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  1. Movie Details10,000 BC (2008) CRAP  Fantasy
    Anti-visionary Roland Emmerich directs this dumb prehistoric epic. It's dull, preposterous and sanitized for kids.
  2. Movie Details13 Seconds (2004) CRAP  FantasyHorrorObscure/Rare
    I was cost-effectively bored by this cliché-ridden indie splatter film. Unbearably amateurish and uncreepy.
  3. Movie Details54 (1998) CRAP  With Sex/NudityDocumentary/True
    A story about famous 1970s disco nightclub Studio 54, starring Ryan Phillippe and Salma Hayek.
  4. Movie Details88 Minutes (2008) CRAP  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Features ludicrous, unthrilling plot twists, perky young women and the famous forensic psychiatrist Al Pacino.
  5. Movie DetailsAmerican Werewolf in Paris, An (1997) CRAP  ComedyHorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    At the Eiffel Tower an American tourist meets Julie Delpy, who possesses a werewolf serum.
  6. Movie DetailsAnaconda (1997) CRAP  Horror
    Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube. In the Amazon. With a giant CGI snake. Good times.
  7. Movie DetailsAnimal, The (2001) CRAP  Comedy
    This crude 84-minute Rob Schneider disaster might have been an amusing Saturday Night Live skit.
  8. Movie DetailsArmageddon (1998) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    A deep-core drilling team pretends to be astronauts in this Jerry Bruckheimer popcorn flick.
  9. Movie DetailsAstronaut's Wife, The (1999) CRAP  HorrorSci-Fi
    Astronaut Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron star in this stupid update of Rosemary's Baby.
  10. Movie DetailsAvengers, The (1998) CRAP  Comic Book/Superhero
    There was nothing Uma Thurman could do to save this ill-fated remake.
  11. Movie DetailsBad Teacher (2011) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Gold digger Cameron Diaz is a terrible junior high teacher who wants breast-implant surgery. Misanthropic.
  12. Movie DetailsBalls of Fury (2007) CRAP  ComedySport
    Horrendously unfunny comedy mixes Ping-Pong, kung fu and sophomoric jokes with a secret FBI mission.
  13. Movie DetailsBatman & Robin (1997) CRAP  ComedyFantasySci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    Batman George Clooney, Uma Thurman and Alicia Silverstone starred in this contrived, colossal waste.
  14. Movie DetailsBattlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 (2000) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    In the year 3000, an alien race tries to enslave humanity. Scientologist John Travolta presides.
  15. Movie DetailsBeverly Hills Ninja (1997) CRAP  Comedy
    Goofy and clumsy Chris Farley was raised by a clan of Ninja warriors.
  16. Movie DetailsBio-Dome (1996) CRAP  Comedy
    Pauly Shore. Moronic best friends get themselves locked inside the Bio-Dome science experiment. Kill me.
  17. Movie DetailsBordello of Blood (1996) CRAP  ComedyHorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Another Cryptkeeper movie. This time a funeral parlor moonlights as a vampire whorehouse. Angie Everhart!
  18. Movie DetailsBride Wars (2009) CRAP  Comedy
    Was subjected to this loathsome, soul-crushingly shallow piece while traveling, almost killed self. Fuck this.
  19. Movie DetailsCharlie's Angels (2000) CRAP  Comedy
    Cameron, Drew and Lucy Liu encourage objectification by the male gaze and call it liberation.
  20. Movie DetailsCharlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle (2003) CRAP  Comedy
    Bimbo agents Cameron, Drew and Lucy Liu are back! With sparkly dirtbikes and eye-glitter!
  21. Movie DetailsC.O.G. (2013) CRAP  ComedyObscure/Rare
    A self-absorbed graduate tries living the simple life in Oregon, finds self-hatred through religion? Pointless garbage.
  22. Movie DetailsCommitted (2000) CRAP  ComedyObscure/Rare
    Adorable nitwit Heather Graham follows her panicked husband across the country. Attempted hilarity ensues.
  23. Movie DetailsCon Air (1997) CRAP  
    Can Nicolas Cage save a hijacked transport plane? Connect the mind-numbing dots between Bruckheimer pyrotechnics.
  24. Movie DetailsContaminated Man, The (2000) CRAP  Obscure/Rare
    Natascha McElhone stars in this film about a Hungarian man infected with a deadly pathogen.
  25. Movie DetailsCorky Romano (2001) CRAP  Comedy
    Bumbling idiot Chris Kattan tries to infiltrate the local FBI to destroy gang-related racketeering evidence.
  26. Movie DetailsCoyote Ugly (2000) CRAP  ComedyMusical/Music
    Jerry Bruckheimer presents Tyra Banks's breasts and some blonde chick with an annoying voice.
  27. Movie DetailsCruel Intentions (1999) CRAP  
    Sarah Michelle Gellar is cute, but do yourself a favor and watch Dangerous Liaisons instead.
  28. Movie DetailsCurve, The (1998) CRAP  ComedyObscure/Rare
    Matthew Lillard and a friend kill their roommate and make it look like a suicide.
  29. Movie DetailsDate Movie (2006) CRAP  Comedy
    Two Scary Movie screenwriters spoof the romantic comedy genre to death. Alyson Hannigan stars. Lame.
  30. Movie DetailsDay Without a Mexican, A (2004) CRAP  ComedyFantasyObscure/Rare
    California's entire Hispanic population vanishes into pink fog. Satirical premise is thoroughly beaten to death.
  31. Movie DetailsDead Man on Campus (1998) CRAP  Comedy
    Flunking college students Tom Everett Scott and Mark-Paul Gosselaar try to find a suicidal roommate.
  32. Movie DetailsDeep Rising (1998) CRAP  HorrorSci-Fi
    A giant squid attacks a luxurious cruise ship. At least jewel-thief Famke Janssen doesn't suck.
  33. Movie DetailsDesire (2017) CRAP  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Two estranged sisters reunite at a wedding. Lust destroys their lives again. Boring yet poetic.
  34. Movie DetailsDeuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999) CRAP  Comedy
    Aquarium-cleaner Rob Schneider becomes a gigolo after being mistaken for one. It's juvenile vuglar fun.
  35. Movie DetailsDirty Work (1998) CRAP  Comedy
    In desperate need of money, Norm MacDonald opens a revenge-for-hire service. Worthless unfunny slapstick.
  36. Movie DetailsDisappointments Room, The (2016) CRAP  Horror
    Disappointment was in the title, so I can't say I wasn't warned. Incoherent, spooky nonsense.
  37. Movie DetailsDown to You (2000) CRAP  Comedy
    Freddie Prinze Jr. sucks. Julia Stiles sucks. Mutually self-absorbed, together they suck even more.
  38. Movie DetailsDrop Dead Gorgeous (1999) CRAP  Comedy
    A moronic Minnesota beauty pageant, starring Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, Ellen Barkin and Kirstie Alley.
  39. Movie DetailsDrowning Mona (2000) CRAP  Comedy
    A woman drives a car into the river. Everyone in town is a murder suspect.
  40. Movie DetailsDunston Checks In (1996) CRAP  Comedy
    Concierge Jason Alexander works in a luxury hotel. Enter a friendly, jewel-thief orangutan. Silly hijinx!
  41. Movie DetailsEmoji Movie, The (2017) CRAP  AnimationComedy
    They turned a smartphone messaging app into a movie? I was nihilistically curious. WEARY. GRIMACING.
  42. Movie DetailsEpic Movie (2007) CRAP  Comedy
    Following the unwatchable Date Movie, now these hacks imitate mega-blockbusters. I enjoyed Jayma Mays.
  43. Movie DetailsEragon (2006) CRAP  Fantasy
    A bad movie about dragons, dragon riders, a Shade's dark magic and evil King Galbatorix.
  44. Movie DetailsEvent Horizon (1997) CRAP  HorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    In 2047, Laurence Fishburne captains a questionable crew of astronauts prone to hallucinations and death.
  45. Movie DetailsEye of the Beholder (1999) CRAP  With Sex/Nudity
    A misogynistic film. British intelligence agent Ewan McGregor is obsessed with beautiful killer Ashley Judd.
  46. Movie DetailsFailure to Launch (2006) CRAP  Comedy
    Matthew McConaughey's parents set him up with Sarah Jessica Parker so he'll finally move out.
  47. Movie DetailsFalling Sky (1998) CRAP  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Depressing movie set in Las Vegas about alcoholic mother Karen Allen and daughter Brittany Murphy.
  48. Movie DetailsFearDotCom (2002) CRAP  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    People are dying after logging on to a website. Natascha McElhone's talent is wasted.
  49. Movie DetailsFlubber (1997) CRAP  ComedyFantasy
    This remake stars absent-minded professor Robin Williams who creates a rubber-like super-bouncy substance.
  50. Movie DetailsFools Rush In (1997) CRAP  Comedy
    A formulaic romantic comedy Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek. Salma deserved a better costar.
  51. Movie DetailsFreddy vs. Jason (2003) CRAP  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees return to terrorize teenagers, and each other. Boring and stupid.
  52. Movie DetailsFriday the 13th (2009) CRAP  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Boobs, beer and pot. The characters are so annoying that you wish they'd die faster.
  53. Movie DetailsGamer (2009) CRAP  Sci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    Brainless, ultraviolent sci-fi mishmash of bad writing, bad acting, jerky editing, digital effects and boobs.
  54. Movie DetailsGhosts of Mars (2001) CRAP  HorrorSci-Fi
    Unintentional comedy, starring Natasha Henstridge and Ice Cube, in which Mars colonists become possessed.
  55. Movie DetailsGodzilla (1998) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    A giant Japanese-inspired, American-ruined CGI spectacle of capitalistic entertainment.
  56. Movie DetailsHalf Baked (1998) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Get me an avocado, an ice pick, and my snorkel. I've made bongs with less.
  57. Movie DetailsHard Rain (1998) CRAP  
    I could not suspend my disbelief. This flood-ravaged trainwreck of a thriller stars Morgan Freeman.
  58. Movie DetailsHaunting, The (1999) CRAP  Horror
    Watch the 1963 original instead. They ruined this version with blatantly unspooky special effects.
  59. Movie DetailsHere on Earth (2000) CRAP  
    The presence of Leelee Sobieski is the only conceivable reason to contemplate watching this.
  60. Movie DetailsHollow Man (2000) CRAP  HorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    Who would you rape or kill if you could turn invisible? This is boringly dumb.
  61. Movie DetailsHome Alone 3 (1997) CRAP  Comedy
    Macaulay Culkin wasn't in this masterful piece of work, but a young Scarlett Johansson was.
  62. Movie DetailsHot Chick, The (2002) CRAP  Comedy
    An attractive but mean-spirited girl becomes trapped in Rob Schneider's body. Stupid but mildly amusing.
  63. Movie DetailsHouse on Haunted Hill (1999) CRAP  HorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Want to earn a million dollars? Just stay alive, all night. A bad remake.
  64. Movie DetailsHush (1998) CRAP  Obscure/Rare
    Mother-in-law Jessica Lange is batshit crazy. Pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow should be afraid, very afraid.
  65. Movie DetailsI Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) CRAP  Horror
    Stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. It's craptastic slasher fun!
  66. Movie DetailsI Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) CRAP  Horror
    Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts and Freddie Prinze Jr. are back in this gory slasher sequel.
  67. Movie DetailsIdle Hands (1999) CRAP  ComedyHorror
    A boy's right hand becomes murderously possessed. Jessica Alba may prevent you from killing yourself.
  68. Movie DetailsImpostor (2002) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    A Philip K. Dick adaptation gone wrong. Is engineer Gary Sinise actually an alien android?
  69. Movie DetailsIn Dreams (1999) CRAP  Horror
    Annette Bening is endangered by apples in this silly thriller. Also stars Robert Downey Jr.
  70. Movie DetailsInspector Gadget (1999) CRAP  Comedy
    Security guard Matthew Broderick is transformed into a cybernetic police officer in this adapted cartoon.
  71. Movie DetailsJawbreaker (1999) CRAP  Comedy
    Popular highschoolers Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart and Julie Benz accidentally kill the prom queen.
  72. Movie DetailsJust Like Heaven (2005) CRAP  ComedyFantasy
    Reese Witherspoon, in spirit form, inhabits architect Mark Ruffalo's apartment in this formulaic romantic comedy.
  73. Movie DetailsJosie and the Pussycats (2001) CRAP  ComedyConspiracyMusical/Music
    Rachael Leigh Cook, Tara Reid and Rosario Dawson star in this annoying pop-music satire.
  74. Movie DetailsKnockaround Guys (2001) CRAP  Comedy
    A derivative mobster movie starring Vin Diesel, Seth Green and Barry Pepper.
  75. Movie DetailsLady Ninja Kaede 2 (2009) CRAP  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Why? Bizarre, terrible Japanese erotica. Lady ninja's mission is to destroy an Edo sex cult.
  76. Movie DetailsLake Placid (1999) CRAP  ComedyHorror
    Why couldn't the 30-foot crocodile have eaten everyone? At least it's only 82 minutes long.
  77. Movie DetailsLara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) CRAP  Fantasy
    Pointless and dull, with lame CGI. As if artifact-collector Angelina Jolie needed extra bra padding.
  78. Movie DetailsLara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003) CRAP  Fantasy
    Angelina Jolie is searching for Pandora's box. Alas, beauty and special effects don't equal quality.
  79. Movie DetailsLegally Blonde (2001) CRAP  Comedy
    Looking to commit suicide? Reese Witherspoon can help that thought process along.
  80. Movie DetailsLegally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003) CRAP  Comedy
    Soul-crushingly shallow materialism mixed with plucky good-heartedness. I will now light myself on fire.
  81. Movie DetailsLoser (2000) CRAP  Comedy
    Irritating college student Jason Biggs falls in love with Mena Suvari.
  82. Movie DetailsLost in Space (1998) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    Danger Will Robinson! You are Earth's only hope. But your space movie sucks, a lot.
  83. Movie DetailsMa Mère (2005) CRAP  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Dark, French exercise of reckless, unlikable characters finding pleasure in incest and depravity. Rotten, pointless.
  84. Movie DetailsMacbeth (2007) CRAP  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Bad acting with laser-sighted guns, drugs and tattooed naked girls. A straight retelling of Shakespeare.
  85. Movie DetailsMeet the Spartans (2008) CRAP  Comedy
    Friedberg and Seltzer reinforce their status as truly unparalleled hacks of the spoof genre. Terrible.
  86. Movie DetailsMercury Rising (1998) CRAP  
    FBI agent Bruce Willis protects an autistic boy who has deciphered a sophisticated cryptographic system.
  87. Movie DetailsMessage in a Bottle (1999) CRAP  
    Reasons to avoid this: Kevin Costner, manipulative sentimentality, depressing ending, too long, Kevin Costner.
  88. Movie DetailsMiss Congeniality (2000) CRAP  Comedy
    Annoying FBI agent Sandra Bullock goes undercover in the Miss United States beauty pageant.
  89. Movie DetailsMission to Mars (2000) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    A boringly sentimental movie about a Mars Recovery Mission. Stars Gary Sinise and Tim Robbins.
  90. Movie DetailsMortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) CRAP  Fantasy
    Bridgette Wilson was a much better Sonya Blade. The dialogue was likely written by monkeys.
  91. Movie DetailsNew Guy, The (2002) CRAP  Comedy
    A crude high-school movie about reinventing yourself. Zooey Deschanel could not redeem its incoherence.
  92. Movie DetailsNew Rose Hotel (1999) CRAP  Obscure/RareSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    Incoherent, completely worthless adaptation of a William Gibson story. An insufferable, redundant waste of time.
  93. Movie DetailsNational Lampoon's Barely Legal (2003) CRAP  ComedyObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Three high school guys attempt to make a porno movie. Vic Ramalot takes it personally.
  94. Movie DetailsNot Another Teen Movie (2001) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    A tasteless spoof of bad teen-movie clichés. Chock full of dick jokes and scatological humor.
  95. Movie DetailsParadox (2018) CRAP  Musical/MusicObscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Daryl Hannah directs outlaw Neil Young in an experimental concert film of supernatural frontier nonsense.
  96. Movie DetailsPatch Adams (1998) CRAP  ComedyDocumentary/True
    Robin Williams stars in this emotionally manipulative story about the power of laughter as medicine.
  97. Movie DetailsPearl Harbor (2001) CRAP  Documentary/True
    Jerry Bruckheimer presents Ben Affleck. And Kate Beckinsale. Trying to act. Together.
  98. Movie DetailsPoison Ivy 3: The New Seduction (1997) CRAP  Obscure/RareWith Sex/Nudity
    Simplistic thriller starring sinister seductress Jaime Pressly. Gratuitous nudity and irrational vengeance.
  99. Movie DetailsPrey (2007) CRAP  HorrorObscure/RareDocumentary/True
    A poorly written movie about Americans in Africa who are stalked by lions. Embarrassingly bad.
  100. Movie DetailsP.S. I Love You (2007) CRAP  
    Hilary Swank was miscast among sitcom-quality sentimental actors where everyone is trying to be cute.
  101. Movie DetailsRandom Hearts (1999) CRAP  
    Bereavement becomes romance for Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas in this dull Hollywood cliché.
  102. Movie DetailsRed Planet (2000) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    Val Kilmer and Carrie-Anne Moss are on Mars in 2050, trying to save humanity.
  103. Movie DetailsReindeer Games (2000) CRAP  With Sex/Nudity
    A violent, preposterous bellyflop of a heist thriller. Stars Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron.
  104. Movie DetailsReturn, The (2006) CRAP  
    Sarah Michelle Gellar is supernaturally drawn to an old farmhouse where a murder took place.
  105. Movie DetailsRunaway Bride (1999) CRAP  Comedy
    Julia Roberts and Richard Gere try to capitalize on Pretty Woman's success. I nearly puked.
  106. Movie DetailsSay It Isn't So (2001) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    I would love to say this Heather Graham movie wasn't so. And get a refund.
  107. Movie DetailsScooby-Doo (2002) CRAP  ComedyFantasy
    Matthew Lillard's Shaggy impression is great, but the rest of this live-action adaptation is useless.
  108. Movie DetailsScream 3 (2000) CRAP  ComedyHorror
    Neve Campbell and David Arquette return for the final chapter of this slasher trilogy.
  109. Movie DetailsS. Darko (2009) CRAP  Obscure/RareSci-Fi
    Cash-grab follow-up to Donnie Darko. Huge plot holes and weak characters, but exceeded worst expectations.
  110. Movie DetailsSharknado (2013) CRAP  HorrorTV Shows
    Was idiotically curious about the magnitude of this TV-movie's absurdity. It's a bloody, bad-CGI trainwreck.
  111. Movie DetailsSigns (2002) CRAP  Sci-Fi
    M. Night Shyamalan and Mel Gibson really crapped the bed with this lame alien-invasion movie.
  112. Movie DetailsSlackers (2002) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Not even Jason Schwartzman can save this utterly detestable gross-out comedy. Painfully unfunny.
  113. Movie DetailsSpawn (1997) CRAP  FantasyHorrorComic Book/Superhero
    A killed mercenary returns to walk the Earth after making deal with the devil.
  114. Movie DetailsSpecies II (1998) CRAP  HorrorSci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    American astronauts land on Mars. Even Natasha Henstridge's nudity can't redeem this lame sci-fi bloodbath.
  115. Movie DetailsSpeed 2: Cruise Control (1997) CRAP  
    Who would have thought Sandra Bullock would miss Keanu Reeves so much.
  116. Movie DetailsSphere (1998) CRAP  HorrorSci-Fi
    An underwater sci-fi thriller with Dustin Hoffman and Samuel L. Jackson that somehow really sucks.
  117. Movie DetailsSpice World (1997) CRAP  ComedyFantasyMusical/Music
    This plotless gibberish about the Spice Girls phenomenon is not bad enough to be good.
  118. Movie DetailsStranded (2003) CRAP  Obscure/RareSci-Fi
    Astronauts crash onto the surface of Mars. Intriguing concept, but bad science and idiotic script.
  119. Movie DetailsStupids, The (1996) CRAP  Comedy
    Incredibly dimwitted Tom Arnold unknowingly blunders into an illegal weapons deal with his stupid family.
  120. Movie DetailsSummer Catch (2001) CRAP  ComedySport
    Watching Freddie Prinze Jr. is painful, but Jessica Biel's wet t-shirt almost made it bearable.
  121. Movie DetailsSupernova (2000) CRAP  Sci-FiWith Sex/Nudity
    A deep-space search and rescue mission that, like the film, goes horribly wrong.
  122. Movie DetailsSweet Home Alabama (2002) CRAP  Comedy
    I'm sorry, but Reese Witherspoon made me want to skewer my temples.
  123. Movie DetailsSweetest Thing, The (2002) CRAP  Comedy
    A disposable saccharine comedy about searching for love, starring Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate.
  124. Movie DetailsSwimfan (2002) CRAP  Sport
    My dislike for Erika Christensen didn't help me enjoy this Fatal Attraction rip-off.
  125. Movie DetailsTad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas (2017) CRAP  AnimationComedyFantasyObscure/Rare
    An awkward explorer, with Peruvian mummy sidekick, versus a millionaire looking for King Midas' necklace.
  126. Movie DetailsTakers (2010) CRAP  
    Stylish but clichéd, with hyperactive camera work. Seasoned bank robbers go after an armored car.
  127. Movie DetailsTart (2001) CRAP  Obscure/Rare
    Dominique Swain and Bijou Phillips are wealthy troubled friends at a private school in Manhattan.
  128. Movie DetailsThree to Tango (1999) CRAP  Comedy
    Sitcom-quality actors Matthew Perry and Neve Campbell succeed in little more than furthering sexual stereotypes.
  129. Movie DetailsTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) CRAP  Sci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    A tedious and loathsome sequence of explosions. Despite childhood nostalgia, I hoped everyone might die.
  130. Movie DetailsTuxedo, The (2002) CRAP  ComedySci-Fi
    Chauffer Jackie Chan wears a special gadget-laden tuxedo. Jennifer Love Hewitt is also present.
  131. Movie DetailsUnderworld: Evolution (2006) CRAP  FantasyHorrorWith Sex/Nudity
    Acting-challenged vampire Kate Beckinsale is still battling werewolves, but now with extra CGI incoherence.
  132. Movie DetailsVan Wilder (2002) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    Tara Reid and Ryan Reynolds are incapable of intelligent conversation, but let's not fault Ryan.
  133. Movie DetailsVegas Vacation (1997) CRAP  ComedySport
    This completely uninspired slapstick sequel sends Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo to Las Vegas.
  134. Movie DetailsVery Bad Things (1998) CRAP  ComedyWith Sex/Nudity
    A dark comedy about the consequences of a prostitute's death during a Vegas bachelor party.
  135. Movie DetailsVirus (1999) CRAP  HorrorSci-FiComic Book/Superhero
    Jamie Lee Curtis fights an electromagnetic alien lifeform. It's a nicely polished turd.
  136. Movie DetailsWaterboy, The (1998) CRAP  ComedySport
    Frustrated waterboy Adam Sandler shows a talent for tackling football players in this dumb movie.
  137. Movie DetailsWhere the Heart Is (2000) CRAP  Comedy
    Pregnant Natalie Portman is abandoned at an Oklahoma Wal-Mart. Ashley Judd needs to be spayed.
  138. Movie DetailsWhite Noise (2005) CRAP  HorrorSci-Fi
    A crummy paranormal movie, but watch the DVD's cool special features about Electronic Voice Phenomena.
  139. Movie DetailsWild Girl Waltz (2013) CRAP  ComedyObscure/Rare
    I want to support indie films, but this was almost unwatchable. Painful acting, unlikable characters.
  140. Movie DetailsWild Wild West (1999) CRAP  ComedySci-Fi
    Stars gunslinger Will Smith and Salma Hayek. Features a giant steam-powered spider, with Gatling guns.
  141. Movie DetailsWrong Cops (2013) CRAP  ComedyObscure/Rare
    Aggressively self-conscious inanity via wild, musical antics of a moronic, corrupt police force. WTF, Dupieux.
  142. Movie DetailsYear One (2009) CRAP  Comedy
    Even though Jack Black and Michael Cera are naturally hilarious, this plotless movie doesn't work.

  143. Statistical ratings distribution of these 142 films (8.9% of total rated films):
    With enough films included, it usually approximates a bell curve with a mean near 6.5...
    (especially when considering that CRAP is 0-4 combined).
    Average rating for these 142 films: 2.5.








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