask you to come in on Sunday.
  62. Movie DetailsOpen Your Eyes (1999) 9  HorrorMind-blowingSci-FiWith Sex/NudityI own on DVD
    The brilliant Amenábar film, starring Penélope Cruz, that Tom Cruise turned into Vanilla Sky.
  63. Movie DetailsOthers, The (2001) 9  FantasyHorrorMind-blowing
    Nicole Kidman lives in a darkened and haunted old house with her two photosensitive children.
  64. Movie DetailsPrincess Mononoke (1997) 9  AnimationFantasy
    Miyazaki presents a mythological tale of civilization encroaching on the beast gods of the forest.
  65. Movie DetailsPromesse, La (1997) 9  Obscure/Rare
    A gritty, thoughtful portrayal of the illegal immigrant situation in Belgium by the Dardenne Brothers.
  66. Movie DetailsRed Violin, The (1998) 9  Musical/MusicWith Sex/Nudity
    A red violin makes its way through three centuries over several owners and countries.
  67. Movie DetailsRequiem for a Dream (2000) 9  HorrorMind-blowingWith Sex/Nudity
    Purple in the morning, blue in the afternoon, and orange in the evening.
  68. Movie DetailsRoyal Tenenbaums, The (2001) 9  ComedyI own on DVD
    Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson present a dysfunctional family reunion of former child prodigies.
  69. Movie DetailsRun Lola Run (1998) 9  AnimationI own on DVD
    A kinetic race against the clock in which small decisions domino into riches, or death.
  70. Movie DetailsRushmore (1998) 9  Comedy
    Wes Anderson's hilarious follow-up to Bottle Rocket, starring prep-schooler Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray.
  71. Movie DetailsSixth Sense, The (1999) 9  ConspiracyMind-blowing
    Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment star. I see dead people.
  72. Movie DetailsSongs from the Second Floor (2000) 9  Comedy
    A Roy Andersson film that stimulates thought, encourages people to question things, and invites reflection.
  73. Movie DetailsStraight Story, The (1999) 9  Documentary/True
    A David Lynch and Disney anomaly. An old man rides his tractor across the Midwest.
  74. Movie DetailsTape (2001) 9  
    Richard Linklater presents Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman dissecting high school memories in a motel.
  75. Movie DetailsThree Kings (1999) 9  ComedyDocumentary/True
    The Gulf War aftermath, stolen Iraqi gold, skeet-shooting with Nerf footballs, and George Clooney. Fantastic.
  76. Movie DetailsTitanic (1997) 9  With Sex/NudityAcademy Awards Winner for Best Picture
    Romantic tale of a rich girl and poor boy who meet on the 'unsinkable' ship.
  77. Movie DetailsTruman Show, The (1998) 9  Mind-blowingSci-Fi
    Insurance salesman Jim Carrey discovers his entire life is actually a TV show.
  78. Movie DetailsVirgin Suicides, The (1999) 9  
    Lives in an affluent American suburb in the 1970s are forever changed by five sisters.
  79. Movie DetailsWaking Life (2001) 9  AnimationFantasyMind-blowing
    Richard Linklater presents a uniquely animated universe that explores dream life and real life.
  80. Movie DetailsWinged Migration (2001) 9  Documentary/True
    Documentary on the migratory patterns of birds, shot over three years on all seven continents.
  81. Movie DetailsWonder Boys (2000) 9  Comedy
    English professor Michael Douglas gets caught up in misadventure while trying to finish his novel.
  82. Movie DetailsY tu mamá también (2001) 9  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    In Mexico, two teenage boys and an attractive older woman embark on a road trip.
  83. Movie DetailsYi yi (2000) 9  
    The meaning of life explored through portraits of individual members of a Taiwanese family.

  85. Movie Details12 Angry Men (1997) 8  TV Shows
    Excellent made-for-TV remake of the 1957 classic, starring George C. Scott and Jack Lemmon.
  86. Movie DetailsAll About My Mother (1999) 8  
    The story of a mother recovering from the death of her teenage son through travel.
  87. Movie DetailsAlmost Famous (2000) 8  Musical/MusicWith Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    A high-school boy is given the opportunity to write about a rising 1970s rock band.
  88. Movie DetailsAmerican History X (1998) 8  
    There's nothing like neo-Nazi skinhead Edward Norton shattering your teeth against a concrete curb.
  89. Movie DetailsBefore Night Falls (2000) 8  Documentary/True
    A portrait of the life of Cuban author and exile Reinaldo Arenas, starring Javier Bardem.
  90. Movie DetailsBest in Show (2000) 8  Comedy
    Christopher Guest presents a colorful array of dog owners competing at a national dog show.
  91. Movie DetailsBig Lebowski, The (1998) 8  Comedy
    Comedy about a pothead bowler who is mistaken for a deadbeat philanthropist. Stars John Goodman.
  92. Movie DetailsBlair Witch Project, The (1999) 8  Horror
    In 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in a Maryland forest while researching a local legend.
  93. Movie DetailsBoogie Nights (1997) 8  With Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    About the Los Angeles pornography industry of the 1970s and 1980s. Heather Graham is Rollergirl.
  94. Movie DetailsBuena Vista Social Club (1999) 8  Musical/MusicDocumentary/True
    A documentary about aging and legendary Cuban musicians, brought out of retirement by Ry Cooder.
  95. Movie DetailsBug's Life, A (1998) 8  AnimationComedy
    A misfit ant, looking to save his colony from grasshoppers, recruits some inept circus bugs.
  96. Movie DetailsCell, The (2000) 8  FantasyHorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    Psychotherapist Jennifer Lopez journeys inside a comatose serial killer's mind, hoping to recover information. Graphic.
  97. Movie DetailsCentral Station (1998) 8  
    A woman who writes letters for illiterate people meets a boy whose mother has died.
  98. Movie DetailsChasing Amy (1997) 8  Comedy
    Two friends find success as creators of a hit comic book. Then they meet her.
  99. Movie DetailsCider House Rules, The (1999) 8  
    Tobey Maguire, raised in an orphanage and trained to be a doctor, explores the world.
  100. Movie DetailsDancer in the Dark (2000) 8  FantasyMusical/Music
    Björk arrives in America with her son, expecting life to be like a Hollywood film.
  101. Movie DetailsDeconstructing Harry (1997) 8  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Between air conditioning and the Pope, I choose air conditioning. A Woody Allen movie.
  102. Movie DetailsDevil's Backbone, The (2001) 8  FantasyHorror
    An unsettling ghost story set in a Catholic orphanage during the Spanish Civil War.
  103. Movie DetailsElection (1999) 8  Comedy
    Obnoxious overachiever Reese Witherspoon is running for student body president. Cue vindictive teacher Matthew Broderick.
  104. Movie DetailsFireworks (1998) 8  
    Takeshi Kitano presents a movie based on consequences and states of mind rather than action.
  105. Movie DetailsGood Will Hunting (1997) 8  
    Troubled MIT janitor Matt Damon is a gifted mathematician. Can he turn his life around?
  106. Movie DetailsGummo (1997) 8  With Sex/Nudity
    A disturbing, plotless tale of freakshow characters living in tornado-ravaged poverty, by Harmony Korine.
  107. Movie DetailsHilary and Jackie (1998) 8  Musical/MusicDocumentary/True
    About the brilliant concert cellist Jacqueline du Pre, from the perspective of her sister Hilary.
  108. Movie DetailsHire Film Series Vol. 1, The (2001) 8  Obscure/RareI own on DVD
    Five short BMW-commissioned films starring Clive Owen. Directors include Kar-Wai Wong and Ang Lee.
  109. Movie DetailsHole, The (2001) 8  ConspiracyHorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    British psychological thriller featuring teenagers in a bomb shelter. Stars Thora Birch and Keira Knightley.
  110. Movie DetailsIn the Bedroom (2001) 8  Conspiracy
    Tragic story about a couple's only son who falls in love with a single mother.
  111. Movie DetailsInherit the Wind (1999) 8  Obscure/RareTV Shows
    Like 12 Angry Men, another excellent made-for-TV remake starring Jack Lemmon and George C. Scott.
  112. Movie DetailsInsider, The (1999) 8  ConspiracyDocumentary/True
    Based on a true story about malpractices in the tobacco industry and powerful Big Tobacco.
  113. Movie DetailsIron Giant, The (1999) 8  AnimationSci-Fi
    A boy makes friends with a giant alien robot that the government wants to destroy.
  114. Movie DetailsJulien Donkey-Boy (1999) 8  Obscure/RareI own on DVD
    A Dogme 95 video-art exercise about the effects of schizophrenia on family life. Poetic desperation.
  115. Movie DetailsK-PAX (2001) 8  FantasyMind-blowingSci-Fi
    Kevin Spacey is either extraterrestrial or delusional. And he eats a banana without peeling it.
  116. Movie DetailsKikujiro (1999) 8  Comedy
    Takeshi Kitano explores the unlikely bond between a brash, loudmouthed adult and a nine-year-old boy.
  117. Movie DetailsKundun (1997) 8  Documentary/True
    Martin Scorsese directs the true story of Tibet's 14th Dalai Lama, from childhood to exile.
  118. Movie DetailsLantana (2001) 8  With Sex/Nudity
    An Australia-set mystery that examines the stories of four married couples and a murdered woman.
  119. Movie DetailsLife is Beautiful (1998) 8  Comedy
    Jewish man Roberto Benigni uses humor to protect his son in a Nazi death camp.
  120. Movie DetailsLittle Thief, The (1999) 8  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    A young man from the French countryside moves to the city to find a job.
  121. Movie DetailsLock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) 8  ComedyWith Sex/NuditySport
    Four Cockney men pool their money for an illegal high-stakes card game, with unpleasant results.
  122. Movie DetailsLord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The (2001) 8  Fantasy
    He is passing into the Shadow World. He'll soon become a wraith like them.
  123. Movie DetailsLovers of the Arctic Circle, The (1998) 8  With Sex/Nudity
    A story of circular lives, with circular names, in a circular place. Life is happenstance.
  124. Movie DetailsMan on the Moon (1999) 8  ComedyWith Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    Jim Carrey is eccentric comedian Andy Kaufman, a television star and self-declared intergender wrestling champion.
  125. Movie DetailsMan Who Wasn't There, The (2001) 8  
    Barber Billy Bob Thornton blackmails his wife's boss and lover. Directed by the Coen Brothers.
  126. Movie DetailsMen in Black (1997) 8  ComedySci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones must save the world from an intergalactic terrorist.
  127. Movie DetailsMonsters, Inc. (2001) 8  AnimationComedyConspiracyFantasy
    Pixar presents a bunch of scary monsters who are afraid of being contaminated by children.
  128. Movie DetailsMy Son the Fanatic (1998) 8  ComedyObscure/Rare
    Set in Britain, a Pakistani taxi-driver is attracted to a prostitute. Enter the Islamic fundamentalists.
  129. Movie DetailsNine Queens (2000) 8  
    Two con-artists try to swindle a stamp collector with a sheet of counterfeit rare stamps.
  130. Movie DetailsOctober Sky (1999) 8  Documentary/True
    The true story of Homer Hickam, a coal miner's son who became a rocket scientist.
  131. Movie DetailsOut of Sight (1998) 8  Comedy
    Career bank robber George Clooney breaks out of jail and kidnaps Jennifer Lopez. Sparks fly.
  132. Movie DetailsParagraph 175 (2000) 8  Obscure/RareDocumentary/True
    German historian interviews survivors of Nazi persecution of homosexuals under the Paragraph 175 penal code.
  133. Movie DetailsPleasantville (1998) 8  ComedyFantasy
    Two teenagers find themselves in a 1950s sitcom. Their behavior accidentally transforms their black-and-white suburb.
  134. Movie DetailsPrincess and the Warrior, The (2001) 8  
    Tom Tykwer crafts a stylish fable about psychiatric nurse Franka Potente and a small-time criminal.
  135. Movie DetailsRegret to Inform (1998) 8  Obscure/RareDocumentary/True
    The filmmaker goes on a pilgrimage to the Vietnamese countryside where her husband was killed.
  136. Movie DetailsRonin (1998) 8  
    This mission is to recover a mysterious briefcase. Robert De Niro and Natascha McElhone star.
  137. Movie DetailsSeinfeld - The Complete Series (1998) 8  ComedyTV Shows
    A sitcom about nothing. Starring New York stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his neurotic friends.
  138. Movie DetailsSexy Beast (2000) 8  With Sex/Nudity
    Brutal gangster Ben Kingsley recruits a retired safecracker for one last job. Jonathan Glazer directs.
  139. Movie DetailsShakespeare in Love (1998) 8  ComedyWith Sex/NudityAcademy Awards Winner for Best Picture
    A young Shakespeare meets Gwyneth Paltrow and is inspired to write Romeo and Juliet.
  140. Movie DetailsShower (1999) 8  ComedyObscure/Rare
    A businessman travels home to Beijing after receiving a message that his father has died.
  141. Movie DetailsShrek (2001) 8  AnimationComedyFantasy
    No, not my buttons! Not my gumdrop buttons.
  142. Movie DetailsSimple Plan, A (1998) 8  
    Three people find $4 million in the cockpit of a crashed plane. Keep it secret?
  143. Movie DetailsSix-String Samurai (1998) 8  Musical/MusicObscure/RareSci-FiI own on DVD
    In a post-apocalyptic America, samurai guitarist Buddy Holly journeys to Lost Vegas to become king.
  144. Movie DetailsSmoke Signals (1998) 8  Comedy
    Two young Indian men from an Idaho reservation take a life-changing road trip together. Soulful.
  145. Movie DetailsSnatch. (2000) 8  ComedyWith Sex/NuditySport
    Brad Pitt stars as a gypsy bare-knuckle boxing champion who speaks a hilariously unintelligible dialect.
  146. Movie DetailsStartup.com (2001) 8  Obscure/RareDocumentary/True
    Examines the start-up phenomenon by documenting the existence of new media company govWorks.com.
  147. Movie DetailsStorytelling (2001) 8  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Todd Solondz presents two provocative stories. Prepare to have your politically correct sensibilities violated.
  148. Movie DetailsTao of Steve, The (2000) 8  Comedy
    An underachieving, overweight kindergarten teacher has developed an effective Zen-like system for seducing women.
  149. Movie DetailsThin Red Line, The (1998) 8  Documentary/True
    Terrence Malick presents a remake of the novel about the 1943 Guadalcanal conflict during WWII.
  150. Movie DetailsThirteen Conversations About One Thing (2001) 8  
    Five contemporary stories are woven together, examining the dramatic impact people have on one another.
  151. Movie DetailsThree Seasons (1999) 8  Obscure/Rare
    A languorously beautiful, kind film centered around the lives of three main characters in Vietnam.
  152. Movie DetailsTime Code (2000) 8  Obscure/Rare
    Mike Figgis's innovative film is composed of four simultaneous takes, each occupying a screen quadrant.
  153. Movie DetailsTopsy-Turvy (1999) 8  ComedyMusical/MusicWith Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    After Gilbert and Sullivan's latest play is critically panned, the frustrated team threatens to disband.
  154. Movie DetailsToy Story 2 (1999) 8  AnimationComedyFantasy
    All right, nobody look till I get my cork back in.
  155. Movie DetailsTraffic (2000) 8  
    America's war on drugs, with Michael Douglas and Benicio Del Toro. An unbeatable market force.
  156. Movie DetailsTuvalu (2001) 8  ComedyFantasyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Stunning, whimsical German film with almost no dialogue set in a surreal bathhouse in Bulgaria.
  157. Movie DetailsWag the Dog (1997) 8  ComedyConspiracy
    Before elections, a Washington spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to fabricate a war.
  158. Movie DetailsYour Friends & Neighbors (1998) 8  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Six people play musical beds. Stars Amy Brenneman, Catherine Keener, Nastassja Kinski, and Ben Stiller.
  159. Movie DetailsXiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl (1998) 8  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Explores the Cultural Revolution in China. A young teenage girl is sent to remote lands.

  160. GOOD
  161. Movie DetailsAddicted to Love (1997) 7  Comedy
    Black comedy about jilted lovers starring Meg Ryan as a tough revenge-seeking motorcyclist.
  162. Movie DetailsAimée & Jaguar (1999) 7  Obscure/RareWith Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    Set in 1943 Berlin, a Nazi wife has a love affair with a Jewish lesbian.
  163. Movie DetailsAlien: Resurrection (1997) 7  HorrorSci-Fi
    Part four of the series, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Stars Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder.
  164. Movie DetailsAmistad (1997) 7  Documentary/True
    A somber, mushy American courtroom drama about the mutiny aboard an African slaveship in 1839.
  165. Movie DetailsAngela's Ashes (1999) 7  Documentary/True
    Based on Frank McCourt's autobiography about his childhood in the Limerick slums. Stars Emily Watson.
  166. Movie DetailsAntz (1998) 7  AnimationComedyFantasy
    Woody Allen is a neurotic ant who has become disenfranchised from his totalitarian colony.
  167. Movie DetailsAudition (1999) 7  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    A Japanese widower holds an audition to search for a potential mate, with horrific results.
  168. Movie DetailsAustin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) 7  ComedyMusical/Music
    Sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads! Throw me a bone here!
  169. Movie DetailsBeautiful Mind, A (2001) 7  Documentary/TrueAcademy Awards Winner for Best Picture
    The struggles of a mathematical genius, inspired by the life of John Forbes Nash, Jr.
  170. Movie DetailsBilly Elliot (2000) 7  ComedySport
    A young boy discovers ballet and secretly decides to dance instead of taking boxing lessons.
  171. Movie DetailsBoondock Saints, The (1999) 7  
    Two Irish brothers believe it's God's will for them to rid Boston of evil men.
  172. Movie DetailsBowfinger (1999) 7  Comedy
    Aspiring movie producer Steve Martin attempts to trick Eddie Murphy into starring in his film.
  173. Movie DetailsBoys Don't Cry (1999) 7  With Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    Hilary Swank plays a young man who is actually a woman. Romantic, ugly, and tragic.
  174. Movie DetailsBreakdown (1997) 7  Conspiracy
    Kurt Russell searches for his missing wife after his car breaks down in the desert.
  175. Movie DetailsBuffalo '66 (1998) 7  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Social misfit Vincent Gallo is rescued from emotional peril by Christina Ricci, who he kidnaps.
  176. Movie DetailsCast Away (2000) 7  
    Tom Hanks talks to a volleyball named Wilson, splits coconuts, and successfully makes fire.
  177. Movie DetailsCat's Meow, The (2001) 7  Documentary/True
    Fictionalized story of the Hollywood murder that occurred aboard William Randolph Heart's yacht in 1924.
  178. Movie DetailsConspiracy Theory (1997) 7  Conspiracy
    Paranoid Mel Gibson collects 'The Catcher in the Rye' books and Julia Roberts likes horsies.
  179. Movie DetailsContender, The (2000) 7  
    Joan Allen runs for Vice President. What sexy dirt can we dig up on her?
  180. Movie DetailsCookie's Fortune (1999) 7  Comedy
    The death of a widow in a small Mississippi town leads to mystery. Good-naturedly humorous.
  181. Movie DetailsCowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001) 7  AnimationComedySci-FiTV Shows
    On Mars in the year 2071, the Bebop crew tries to contain a deadly virus.
  182. Movie DetailsCrazy/Beautiful (2001) 7  With Sex/Nudity
    Kirsten Dunst, a rich underachieving teenager with an aversion to shampoo/bras, meets a hardworking Latino.
  183. Movie DetailsDesert Blue (1998) 7  ComedyObscure/Rare
    A struggling roadside town. The world's largest ice cream cone. Christina Ricci blows stuff up.
  184. Movie DetailsDick (1999) 7  ComedyConspiracy
    A clever comedy about how two cheerful teenagers blew the Watergate scandal wide open.
  185. Movie DetailsDogma (1999) 7  ComedyFantasy
    Kevin Smith presents two renegade angels trying to exploit a loophole. Alanis Morissette plays God.
  186. Movie DetailsEast/West (1999) 7  Obscure/RareDocumentary/True
    In 1946, Stalin invited self-exiled Russians to return home, only to execute or imprison them.
  187. Movie DetailsEnemy of the State (1998) 7  Conspiracy
    Will Smith becomes a target after learning of a politically motivated murder. Surveillance and paranoia!
  188. Movie DetailsFairyTale: A True Story (1997) 7  FantasyObscure/RareDocumentary/True
    Two young girls in 1917 take a photograph, believed to confirm the existence of fairies.
  189. Movie DetailsFifth Element, The (1997) 7  Sci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    New York cab driver Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich star in this futuristic action film.
  190. Movie DetailsFrom Hell (2001) 7  ConspiracyHorrorWith Sex/NudityComic Book/SuperheroDocumentary/True
    A stylized whodunit set in Victorian Era London, starring clairvoyant police detective Johnny Depp.
  191. Movie DetailsFull Monty, The (1997) 7  Comedy
    Six unemployed steel workers form a male striptease act. Anti-fat-bastard cream there is not.
  192. Movie DetailsGalaxy Quest (1999) 7  ComedySci-Fi
    A funny parody of Star Trek-style sci-fi television shows, starring Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver.
  193. Movie DetailsGame, The (1997) 7  Conspiracy
    Wealthy financier Michael Douglas gets involved in a live-action game without rules. A puzzle thriller.
  194. Movie DetailsGia (1998) 7  With Sex/NudityDocumentary/TrueTV Shows
    Frequently naked Angelina Jolie is Gia Carangi, a top fashion model from the late 1970s.
  195. Movie DetailsGift, The (2000) 7  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Cate Blanchett has ESP and Katie Holmes flails about while topless. Thought you should know.
  196. Movie DetailsGirlfight (2000) 7  Sport
    Quick-tempered Michelle Rodriguez secretly trains as a boxer. She achieves remarkable success and finds love.
  197. Movie DetailsGods and Monsters (1998) 7  Documentary/True
    Explores the last days of Frankenstein director James Whale, starring Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser.
  198. Movie DetailsGreen Mile, The (1999) 7  Fantasy
    Death row guard Tom Hanks observes intelligent mice and the healing power of a prisoner.
  199. Movie DetailsGrosse Pointe Blank (1997) 7  Comedy
    Professional assassin John Cusack attends his ten-year high school reunion party. Also starring Minnie Driver.
  200. Movie DetailsHamlet (2000) 7  
    An update of the Shakespeare play, set in New York in 2000, starring Ethan Hawke.
  201. Movie DetailsHappenstance (2000) 7  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    A subtle twist of fate can affect the lives of total strangers. Stars Audrey Tautou.
  202. Movie DetailsHappy Times (2001) 7  ComedyObscure/Rare
    A bittersweet comedy about a poor, aging bachelor who hasn't had luck in love.
  203. Movie DetailsHe Died with a Felafel in His Hand (2001) 7  ComedyObscure/Rare
    Darkly humorous series of vignettes of shared-housing experiences across Australia. A search for meaning.
  204. Movie DetailsHercules (1997) 7  AnimationComedyMusical/Music
    Disney movie about the son of Zeus who becomes a hero to reclaim his immortality.
  205. Movie DetailsHi-Line, The (2000) 7  Obscure/Rare
    Set in rural Montana, this thoughtful character drama stars a young naïve Rachael Leigh Cook.
  206. Movie DetailsHigh Art (1998) 7  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Explores the romance between photo editor Radha Mitchell and heroin-addicted photographer Ally Sheedy.
  207. Movie DetailsHorse Whisperer, The (1998) 7  
    After a tragic accident, Kristin Scott Thomas enlists the help of mystical horse-healer Robert Redford.
  208. Movie DetailsHuman Traffic (1999) 7  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Follows a group of sex-obsessed British clubgoers. It's something like Trainspotting for the rave scene.
  209. Movie DetailsHurricane, The (1999) 7  SportDocumentary/True
    The story of Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, a boxer wrongly imprisoned for murder, starring Denzel Washington.
  210. Movie DetailsIdiots, The (1998) 7  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Lars von Trier's provocative Dogme 95 film about Danish adults pretending to be mentally challenged.
  211. Movie DetailsJay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) 7  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Includes many self-deprecating parodies of Hollywood stars as the stoned duo head out to California.
  212. Movie DetailsL.I.E. (2001) 7  
    Explores the questionable friendship between a troubled Long Island boy and a much older man.
  213. Movie DetailsLawn Dogs (1998) 7  FantasyWith Sex/Nudity
    Ten-year-old Mischa Barton befriends the lawn cutter, a fellow outsider, in an upscale gated community.
  214. Movie DetailsLiar Liar (1997) 7  ComedyFantasy
    His disappointed son's birthday wish renders lawyer Jim Carrey incapable of lying for 24 hours.
  215. Movie DetailsLife is to Whistle (1998) 7  Obscure/Rare
    Three characters in present-day Havana must choose between their self-restricting beliefs or living more freely.
  216. Movie DetailsLife Less Ordinary, A (1997) 7  ComedyFantasy
    Cleaning man Ewan McGregor takes Cameron Diaz hostage after being fired. Heaven offers romantic help.
  217. Movie DetailsLimey, The (1999) 7  
    A dangerous English ex-con travels to Los Angeles to avenge his daughter's death.
  218. Movie DetailsMalèna (2001) 7  With Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    In WWII Italy, Monica Bellucci provokes sensual awakenings in adolescent boys and scorn from townsfolk.
  219. Movie DetailsMexican, The (2001) 7  Comedy
    El Camino! El truck-o. This comedy stars Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. Now you're blameshifting!
  220. Movie DetailsMimic (1997) 7  HorrorSci-Fi
    Mutant cockroaches evolve into creatures able to mimic and destroy their predators. Stars Mira Sorvino.
  221. Movie DetailsMinus Man, The (1999) 7  Obscure/Rare
    Inconspicuous serial killer Owen Wilson drifts into a quaint coastal town looking to start over.
  222. Movie DetailsMonster's Ball (2001) 7  With Sex/Nudity
    Prison guard Billy Bob Thornton reexamines his racist attitudes with naked Halle Berry.
  223. Movie DetailsMoulin Rouge! (2001) 7  Musical/Music
    Baz Luhrmann musical starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor in Paris. 'Cause we can cancan!
  224. Movie DetailsMulan (1998) 7  AnimationComedyMusical/Music
    A girl secretly joins the Chinese army disguised as a man and becomes a hero.
  225. Movie DetailsNegotiator, The (1998) 7  Conspiracy
    Police negotiator Samuel L. Jackson has been framed. Can negotiator Kevin Spacey save his life?
  226. Movie DetailsNot One Less (1999) 7  Obscure/Rare
    A very determined girl is left in charge of a mountain village school in China.
  227. Movie DetailsNotting Hill (1999) 7  Comedy
    Romance blooms between American celebrity Julia Roberts and unassuming British bookstore owner Hugh Grant.
  228. Movie DetailsOcean's Eleven (2001) 7  ComedySport
    A collection of big-name celebrities target three Las Vegas casinos for a multimillion dollar heist.
  229. Movie DetailsPitch Black (2000) 7  HorrorSci-Fi
    Marooned space travelers struggle to survive on a deserted, sun-scorched world. Vin Diesel is Riddick.
  230. Movie DetailsPlaying by Heart (1998) 7  Comedy
    Parallel stories of eleven Los Angeles characters converge, with an all-star cast including Angelina Jolie.
  231. Movie DetailsPollock (2000) 7  Documentary/True
    The life, career, and artistic techniques of American painter Jackson Pollock, played by Ed Harris.
  232. Movie DetailsQuills (2000) 7  HorrorWith Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    A Napoleonic era asylum confines the pleasure-seeking Marquis de Sade, with laundry maid Kate Winslet.
  233. Movie DetailsRainmaker, The (1997) 7  
    Young lawyer Matt Damon and Danny DeVito star in another freakin' adapted John Grisham novel.
  234. Movie DetailsReturn to Paradise (1998) 7  
    Two friends decide whether to help a third friend arrested in Malaysia for drug possession.
  235. Movie DetailsRoad Home, The (1999) 7  
    After his father's death, a Chinese businessman recalls the story of how his parents met.
  236. Movie DetailsRomance (1999) 7  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    A young French woman embarks on an escalating sexual journey, testing her emotional limits.
  237. Movie DetailsRounders (1998) 7  With Sex/NuditySport
    Reformed gambler Matt Damon must return to playing big stakes poker to save Edward Norton.
  238. Movie DetailsSaving Private Ryan (1998) 7  Documentary/True
    During WWII, three brothers are killed. The Army tries to save the sole surviving brother.
  239. Movie DetailsSeven Years in Tibet (1997) 7  Documentary/True
    Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountain climber, becomes friends with the Dalai Lama. A true story.
  240. Movie DetailsShadow of the Vampire (2000) 7  HorrorDocumentary/True
    This amusing cannibalization of cinematic history muddles Max Schreck's convincing turn as vampire Count Orlok.
  241. Movie DetailsSLC Punk (1999) 7  ComedyMusical/Music
    In 1985, Matthew Lillard is one of two dedicated punks in conservative Salt Lake City.
  242. Movie DetailsSleepy Hollow (1999) 7  FantasyHorror
    Constable Icabod Crane is sent to a village to investigate murders by a headless horseman.
  243. Movie DetailsSliding Doors (1998) 7  
    Parallel story lines explore fate and how simple moments change our lives. Stars Gwyneth Paltrow.
  244. Movie DetailsSmall Time Crooks (2000) 7  Comedy
    Woody Allen's cookie store business becomes a success, though it was a cover for robbery.
  245. Movie DetailsSnow Falling on Cedars (1999) 7  
    Newspaperman Ethan Hawke figures into the murder trial of a Japanese-American in the post-WWII 1950s.
  246. Movie DetailsSouth Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999) 7  AnimationComedyMusical/MusicTV Shows
    I'm sorry I can't help myself. That movie has warped my fragile little mind.
  247. Movie DetailsStir of Echoes (1999) 7  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    After being hypnotized at a party, Kevin Bacon begins seeing haunting visions of a ghost.
  248. Movie DetailsSuicide Kings (1997) 7  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Ex-mob boss Christopher Walken is kidnapped by four young men attempting to pay a ransom.
  249. Movie DetailsSummer of Sam (1999) 7  Documentary/True
    Spike Lee explores the Son of Sam murders in a South Bronx neighborhood during 1977.
  250. Movie DetailsSunshine (1999) 7  ConspiracyWith Sex/Nudity
    Follows the fate of a Hungarian Jewish family through three generations in the 20th century.
  251. Movie DetailsSweet and Lowdown (1999) 7  ComedyMusical/Music
    The life of a fictional jazz guitarist, starring Sean Penn, Samantha Morton, and Uma Thurman.
  252. Movie DetailsTalented Mr. Ripley, The (1999) 7  
    In the 1950s, Matt Damon is sent to Europe to retrieve millionaire playboy Jude Law.
  253. Movie DetailsThomas Crown Affair, The (1999) 7  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Millionaire playboy Pierce Brosnan amuses himself by stealing artwork. Enter sexy insurance investigator Rene Russo.
  254. Movie DetailsThere's Something About Mary (1998) 7  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    The Farrelly Brothers present a gross-out romantic comedy starring good-natured Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller.
  255. Movie DetailsTwilight of the Ice Nymphs (1998) 7  FantasyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Jewel-toned, deadpan absurdity from the inimitable Guy Maddin. A kitschy, disorienting fantasy of frustrated desires.
  256. Movie DetailsU Turn (1997) 7  With Sex/Nudity
    Drifter Sean Penn becomes entangled with femme fatale Jennifer Lopez after his car breaks down.
  257. Movie DetailsUnbreakable (2000) 7  FantasyMind-blowingComic Book/Superhero
    A mystery thriller about unrealized supernatural powers. Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson star.
  258. Movie DetailsVa Savoir (2001) 7  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    This romantic comedy follows three men and three women as their lives intersect in Paris.
  259. Movie DetailsWaiting for Guffman (1997) 7  ComedyMusical/Music
    Christopher Guest plays a flamboyant off-Broadway director trying to bring some showbiz to small-town Missouri.
  260. Movie DetailsWaking Ned Devine (1998) 7  Comedy
    When a lottery winner dies of shock, his fellow townsfolk attempt to claim the money.
  261. Movie DetailsWerckmeister Harmonies (2001) 7  HorrorObscure/Rare
    Darkness descends. A bleak, mysterious and meditative art film. It's also cryptic, tedious and pretentious.
  262. Movie DetailsWild Man Blues (1997) 7  Musical/MusicObscure/RareDocumentary/True
    A documentary about Woody Allen's life as he tours with his New Orleans jazz band.
  263. Movie DetailsX-Files: Fight the Future, The (1998) 7  ConspiracyHorrorSci-FiTV Shows
    David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson must fight the government in a conspiracy about alien colonization.
  264. Movie DetailsX-Men (2000) 7  ConspiracyFantasySci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    The superheroes from a private academy for mutants must oppose a powerful mutant terrorist organization.
  265. Movie DetailsZero Effect (1998) 7  Comedy
    Bill Pullman is private investigator Daryl Zero, a paranoid genius investigating blackmail. One-liners abound.

  266. FAIR
  267. Movie Details10 Things I Hate About You (1999) 6  Comedy
    The Taming of the Shrew, set in a modern high school, starring Julia Stiles.
  268. Movie DetailsAbsolute Power (1997) 6  Conspiracy
    Career thief Clint Eastwood witnesses a horrific crime involving ruthless U.S. President Gene Hackman.
  269. Movie DetailsAir Force One (1997) 6  
    When Russian neo-nationalists hijack Air Force One, President Harrison Ford chooses between family and country.
  270. Movie DetailsAlice in Wonderland (1999) 6  FantasyObscure/RareTV Shows
    A made-for-TV, family-friendly version with a cast of Hollywood all stars. It's hardly worth watching.
  271. Movie DetailsAmerican Pie (1999) 6  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Four teenage boys enter a pact to lose their virginity by prom night.
  272. Movie DetailsAmerican Psycho (2000) 6  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Christian Bale is a wealthy serial-killer hobbyist with a passion for weapons of human mutilation.
  273. Movie DetailsAny Given Sunday (1999) 6  With Sex/NuditySport
    Oliver Stone explores the world of professional football. Look for the eyeball on the field.
  274. Movie DetailsAnywhere But Here (1999) 6  Comedy
    Susan Sarandon and daughter Natalie Portman try to start a new life in Beverly Hills.
  275. Movie DetailsArlington Road (1999) 6  Conspiracy
    Widowed professor Jeff Bridges begins to suspect that his neighbor Tim Robbins is a terrorist.
  276. Movie DetailsAustin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) 6  ComedyFantasy
    Mini-me, we do not gnaw on the kitty. Just pet him, stroke him, love him.
  277. Movie DetailsBandits (2001) 6  Comedy
    Two bank robbers fall in love with Cate Blanchett, the bored housewife they've taken hostage.
  278. Movie DetailsBesieged (1998) 6  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Housekeeper Thandie Newton goes into exile in Italy after her African husband is jailed.
  279. Movie DetailsBest Man, The (1999) 6  ComedyObscure/Rare
    A marriage causes a reunion of college friends. Taye Diggs and Nia Long star.
  280. Movie DetailsBig Daddy (1999) 6  Comedy
    Would-be lawyer Adam Sandler adopts a six-year-old boy, hoping to win Joey Lauren Adams back.
  281. Movie DetailsBlood: The Last Vampire (2001) 6  AnimationHorrorObscure/Rare
    A vampire horror anime set in 1966 on a U.S. Air Force base in Japan.
  282. Movie DetailsBlow (2001) 6  With Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    Johnny Depp plays George Jung, who established the American cocaine market in the 1970s.
  283. Movie DetailsBoiler Room (2000) 6  Sport
    A derivative story of stock market scammers, chop shops, and conspicuous consumption. Stars Giovanni Ribisi.
  284. Movie DetailsBread and Tulips (2000) 6  ComedyObscure/Rare
    This lighthearted comedy traces a married woman's self-discovery in Venice. Contrived, sweet, and escapist.
  285. Movie DetailsBreast Men (1997) 6  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/NudityTV Shows
    HBO movie follows two doctors who invented silicone breast implants through time. David Schwimmer stars.
  286. Movie DetailsBridget Jones's Diary (2001) 6  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Neurotic British woman Renée Zellweger is determined to improve herself while looking for love.
  287. Movie DetailsCartoon Noir (1999) 6  AnimationComedyFantasyObscure/Rare
    Six oddball, animated shorts from five countries, featuring supernatural elements and darker themes. Mediocre.
  288. Movie DetailsChasing Sleep (2001) 6  HorrorObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    An insomniac wakes up to find his wife missing and proceeds to lose his mind.
  289. Movie DetailsCivil Action, A (1998) 6  Documentary/True
    Lawyer John Travolta stars in this courtroom drama about a company's responsibility for toxic waste.
  290. Movie DetailsCop Land (1997) 6  Conspiracy
    Sheriff Sylvester Stallone uncovers a massive, deadly conspiracy. Will he cross the crooked cops?
  291. Movie DetailsDeep Impact (1998) 6  Sci-Fi
    Who will survive when a comet collides with Earth? It sucks much less than Armageddon.
  292. Movie DetailsDevil's Advocate, The (1997) 6  With Sex/Nudity
    Hotshot lawyer Keanu Reeves learns that his new boss, Al Pacino, is the Devil himself.
  293. Movie DetailsDevil's Own, The (1997) 6  
    New York cop Harrison Ford discovers that houseguest Brad Pitt is an IRA terrorist.
  294. Movie DetailsEdge, The (1997) 6  
    Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin are stranded, dangerously unequipped, after their plane crashes in Alaska.
  295. Movie DetailsEnemy at the Gates (2001) 6  Documentary/True
    Two Russian and German snipers play a game of cat-and-mouse during the Battle of Stalingrad.
  296. Movie DetailsErin Brockovich (2000) 6  ConspiracyDocumentary/True
    Single mother Julia Roberts becomes a legal assistant and brings down a toxic power company.
  297. Movie DetailsFace/Off (1997) 6  Sci-Fi
    Undercover agent John Travolta and terrorist Nicolas Cage assume each other's identities by exchanging faces.
  298. Movie DetailsFaculty, The (1998) 6  HorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    High school students Jordana Brewster and Clea DuVall suspect that their teachers are becoming aliens.
  299. Movie DetailsFamily Man, The (2000) 6  ComedyFantasy
    On Christmas morning, investment broker Nicolas Cage wakes up in a life-altering Dickensian parallel universe.
  300. Movie DetailsFast and the Furious, The (2001) 6  With Sex/NuditySport
    Welcome to the underworld subculture of Los Angeles street-racers and car hijacking, starring Vin Diesel.
  301. Movie DetailsG.I. Jane (1997) 6  
    Demi Moore gets a crewcut and perseveres through rigorous Navy SEALS training, flotation devices intact.
  302. Movie DetailsGirl, Interrupted (1999) 6  Documentary/True
    Account of an 18-month stay at a mental hospital in the 1960s, starring Winona Ryder.
  303. Movie DetailsGladiator (2000) 6  Academy Awards Winner for Best Picture
    Set in digitized ancient Rome, this epic spaghetti Western-style movie stars army general Russell Crowe.
  304. Movie DetailsGlass House, The (2001) 6  
    Leelee Sobieski and Stellan Skarsgård manage to make this a reasonably decent movie.
  305. Movie DetailsGreat Expectations (1998) 6  
    Modernization of classic Charles Dickens story, starring New York painter Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  306. Movie DetailsHaiku Tunnel (2001) 6  ComedyObscure/Rare
    A comedy about tempness versus permness, both in the workplace and in life.
  307. Movie DetailsHideous Kinky (1998) 6  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    A hippie British woman travels to Morocco with her two young daughters. Stars Kate Winslet.
  308. Movie DetailsHoly Smoke! (1999) 6  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    While traveling in India, Kate Winslet falls under the influence of a charismatic religious guru.
  309. Movie DetailsHomegrown (1998) 6  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Small-time marijuana-grower Billy Bob Thornton and Kelly Lynch try to get rich following a murder.
  310. Movie DetailsInventing the Abbotts (1997) 6  With Sex/Nudity
    A tale of class division and forbidden love set in the 1950s, starring Liv Tyler.
  311. Movie DetailsKeeping the Faith (2000) 6  Comedy
    Priest Edward Norton and rabbi Ben Stiller both fall in love with Jenna Elfman.
  312. Movie DetailsLife as a House (2001) 6  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Terminally ill Kevin Kline takes custody of his teenage son. Jena Malone is charming.
  313. Movie DetailsLulu on the Bridge (1999) 6  Musical/MusicObscure/Rare
    After Jazz saxophonist Harvey Keitel is accidentally shot, he enters into a hallucinatory, obsessive affair.
  314. Movie DetailsMad City (1997) 6  
    Museum guard John Travolta takes hostages. TV newsman Dustin Hoffman leads the sensational media frenzy.
  315. Movie DetailsMajestic, The (2001) 6  
    In 1951, a blacklisted Hollywood writer loses his memory. Predictable, sentimental and syrupy, but charming.
  316. Movie DetailsMarie from the Bay of Angels (1997) 6  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Nubile teenager Vahina Giocante spends her holidays on the French Riviera, picking up American sailors.
  317. Movie DetailsMeet Joe Black (1998) 6  Fantasy
    We have Brad Pitt as Death, media tycoon Anthony Hopkins, and intriguing daughter Claire Forlani.
  318. Movie DetailsMessenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The (1999) 6  Documentary/True
    Young Milla Jovovich receives a vision to rid 15th century France of its oppressors. Stylish.
  319. Movie DetailsMillion Dollar Hotel (2000) 6  
    A dilapidated California hotel plays host to mentally ill people unable to afford medical insurance.
  320. Movie DetailsMission: Impossible II (2000) 6  Conspiracy
    Secret agent Tom Cruise seeks a German-manufactured virus before it falls into the wrong hands.
  321. Movie DetailsMy Best Friend's Wedding (1997) 6  Comedy
    A lame wedding-based romantic comedy, with musical numbers, starring Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz.
  322. Movie DetailsMystery Men (1999) 6  ComedyComic Book/Superhero
    A group of inept amateur superheroes must try to save their city from supervillian destruction.
  323. Movie DetailsNinth Gate, The (1999) 6  ConspiracyHorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Rare book dealer Johnny Depp seeks out the last two copies of a demon text.
  324. Movie DetailsNothing to Lose (1997) 6  Comedy
    Tim Robbins kidnaps would-be carjacker Martin Lawrence and schemes to repair his miserable life.
  325. Movie DetailsNovocaine (2001) 6  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Dentist Steve Martin is manipulated into a practice-threatening disaster by crafty seductress Helena Bonham Carter.
  326. Movie DetailsPeacemaker, The (1997) 6  Conspiracy
    George Clooney and Nicole Kidman investigate a nuclear explosion in Russia, unraveling a terrorist conspiracy.
  327. Movie DetailsPermanent Midnight (1998) 6  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    Ben Stiller plays desperate comedy writer and heroin addict Jerry Stahl. Maria Bello also stars.
  328. Movie DetailsPushing Tin (1999) 6  ComedyWith Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton are air traffic controllers playing a game of one-upmanship.
  329. Movie DetailsReplacement Killers, The (1998) 6  
    Professional killer Chow Yun-Fat betrays a crime boss. Document forger Mira Sorvino offers her help.
  330. Movie DetailsRomy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997) 6  Comedy
    Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow create fabrications of their lives at their high school reunion.
  331. Movie DetailsRush Hour (1998) 6  Comedy
    Jackie Chan and comedian Chris Tucker partner to rescue a kidnapped daughter. A paint-by-numbers formula.
  332. Movie DetailsShallow Hal (2001) 6  ComedyFantasy
    Shallow Jack Black falls in love with 300-pound Gwyneth Paltrow because of her inner beauty.
  333. Movie DetailsSiege, The (1998) 6  
    Martial law is declared in New York City after an Islamic religious leader is abducted.
  334. Movie DetailsSix Days Seven Nights (1998) 6  Comedy
    Cargo pilot Harrison Ford and New Yorker Anne Heche become stranded on a tropical island.
  335. Movie DetailsSmall Soldiers (1998) 6  AnimationComedyFantasySci-Fi
    When missile technology is used to enhance toy action figures, the toys go to war.
  336. Movie DetailsSpace Cowboys (2000) 6  ComedySci-Fi
    A humorous bunch of geriatric NASA astronauts take turns bickering, apologizing, and being implausibly heroic.
  337. Movie DetailsStigmata (1999) 6  FantasyHorror
    Hairdresser Patricia Arquette shows signs of stigmata, the wounds of Christ. A Vatican priest investigates.
  338. Movie DetailsSuper Troopers (2001) 6  ComedyConspiracyWith Sex/Nudity
    You must have eaten, like, a hundred bucks worth of pot. Am I saying meow?
  339. Movie DetailsTell Me Something (2001) 6  HorrorObscure/Rare
    Black garbage bags filled with dismembered human body parts are showing up around the city.
  340. Movie DetailsThirteenth Floor, The (1999) 6  Mind-blowingSci-Fi
    A sci-fi thriller about computer-simulated universes where people only believe they are real.
  341. Movie DetailsTomorrow Never Dies (1997) 6  
    Pierce Brosnan is James Bond. This time Michelle Yeoh and Teri Hatcher are Bond girls.
  342. Movie DetailsTraining Day (2001) 6  With Sex/Nudity
    As a rookie narcotics officer, Ethan Hawke is partnered with rogue detective Denzel Washington.
  343. Movie DetailsTrekkies (1999) 6  ComedyObscure/RareDocumentary/True
    A somewhat affectionate documentary about the phenomenon of Star Trek fandom in its many-splendored geekiness.
  344. Movie DetailsTuesdays with Morrie (1999) 6  Obscure/RareTV Shows
    A made-for-TV movie with sportswriter Hank Azaria and retired professor Jack Lemmon, dying of ALS.
  345. Movie DetailsU-571 (2000) 6  
    During WWII, American submariners board a German submarine trying to capture their Enigma cipher machine.
  346. Movie DetailsVanilla Sky (2001) 6  HorrorMind-blowingSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    Tom Cruise's useless remake of Open Your Eyes. Penélope Cruz reprises her role, in English.
  347. Movie DetailsWet Hot American Summer (2001) 6  Comedy
    A spoof composed of loosely related comedy sketches set at a summer camp in 1981.
  348. Movie DetailsWedding Singer, The (1998) 6  ComedyMusical/Music
    Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore star. Now get out of my Van Halen t-shirt.
  349. Movie DetailsWhat Lies Beneath (2000) 6  Horror
    Professor Harrison Ford totally freaks out. Michelle Pfeiffer and model Amber Valletta are quite stunning.
  350. Movie DetailsWorld Is Not Enough, The (1999) 6  
    Pierce Brosnan is James Bond and the ever-cerebral Denise Richards plays a nuclear scientist. Cough.

  352. Movie Details200 Cigarettes (1999) 5  Comedy
    Gaby Hoffmann's Brooklyn accent was great. But then you have the Affleck brothers.
  353. Movie DetailsAll I Wanna Do (1998) 5  ComedyObscure/Rare
    It's 1963 and Kirsten Dunst, Gaby Hoffmann, and Rachael Leigh Cook are pissed-off schoolgirls.
  354. Movie DetailsAmerican Pie 2 (2001) 5  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    The sequel to the famous prom night of sexual misadventure. Eugene Levy is still brilliant.
  355. Movie DetailsAnimal Factory (2000) 5  
    How to become a hardened criminal in prison. Willem Dafoe mentors young Edward Furlong.
  356. Movie DetailsApt Pupil (1998) 5  
    A boy blackmails neighbor Ian McKellen after suspecting him to be a Nazi war criminal.
  357. Movie DetailsAt First Sight (1999) 5  With Sex/Nudity
    Girlfriend Mira Sorvino encourages blind Val Kilmer to have an operation to regain his sight.
  358. Movie DetailsBASEketball (1998) 5  ComedySport
    Trey Parker and Matt Stone combine basketball-shooting skills with baseball rules and become pro athletes.
  359. Movie DetailsBedazzled (2000) 5  ComedyFantasy
    Brendan Fraser sells his soul to the Devil (Elizabeth Hurley) for seven wishes. Mindless remake.
  360. Movie DetailsBone Collector, The (1999) 5  
    Detective Denzel Washington and street cop Angelina Jolie track down a serial killer in Manhattan.
  361. Movie DetailsBounce (2000) 5  
    Ben Affleck switches plane tickets with a man. The plane crashes. He meets Gwyneth Paltrow.
  362. Movie DetailsBrokedown Palace (1999) 5  
    Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale are arrested for smuggling drugs while vacationing in Thailand.
  363. Movie DetailsCity of Angels (1998) 5  Fantasy
    Celestial duty or earthly love? Will angel Nicolas Cage become human for Meg Ryan? Sappy!
  364. Movie DetailsDeep Blue Sea (1999) 5  Horror
    To cure Alzheimer's disease, scientists genetically engineer sharks with deadly intelligence. What could go wrong?
  365. Movie DetailsDisturbing Behavior (1998) 5  Horror
    Why are these teenagers such perfect upstanding citizens? Katie Holmes has a sinister explanation.
  366. Movie DetailsDoctor Dolittle (1998) 5  Comedy
    Veterinarian Eddie Murphy talks to the animals and can hear them talk back. Mental institution?
  367. Movie DetailsDouble Jeopardy (1999) 5  With Sex/Nudity
    Paroled Ashley Judd was framed for her husband's murder, but suspects he is still alive.
  368. Movie DetailsDown to Earth (2001) 5  ComedyFantasy
    After dying before his time, aspiring comic Chris Rock is reincarnated as a wealthy businessman.
  369. Movie DetailsDuets (2000) 5  ComedyMusical/MusicWith Sex/Nudity
    Inside the lives of professional karaoke hustlers. Everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Huey Lewis sings.
  370. Movie DetailsEdTV (1999) 5  Comedy
    Video store clerk Matthew McConaughey agrees to have his life televised 24 hours a day.
  371. Movie DetailsEnd of Days (1999) 5  FantasyHorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Satan visits New York in search of a bride. It's Arnold Schwarzenegger, pyrotechnics, and CGI.
  372. Movie DetailsEntrapment (1999) 5  Comedy
    Agent Catherine Zeta-Jones tries to track down and help capture master art thief Sean Connery.
  373. Movie DetailsEvolution (2001) 5  ComedySci-Fi
    I kept wishing for the alien life forms to kill David Duchovny and Orlando Jones.
  374. Movie DetailsExcess Baggage (1997) 5  Comedy
    Alicia Silverstone fakes her own car-trunk kidnapping in order to attract her wealthy father's attention.
  375. Movie DetailsFinal Destination (2000) 5  FantasyHorror
    It begins with a plane crash and demonstrates that you can't cheat predestined death. Much.
  376. Movie DetailsFrequency (2000) 5  Sci-Fi
    A firefighter receives future-sent communications via a ham radio and some silly fluke involving sunspots.
  377. Movie DetailsGone in Sixty Seconds (2000) 5  
    Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie have steal to 50 exotic cars in one night.
  378. Movie DetailsGun Shy (2000) 5  ComedyObscure/Rare
    Undercover DEA agent Liam Neeson almost gets killed. He begins attending group therapy for support.
  379. Movie DetailsHarvard Man (2001) 5  ComedyObscure/RareSport
    Mixes basketball and crime with sexual and chemical experimentation. And cheerleader Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  380. Movie DetailsHome Fries (1998) 5  Comedy
    Brothers Luke Wilson and Jake Busey want pregnant Drew Barrymore for very different reasons. Dumb.
  381. Movie DetailsHope Floats (1998) 5  Comedy
    Former beauty queen Sandra Bullock falls on hard times and returns to her small hometown.
  382. Movie DetailsHow the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 5  ComedyFantasy
    A live-action remake of the Dr. Seuss book, starring Jim Carrey and cheerfully crass consumerism.
  383. Movie DetailsInstinct (1999) 5  
    Set in a maximum-security prison, psychiatrist Cuba Gooding Jr. examines madman anthropologist Anthony Hopkins.
  384. Movie DetailsKiss the Girls (1997) 5  
    The first of many mediocre Ashley Judd crime thrillers. This one also stars Morgan Freeman.
  385. Movie DetailsLethal Weapon 4 (1998) 5  Comedy
    Chris Rock joins the Mel Gibson-led LAPD quartet. The crimes involve immigrant smuggling and counterfeiting.
  386. Movie DetailsLittle Nicky (2000) 5  ComedyFantasy
    Adam Sandler is one of Satan's sons. Patricia Arquette's elastic underwear-band saves her from Hell.
  387. Movie DetailsMetro (1997) 5  Comedy
    Hostage negotiator Eddie Murphy is targeted by an escaped bank robber he once helped imprison.
  388. Movie DetailsMickey Blue Eyes (1999) 5  Comedy
    English auctioneer Hugh Grant proposes to the daughter of a mafia kingpin, who requires favors.
  389. Movie DetailsMod Squad, The (1999) 5  With Sex/Nudity
    An undercover cop recruits three minor delinquents to bust a drug ring. Stars Claire Danes.
  390. Movie DetailsMurder at 1600 (1997) 5  Conspiracy
    Washington homicide cop Wesley Snipes and agent Diane Lane investigate murder inside the White House.
  391. Movie DetailsOutside Ozona (1998) 5  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Oklahoma motorists listening to the same radio station DJ are connected by a serial killer.
  392. Movie DetailsPalmetto (1998) 5  Obscure/Rare
    Recently released ex-con Woody Harrelson gets involved in a fake kidnapping scheme that turns real.
  393. Movie DetailsPayback (1999) 5  Comedy
    Thief Mel Gibson plots revenge when he is betrayed by his wife and best friend.
  394. Movie DetailsPerfect Murder, A (1998) 5  
    Remake of Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder, starring millionaire industrialist Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  395. Movie DetailsPicture Perfect (1997) 5  Comedy
    Successful career woman Jennifer Aniston has an incomplete personal life. What makes the perfect mate?
  396. Movie DetailsPlanet of the Apes (2001) 5  Sci-Fi
    Tim Burton reimagines the original film, poorly. Absurd plot, bad satire, pirouetting apes, no significance.
  397. Movie DetailsPlaying God (1997) 5  Obscure/Rare
    Famed surgeon David Duchovny is stripped of his medical license and becomes a criminal doctor.
  398. Movie DetailsPractical Magic (1998) 5  ComedyFantasy
    Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are cursed sisters with a hereditary gift for practical magic.
  399. Movie DetailsRemember the Titans (2000) 5  SportDocumentary/True
    A story of high school racial integration in the early 1970s, starring Denzel Washington.
  400. Movie DetailsRoad Trip (2000) 5  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Four college friends take a road trip to retrieve a mistakenly mailed sex tape. Crass.
  401. Movie DetailsRush Hour 2 (2001) 5  Comedy
    Jackie Chan and comedian Chris Tucker get involved in a Hong Kong counterfeit money scam.
  402. Movie DetailsScary Movie (2000) 5  ComedyHorror
    A spoof of dozens of movies, from Scream to American Beauty to the Sixth Sense.
  403. Movie DetailsScream 2 (1997) 5  Horror
    A copycat killer begins acting out a real-life sequel. Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox scream!
  404. Movie DetailsShe's All That (1999) 5  Comedy
    A Pygmalion remake. Freddie Prinze Jr. bets he can make Rachael Leigh Cook prom queen.
  405. Movie DetailsStar Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) 5  FantasySci-Fi
    Terribly written dialogue combined with expensive special effects. Jar Jar Binks is unbelievably annoying.
  406. Movie DetailsStarship Troopers (1997) 5  Sci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    Future humans battle giant alien bugs in a fight for survival, with nude co-ed showers.
  407. Movie DetailsStepmom (1998) 5  Comedy
    Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon star in a film of cheap sentiment and fatal illness.
  408. Movie DetailsTitan A.E. (2000) 5  AnimationSci-Fi
    In 3028, cartoon Earth prepares for an attack by the Drej, a vicious alien race.
  409. Movie DetailsU.S. Marshals (1998) 5  
    This time Chief Deputy Marshal Tommy Lee Jones isn't chasing fugitive Harrison Ford.
  410. Movie DetailsUrban Legend (1998) 5  Horror
    A decent slasher movie. Pluses: Alicia Witt and Rebecca Gayheart. Big minus: Tara Reid.
  411. Movie DetailsVarsity Blues (1999) 5  ComedyWith Sex/NuditySport
    James Van Der Beek stars as a high-school quarterback. Amy Smart wears a whipped-cream bikini.
  412. Movie DetailsWhat Dreams May Come (1998) 5  Fantasy
    Fantastic visuals and lots of death. Robin Williams tries to track down his wife's soul.
  413. Movie DetailsWild Things (1998) 5  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Neve Campbell and Denise Richards make out in a swimming pool. And other stuff happens.
  414. Movie DetailsYou've Got Mail (1998) 5  Comedy
    I liked this Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan movie better when it was called Sleepless in Seattle.
  415. Movie DetailsZoolander (2001) 5  ComedyConspiracy
    Ben Stiller wonders if there's more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

  417. Movie Details54 (1998) CRAP  With Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    A story about famous 1970s disco nightclub Studio 54, starring Ryan Phillippe and Salma Hayek.
  418. Movie DetailsAmerican Werewolf in Paris, An (1997) CRAP  ComedyHorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    At the Eiffel Tower an American tourist meets Julie Delpy, who possesses a werewolf serum.
  419. Movie DetailsAnaconda (1997) CRAP  Horror
    Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube. In the Amazon. With a giant CGI snake. Good times.
  420. Movie DetailsAnimal, The (2001) CRAP  Comedy
    This crude 84-minute Rob Schneider disaster might have been an amusing Saturday Night Live skit.
  421. Movie DetailsArmageddon (1998) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    A deep-core drilling team pretends to be astronauts in this Jerry Bruckheimer popcorn flick.
  422. Movie DetailsAstronaut's Wife, The (1999) CRAP  HorrorSci-Fi
    Astronaut Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron star in this stupid update of Rosemary's Baby.
  423. Movie DetailsAvengers, The (1998) CRAP  Comic Book/Superhero
    There was nothing Uma Thurman could do to save this ill-fated remake.
  424. Movie DetailsBatman & Robin (1997) CRAP  ComedyFantasySci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    Batman George Clooney, Uma Thurman and Alicia Silverstone starred in this contrived, colossal waste.
  425. Movie DetailsBattlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 (2000) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    In the year 3000, an alien race tries to enslave humanity. Scientologist John Travolta presides.
  426. Movie DetailsBeverly Hills Ninja (1997) CRAP  Comedy
    Goofy and clumsy Chris Farley was raised by a clan of Ninja warriors.
  427. Movie DetailsCharlie's Angels (2000) CRAP  Comedy
    Cameron, Drew and Lucy Liu encourage objectification by the male gaze and call it liberation.
  428. Movie DetailsCommitted (2000) CRAP  ComedyObscure/Rare
    Adorable nitwit Heather Graham follows her panicked husband across the country. Attempted hilarity ensues.
  429. Movie DetailsCon Air (1997) CRAP  
    Can Nicolas Cage save a hijacked transport plane? Connect the mind-numbing dots between Bruckheimer pyrotechnics.
  430. Movie DetailsContaminated Man, The (2000) CRAP  Obscure/Rare
    Natascha McElhone stars in this film about a Hungarian man infected with a deadly pathogen.
  431. Movie DetailsCorky Romano (2001) CRAP  Comedy
    Bumbling idiot Chris Kattan tries to infiltrate the local FBI to destroy gang-related racketeering evidence.
  432. Movie DetailsCoyote Ugly (2000) CRAP  ComedyMusical/Music
    Jerry Bruckheimer presents Tyra Banks's breasts and some blonde chick with an annoying voice.
  433. Movie DetailsCruel Intentions (1999) CRAP  
    Sarah Michelle Gellar is cute, but do yourself a favor and watch Dangerous Liaisons instead.
  434. Movie DetailsCurve, The (1998) CRAP  ComedyObscure/Rare
    Matthew Lillard and a friend kill their roommate and make it look like a suicide.
  435. Movie DetailsDead Man on Campus (1998) CRAP  Comedy
    Flunking college students Tom Everett Scott and Mark-Paul Gosselaar try to find a suicidal roommate.
  436. Movie DetailsDeep Rising (1998) CRAP  HorrorSci-Fi
    A giant squid attacks a luxurious cruise ship. At least jewel-thief Famke Janssen doesn't suck.
  437. Movie DetailsDeuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999) CRAP  Comedy
    Aquarium-cleaner Rob Schneider becomes a gigolo after being mistaken for one. It's juvenile vuglar fun.
  438. Movie DetailsDirty Work (1998) CRAP  Comedy
    In desperate need of money, Norm MacDonald opens a revenge-for-hire service. Worthless unfunny slapstick.
  439. Movie DetailsDown to You (2000) CRAP  Comedy
    Freddie Prinze Jr. sucks. Julia Stiles sucks. Mutually self-absorbed, together they suck even more.
  440. Movie DetailsDrop Dead Gorgeous (1999) CRAP  Comedy
    A moronic Minnesota beauty pageant, starring Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, Ellen Barkin and Kirstie Alley.
  441. Movie DetailsDrowning Mona (2000) CRAP  Comedy
    A woman drives a car into the river. Everyone in town is a murder suspect.
  442. Movie DetailsEvent Horizon (1997) CRAP  HorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    In 2047, Laurence Fishburne captains a questionable crew of astronauts prone to hallucinations and death.
  443. Movie DetailsEye of the Beholder (1999) CRAP  With Sex/Nudity
    A misogynistic film. British intelligence agent Ewan McGregor is obsessed with beautiful killer Ashley Judd.
  444. Movie DetailsFalling Sky (1998) CRAP  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Depressing movie set in Las Vegas about alcoholic mother Karen Allen and daughter Brittany Murphy.
  445. Movie DetailsFlubber (1997) CRAP  ComedyFantasy
    This remake stars absent-minded professor Robin Williams who creates a rubber-like super-bouncy substance.
  446. Movie DetailsFools Rush In (1997) CRAP  Comedy
    A formulaic romantic comedy Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek. Salma deserved a better costar.
  447. Movie DetailsGhosts of Mars (2001) CRAP  HorrorSci-Fi
    Unintentional comedy, starring Natasha Henstridge and Ice Cube, in which Mars colonists become possessed.
  448. Movie DetailsGodzilla (1998) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    A giant Japanese-inspired, American-ruined CGI spectacle of capitalistic entertainment.
  449. Movie DetailsHalf Baked (1998) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Get me an avocado, an ice pick, and my snorkel. I've made bongs with less.
  450. Movie DetailsHard Rain (1998) CRAP  
    I could not suspend my disbelief. This flood-ravaged trainwreck of a thriller stars Morgan Freeman.
  451. Movie DetailsHaunting, The (1999) CRAP  Horror
    Watch the 1963 original instead. They ruined this version with blatantly unspooky special effects.
  452. Movie DetailsHere on Earth (2000) CRAP  
    The presence of Leelee Sobieski is the only conceivable reason to contemplate watching this.
  453. Movie DetailsHollow Man (2000) CRAP  HorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    Who would you rape or kill if you could turn invisible? This is boringly dumb.
  454. Movie DetailsHome Alone 3 (1997) CRAP  Comedy
    Macaulay Culkin wasn't in this masterful piece of work, but a young Scarlett Johansson was.
  455. Movie DetailsHouse on Haunted Hill (1999) CRAP  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Want to earn a million dollars? Just stay alive, all night. A bad remake.
  456. Movie DetailsHush (1998) CRAP  Obscure/Rare
    Mother-in-law Jessica Lange is batshit crazy. Pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow should be afraid, very afraid.
  457. Movie DetailsI Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) CRAP  Horror
    Stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. It's craptastic slasher fun!
  458. Movie DetailsI Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) CRAP  Horror
    Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts and Freddie Prinze Jr. are back in this gory slasher sequel.
  459. Movie DetailsIdle Hands (1999) CRAP  ComedyHorror
    A boy's right hand becomes murderously possessed. Jessica Alba may prevent you from killing yourself.
  460. Movie DetailsIn Dreams (1999) CRAP  Horror
    Annette Bening is endangered by apples in this silly thriller. Also stars Robert Downey Jr.
  461. Movie DetailsInspector Gadget (1999) CRAP  Comedy
    Security guard Matthew Broderick is transformed into a cybernetic police officer in this adapted cartoon.
  462. Movie DetailsJawbreaker (1999) CRAP  Comedy
    Popular highschoolers Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart and Julie Benz accidentally kill the prom queen.
  463. Movie DetailsJosie and the Pussycats (2001) CRAP  ComedyConspiracyMusical/Music
    Rachael Leigh Cook, Tara Reid and Rosario Dawson star in this annoying pop-music satire.
  464. Movie DetailsKnockaround Guys (2001) CRAP  Comedy
    A derivative mobster movie starring Vin Diesel, Seth Green and Barry Pepper.
  465. Movie DetailsLake Placid (1999) CRAP  ComedyHorror
    Why couldn't the 30-foot crocodile have eaten everyone? At least it's only 82 minutes long.
  466. Movie DetailsLara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) CRAP  Fantasy
    Pointless and dull, with lame CGI. As if artifact-collector Angelina Jolie needed extra bra padding.
  467. Movie DetailsLegally Blonde (2001) CRAP  Comedy
    Looking to commit suicide? Reese Witherspoon can help that thought process along.
  468. Movie DetailsLoser (2000) CRAP  Comedy
    Irritating college student Jason Biggs falls in love with Mena Suvari.
  469. Movie DetailsLost in Space (1998) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    Danger Will Robinson! You are Earth's only hope. But your space movie sucks, a lot.
  470. Movie DetailsMercury Rising (1998) CRAP  
    FBI agent Bruce Willis protects an autistic boy who has deciphered a sophisticated cryptographic system.
  471. Movie DetailsMessage in a Bottle (1999) CRAP  
    Reasons to avoid this: Kevin Costner, manipulative sentimentality, depressing ending, too long, Kevin Costner.
  472. Movie DetailsMiss Congeniality (2000) CRAP  Comedy
    Annoying FBI agent Sandra Bullock goes undercover in the Miss United States beauty pageant.
  473. Movie DetailsMission to Mars (2000) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    A boringly sentimental movie about a Mars Recovery Mission. Stars Gary Sinise and Tim Robbins.
  474. Movie DetailsMortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) CRAP  Fantasy
    Bridgette Wilson was a much better Sonya Blade. The dialogue was likely written by monkeys.
  475. Movie DetailsNew Rose Hotel (1999) CRAP  Obscure/RareSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    Incoherent, completely worthless adaptation of a William Gibson story. An insufferable, redundant waste of time.
  476. Movie DetailsNot Another Teen Movie (2001) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    A tasteless spoof of bad teen-movie clichés. Chock full of dick jokes and scatological humor.
  477. Movie DetailsPatch Adams (1998) CRAP  ComedyDocumentary/True
    Robin Williams stars in this emotionally manipulative story about the power of laughter as medicine.
  478. Movie DetailsPearl Harbor (2001) CRAP  Documentary/True
    Jerry Bruckheimer presents Ben Affleck. And Kate Beckinsale. Trying to act. Together.
  479. Movie DetailsPoison Ivy 3: The New Seduction (1997) CRAP  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Simplistic thriller starring sinister seductress Jaime Pressly. Gratuitous nudity and irrational vengeance.
  480. Movie DetailsRandom Hearts (1999) CRAP  
    Bereavement becomes romance for Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas in this dull Hollywood cliché.
  481. Movie DetailsRed Planet (2000) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    Val Kilmer and Carrie-Anne Moss are on Mars in 2050, trying to save humanity.
  482. Movie DetailsReindeer Games (2000) CRAP  With Sex/Nudity
    A violent, preposterous bellyflop of a heist thriller. Stars Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron.
  483. Movie DetailsRunaway Bride (1999) CRAP  Comedy
    Julia Roberts and Richard Gere try to capitalize on Pretty Woman's success. I nearly puked.
  484. Movie DetailsSay It Isn't So (2001) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    I would love to say this Heather Graham movie wasn't so. And get a refund.
  485. Movie DetailsScream 3 (2000) CRAP  ComedyHorror
    Neve Campbell and David Arquette return for the final chapter of this slasher trilogy.
  486. Movie DetailsSpawn (1997) CRAP  FantasyHorrorComic Book/Superhero
    A killed mercenary returns to walk the Earth after making deal with the devil.
  487. Movie DetailsSpecies II (1998) CRAP  HorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    American astronauts land on Mars. Even Natasha Henstridge's nudity can't redeem this lame sci-fi bloodbath.
  488. Movie DetailsSpeed 2: Cruise Control (1997) CRAP  
    Who would have thought Sandra Bullock would miss Keanu Reeves so much.
  489. Movie DetailsSphere (1998) CRAP  HorrorSci-Fi
    An underwater sci-fi thriller with Dustin Hoffman and Samuel L. Jackson that somehow really sucks.
  490. Movie DetailsSpice World (1997) CRAP  ComedyFantasyMusical/Music
    This plotless gibberish about the Spice Girls phenomenon is not bad enough to be good.
  491. Movie DetailsSummer Catch (2001) CRAP  ComedySport
    Watching Freddie Prinze Jr. is painful, but Jessica Biel's wet t-shirt almost made it bearable.
  492. Movie DetailsSupernova (2000) CRAP  Sci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    A deep-space search and rescue mission that, like the film, goes horribly wrong.
  493. Movie DetailsTart (2001) CRAP  Obscure/Rare
    Dominique Swain and Bijou Phillips are wealthy troubled friends at a private school in Manhattan.
  494. Movie DetailsThree to Tango (1999) CRAP  Comedy
    Sitcom-quality actors Matthew Perry and Neve Campbell succeed in little more than furthering sexual stereotypes.
  495. Movie DetailsVegas Vacation (1997) CRAP  ComedySport
    This completely uninspired slapstick sequel sends Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo to Las Vegas.
  496. Movie DetailsVery Bad Things (1998) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    A dark comedy about the consequences of a prostitute's death during a Vegas bachelor party.
  497. Movie DetailsVirus (1999) CRAP  HorrorSci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    Jamie Lee Curtis fights an electromagnetic alien lifeform. It's a nicely polished turd.
  498. Movie DetailsWaterboy, The (1998) CRAP  ComedySport
    Frustrated waterboy Adam Sandler shows a talent for tackling football players in this dumb movie.
  499. Movie DetailsWhere the Heart Is (2000) CRAP  Comedy
    Pregnant Natalie Portman is abandoned at an Oklahoma Wal-Mart. Ashley Judd needs to be spayed.
  500. Movie DetailsWild Wild West (1999) CRAP  ComedySci-Fi
    Stars gunslinger Will Smith and Salma Hayek. Features a giant steam-powered spider, with Gatling guns.

  501. Statistical ratings distribution of these 494 films (30.8% of total rated films):
    With enough films included, it usually approximates a bell curve with a mean near 6.5...
    (especially when considering that CRAP is 0-4 combined).
    Average rating for these 494 films: 6.3.








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